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Work experience

Jul 2008Jan 2009

Regional Enterprise Sales Manager

  • New business development with Fortune 500/1000 companies selling software licensing and services that offers products for continuous data protection, high availability and centralized backup for critical applications and full-server recovery.
  • Establish client relationships and strategic business partnerships using solution selling to maximize revenues and profitability.
  • Exceeded $2M sales quota- achieved 107% of revenue quota in 2008.
  • Managed and built relationships with key Double-Take distributors, premier resellers, and authorized partners to help increase revenue by 20% over Q1 & Q2 of 2008.
Oct 2006May 2008


Keip Properties

  • Partnered with Leader Properties on the purchase and renovation of homes in the Central and Northern Indiana area for the purpose of renovating, reselling, and/or renting.
  • Planned and managed projects through the most efficient methods functioning as a General Contractor or working through a General Contractor.
  • Promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.
Aug 2005Aug 2006

Director of Sales/National Accounts

Sprint/Nextel Communications
  • Managed the overall wire line and wireless sales strategy for all headquartered Fortune 500/1000:IN-KY-OH
  • Managed team of 11 Direct reports: 5 District Manager, 1 SOM (Strategic Opportunity Manager), 1 executive assistant, 1 customer care manager, 1 wire-line specialist, 1 wireless specialist, and1 data specialists: Total team size of 60+ employees
  • Achieved 116% of overall Revenue quota(wireless, wire-line, and data)
  • Market generated more than $175+Million dollars in revenues annually
  • Grew overall sales revenue by $24M over 2005
  • Recognized for outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with key corporate decision makers, establishing large volume high profile accounts with excellent levels of revenue growth, retention, and customer loyalty
May 2003Aug 2005

District Manager-Direct/Indirect Channels of Distribution

  • Transformed an under-producing sales team, immediately resolving long-standing problems, and instituted a culture and incentives that elevated performance while building company morale and motivation.
  • Served as Midwest Region Point Person for support functions to provide field perspective on sales related activities 
  • 8 Direct reports-1 executive assistant, 1 Indirect Sales Manager, 1 Data Sales Manager, 3 Direct Sales Managers, 1 Corporate/Government Sales Manager, 1 Vertical Sales Manager. Total Team: 60+
  • Cultivated partnerships with Indirect Partners to drive recommendations for Company as avalue add for their wireless investments. Developed relationships at manager and field sales levels, dramatically increasing overall sales results
  • Achieved 114% of overall plan in 2003 and 109% in 2004
  • Managed over 210 points of indirect distribution as well as 15 company owned retail locations
  • Managed a market that generated more than $150+Million in revenue annually
  • Personally visited and evaluated majority of Key Partners, and helped to create an aggressive 90 day business plan to improve overall sales metrics.
  • Interfaced with partners to develop and maintain organizational strategies, operational efficiencies, and proposals for increasing profitability and market share
Feb 2000May 2003

Director of Sales

Nextel Communications
  • 8 Direct reports-1 executive assistant, 1 Indirect Sales Manager, 1 Data Sales Manager, 3 Direct Sales Managers, 1 Corporate/Government Sales Manager, 1 Vertical Sales Manager
  • Managed a market that generated over $200+ Million in Revenues annually
  • Recognized in 2002 as Top Sales Market overall for Gross New Adds in Country
  • Consistently ranked in Top 5 company-wide for sales production as measured by: ARPU, Gross & Net Adds, CPGA, rate plan mix, data revenue, churn, and expense management
  • Recognized for championing new major account team initiative that was piloted in my market and adopted throughout organization based upon our results and success.
  • Recognized for achieving 125%(2000), 121% (2001),115% (2002)of overall sales plan
  • Earned seat on Executive Leadership Board, which met monthly with Corporate Leadership team to discuss direction of company, new policies and procedures, new sales methodologies, and share "Best Practices."
Jun 1997Feb 2000

Sales Manager

  • Joined Nextel during Pre-launch stage and built team and market from scratch
  • Contributed to building the company's sales team through direct mentorship, sales management and assisting fellow Account Executives in securing and closing deals
  • Achieved 205% of quota in 1998, 145% in 1999, and 126% in 2000
  • Promoted to Director of Sales in 2000



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"Fred, very successfully managed the field sales organization in South Florida, and consistently met or exceeded his sales plan. His teams were always at or near the top in all sales metrics nation wide. Fred is a strong leader and is able to communicate expectations and hold people accountable."

~Frank Boyle, Area Vice President, Nextel

"Fred produced solid and consistent results while developing multi-channel experience. He was a valuable asset to Nextel and the West Michigan Market"

~Glen Flowers, Area Vice President, Nextel Communications

"Fred did an outstanding job for Nextel in the West Michigan Market. He is a very strong leader that delivered great results and developed a strong team and indirect distribution channel. I have very high regard for Fred and strongly recommend him."

~Kevin Flynn, Vice President Sales Illinois, Wisconsin & NW Indiana, Sprint/Nextel

~From Direct Reports~

"Fred Keip was an absolute pleasure to work for. He's professional, ethical, and was always available to his staff. Fred has extensive Sales and Management knowledge and knows how to motivate his staff. It would be a pleasure to work for Fred again, and it would be an asset to have Fred work for your company"

~Paola Orso_Moseley, National Account Manager, Sprint / Nextel

"Fred was a great leader. He treated me and my sales team with the utmost respect and professionalism. He created and environment that was open to new ideas, held everyone accountable and made work fun."

~Brian Cheney, Indirect Sales Mgr. Central FL, Sprint Nextel

"Fred is a solid Sr. Sales Manager with good follow-up skills and knows how to engage with partners to close opportunities successfully."

~Ron Gabin, Channel Manager, East U.S., Latin America & Caribbean, DoubleTake, Inc

"I had the pleasure of reporting to Fred for about a year at Sprint Nextel. Fred was a motivated leader, that lead by example. Fred was very customer focused, made timely and sound decisions. Fred provided clear direction and priorities and encouraged an environment in which individuals had a sense of ownership and influence over their work."

~Tony Carmosino, Branch Director, Sprint

"Fred is a bright and personable individual. He is highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal he sets her mind to. Fred's quick promotion to Sales Director is an example of that. He learned new technologies promptly and applied them to his customer's daily work to impact their bottom line."

~Daniel Beccaccio, Strategic Opportunity Manager, Sprint

"I worked with Fred for a two-year period. During that time he provided sound strategic direction in support of the team and company goals. He gave regular and timely feedback on our sales and operation performance and set realistic and measurable team goals. Beyond the business acumen, he was a solid business coach and motivator of his managers providing consistent and regular feedback. Fred gave his managers enough room to run and own their business with the right degree of supervision. His is a well rounded individual that can adapt quickly to a changing environment and would be a compliment to any sales driven organization."

~Doug Olender, Indirect Sales Manager, Sprint


"Fred is a results-oriented leader who motivates teams to set objectives and achieve ambitious results. Adaptable with diverse expertise, collaborates well in multiple industries, as well as changing working environments. Analytical and resourceful, utilizes information to make fact-based decisions that solve business problems and capitalize on market opportunities. Builds strong, creative teams and fosters new ideas. Maintains a goal-oriented outlook to contribute significant accomplishments and push for higher degrees of profitability."

~Patrick Ballage, Area Director, Sprint-Nextel

"Fred has strong leadership skills and drives solid sales results. He is well respected by his peers as a result of his strong working knowledge of sales and sales management."

~Lori-Anne Hill, Director of Indirect Sales - SE Florida, Sprint

"The sales teams Fred consistently performed above quota and we're always among the best performing sales teams in Nextel. His knowledge of the products sold, his leadership skills, his drive and his ability to motivate individuals was the key to his success."

~Mark Garzone, V P Marketing, Nextel Communications

"Fred is a team player with strong sales management ability and people skills. He effectively managed his direct sales teams and was able to increase sales in his area. In providing marketing support for Fred and his sales organization, it was apparent that he was effective in driving a cohesive approach to attacking the market with a well thought out strategy."

~Kim Watson, Sr. Marketing Manager, Nextel

"Fred is a very detailed manager. He has keen insight into the industry and strong business acumen. He is an outstanding people person. Fred is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any team. Fred is a great leader."

~Vito Centofanti, Area Director, Sprint

"Fred is a well balanced seasoned business professional that executes with integrity. I had the opportunity to work with Fred at Sprint where his balanced demeanor towards business and customers was welcomed. While working with Fred enabled pipeline growth by 10% which only lead to his branch grow and reduce churn. Fred identifies and uses the tools given to him which optimized his performance."

~Joseph Kurdas, CNS Manager, Sprint Nextel

"Fred was a very focused on the individuals in his sales teams and took time to get to know his people at a personal level. Fred was approachable and also worked to drive change and action as the market demanded it. Fred's humble nature and focused work ethic continue to position him as a leader."

~Scott Jones, Sr. Sales Manager, Custom Network Solutions, Sprint Nextel Corporation


"Fred was my director at Sprint Nextel and he was a refreshing addition to the management team. Fred came into the market from another state and his ideas for change and open door policy were a wonderful change. He took the time to come in and learn the market and the needs of the sales and management teams to put in place changes that were positive and beneficial to the business and the employees. Fred made himself available at all times to his staff and encouraged us to provide him with ideas and feedback in order to make the work place the most productive and positive place to be. He was vested in making sure the staff was satisfied and making changes that were in the best interest of the company as a whole. He truly listened to the needs of his staff and the changes needed in order to improve the market and made it happen. I enjoyed working for Fred and believe his leadership skills would be a very valuable addition to any company and any organization that is able to have Fred as their employee will not be disappointed in the results and satisfaction he will bring to their staff. Fred was by far the best director I had while at Sprint Nextel throughout my 6 years with the company and I endorse him 100%!!"

~Liberty Kenney, Government Account Executive, Sprint Nextel

"Fred is someone I enjoyed working with. He managed his group with an open door policy creating both a positive and enjoyable working environment for his teams and mine. He worked with integrity and invested his time and skills to all who asked. I would quickly recommend Fred as his track record has exhibited his ability to lead and motivate organizations to success - both within his group and that of others in the company."

~Terry Martin, Account Manager, Nextel Communications

"I have had the pleasure of working with Fred Keip for several years at Sprint Nextel as we helped launched the Florida market together. As a forward-thinker and a team motivator he lead the Miami sales team into several years of undisputed success and a comfortable position as the #1 sales team in the state and often country. His passion for the company/product and dedication to his team would often create a loyal following around him and inspire us all to beat our best. Fred has an insightful and intrinsic instinct and would be a phenomenal addition to any company."

~Cindy Torres, Customer Account Representative, Sprint Nextel

"Fred created an environment where thinking outside the box was both encouraged and rewarded. I am indebted to him all that he has done for me. He embraces change, while never letting a single ball drop. His maniacal focus on the Customer is reflected by outstanding track record of performance."

~Brent Boon, National Account Manager, Sprint

~Business Partners~

"Fred is creative, sales "driven", and very results oriented for himself, his team and his company. Fred was a pleasure to work with and support as my customer-we were partners in the business and worked collectively for the good of both companies. Fred would be an outstanding leader in any organization."

~Bill Eichenberger, Market Area Manager, Motorola

"To whom it concerns, Fred is a straight shooter. Fair and utilized good business sense while he was in his role as the District Manager. We were and indirect agent of his and we felt as though we would get treated fairly and professionally. Thanks Fred for doing the job you did. Bob"

~Robert A Mellema, Owner, Digital Highway


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Additional Employment

District Manager-American Paging-Indianapolis, IN. 1996-1997 Sales Manager-Cellular One, South Bend, IN. 1992-1996 Account Executive-Cellular One, South Bend, IN. 1990-1992


Goal-driven, tenacious, sales and management professional demonstrating award-winning sales record in a highly competitive industry. Strong leader and team player: excellent motivational skills to build and sustain forward growth momentum while motivating peak individual performance from team members.  Experienced in managing all phases of sales development cycles, from prospecting and cold calling through detailed presentations and negotiation, to closing and follow-up activities.

Core Competencies

Strategic Market Planning

Business Development

Territory ManagementCustomer Acquisition  Customer Penetration

National Accounts

Managing Churn

Channel Sales StrategiesSales Force Development

Merchandising & Promotions

Sales Best Practices 

Procedure Development   Contract Negotiations

Strategic Alliances  

Organizational Leadership  

Team Building

Performance Improvement


Cost Management  


Hiring of New Employees 


Employee Retention 

Growth/ Expansion Strategies

Marketing Development 

New Business Development

Profitability & Cost AnalysisProcess Design 

Productivity Improvement

Systems UtilizationConsultative Selling  

Relationship Building

Reseller Management

Prospect Research

Account Blueprinting

Market & Competitive Analysis

Awards & Recognition

2005 Presidents Club Winner-Sprint/Nextel

2004 Presidents Council Trip Winner- Nextel

2003 Presidents Club Winner-Nextel

Executive Lead on Compensation Advisory Board 2001, 2003, & 2004-Nextel

2002 Presidents Council Trip Winner(Top 3 in Country)- Nextel

Member of Executive Leadership Board 2001 & 2002-Nextel

1998-1999-2000 Presidents Council Trip Winner-Nextel

2000 Top Sales Manager Award-Nextel

1991-1992-1994 Presidents Circle Trip Winner-Cellular One




Coaching Baseball in OLMC (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) church league

All-Star Baseball Coach-OLMC

Coach for Flag football team-Carmel Dads Club

Coach for Tackle Football Team-Carmel Dads Club



Spending time with friends




Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn was the VP of Sales for the Chicago/Northen Indiana market.  I have worked with Kevin for many years at Nextel.

Kevin is currently the VP of Sales/Marketing with Mutare Software

Glen Flowers

Glen Flowers was my immediate supervisor at Nextel Communications from 2003-2005.  He is currently the VP of Sales with Metro PCS.

John Dupree

John was my immediate supervisor at Sprint/Nextel Communications after the merge with Sprint.

Additional Contact info:


Frank Boyle

Frank was my immeidate Supervisor at Nextel Communications from 1997-2003. He is currently the VP of Sales for Retail Business Development (RBD).

Additional contact info:


[email protected]

Kevin Gleason

Kevin is currently the VP of Sales for the Indirect program for Sprint/Nextel Communications.  Kevin and I have worked together on multiple teams and projects throughout my career at Nextel and Sprint/Nextel