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Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Service Delivery Manager

Global Serve Inc..
  1. To manage the supply chain of IT products for multinational corporations; like WPP corporate group, MARS and Bristol Mayers etc. With the promise of providing customers with complete IT life cycle solutions, the job entails sourcing and after sales service ticket management.
  1. With a customer base that covers major markets in the US, Europe and Asia pacific, the need to build and maintain profitable relationships with international suppliers and manufactures is a common thread that runs through every aspect of the job.
  1. Our team at Global Serve Inc has contributed tremendously towards the increase in revenues and betterrment of services. As a result of the teams hard work and through constant trainings, implementations, feed back generating programes and a number of flexible processes; Global-serve’s client base has expanded both in terms of  new customers coming on board and old customers entrusting Global Serve with a greater responsibility of  its technology matters.
Aug 2006Feb 2008

Executive Customer Services

DHL (Pakistan)
  1. Handling all incoming web mail which consisted of claims, complaints, chronic cases and queries.
  2. DHL, having a cliental consisting of the elite businesses of the country, moved hugh shipments all around the world. With varing and ever changing custom regulations for each country, my job was to educate customers of the proceedings/documentation and, if need be, negotiate with international customs and DHL counterparts to ensure timely clearance and delivery.
  3. Received the first prize for customer satisfaction for the year 2007. I was responsible for heavy contributions towards the development of market-winning processes and development of tools that enhanced the service level while keeping a lid on costs.


MBA and Bachelors

University of Karachi


Search Engine Optimization
Copywriting and Editing
Client Management





About me

Currently my employment at Global Serve Inc., as a Service Delivery Manager entails operational activities in concert with international suppliers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures) like Dell, IBM, Lenovo etc aimed at the smooth functioning of the supply chain of IT products. Catering solely to B-2-B Clients, like WPP corporate group, Merck, MARS and Intertek etc, comes with a very high and ever-rising service standard bar which demands a corresponding ever-improving attitude. Through interaction and observation of the international markets and the cut-throat service standards of the first world, I have learnt valuable lessons in the importance of innovation, streamlined processes, the relentless pursuit of excellence, and a win-win outlook. By working in varied environments, with varied organizational structures and different collective mentalities, I have managed to mold myself into a flexible, adaptable and free flowing individual who is capable of adapting quickly and flawlessly. My role at SGS Pakistan required that I meet with clients in person and over the phone as a first point of contact. At DHL (Pakistan) I further honed and sharpened my interpersonal skills and as I was also responsible for handling all in coming web mails (consisting of claims, complaints and queries); I quickly learnt the art of business correspondence with both local and international heavy weights. The job quickly developed my abilities to work within tight deadlines, absorb stress and, most importantly, to work in sync with a team of 30-40 people – each coming from a different back ground and on a different rung in the corporate hierarchy. My tenure at DHL was graced with my winning the first prize for quality service for the year 2007.On a more personal note, I am a keen student of the dynamic changes coming about in how businesses are run and what businesses must do to thrive in these changing times. As old economies crumble, new ones emerge with new ideas, higher values and a different thinking pattern. I have been profoundly interested in this line of study since the age of eighteen and today at twenty five; can spot ineffective processes and can accurately link it to its parallels in the collective attitude of any organization – an aptitude that I developed through a unique mix of on job practicality and “self-interest” based study.


To be a successful in online ventures, including – but not limited to- research writing, Copy writing, editing, blogging etc. To establish and foster mutually profitable relationships with buyers and fellow-freelancers.


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