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Sep 2009Present

Bachelor of Science

Chung Ang University

Korea's leading and foremost premier educational institution for academic study in Global Supply Chain Management. There are korea's most famous maritime experts and professors in this school. And she still has an advanced teaching system for SCM. Students who learned SCM in this school can go to korea's many famous ports to learn and to practice. which trained students'  actual operational capability. To make students be actual hands-on training personnel.  Trained a large number of SCM professionals who are activing  in the world trade stage.

Sep 2006Jun 2009

Bachelor of Science

Shandong University

China's one of  the top 10 universities which is famous for it's managment science and math. Shandong University is the strongest university in Shandong Province, which is china's strong maritime province. Her management and mathematics are the best in China. Every year bring up a large numbe of mathematical and management talents for the enterprise and country. She has the world's advanced management concepts and world's famous experts in mathematics.

Apr 2007Mar 2008

English Language Certification

New Oriental Education&Technology Group

The best extra-curricular professional English learning organization in China.New Oriental Education&Technology Group has developed into a large-scale comprehensive Science and Technology Group who has a foreign language training and basic education, a shor-term language training system, basic education system, vocational education system and so on. Set up 41 schools in 39 cities of China, more than 400 learning centers and six subsidiaries, the cumulative trainees close to 700 million.


International Logistics Specialist - entry level university graduate with SCM academic major and working experience. Wish to work in  a China-Korea trading company or  China-USA  trading company.


Chung Ang University Alumni Association, Shandong University Alumni Association,

Shandong University English Language&Literature Society Association

Venture Alliance of Shandong Province

The Sales Letter(Baosteel)

About Baosteel Group

The Executive Summary(Baosteel)

Screen cast

Paper Resume

Award and Achievements

Second Scholarship in Chung Ang University, WON1000K, '09

First Scholarships in Shandong University, WON1200K, '07and '08

"Military training Excelent Students" in University Military Training, '06

Work experience

Mar 2009Sep 2009

Translation Intern

QingDao Tiehe Trade Limited Company

A company which always do the trad works with Korea and Japan.  awarded as"Tiehe Excelent Translation intern of 2009" .

The company export a large number of computers, mobile phones, and other kinds of  products to South Korea and Japan. Companies key business document are in Korea and Japanese. Therefore, it is a good Company to exercise Korean, to learn Japanese, and to do trading activities.

The things always did:

Separate trade documents, classify about 600 documents every day.

Translate between Chinese and Korean, increase trade business about 70%.

Receiving English EDI orders, Double PE in within three weeks.

May 2007Jun 2008

Campus Representative

Nokia in Ji Nan

Nokia is a multinational mobile communications products. Nokia in Ji Nan is also a big company of Nokia in China. This company often recruit on campus agent to open the Chinese school market.

Learned many skills of sales and  marketing , largely improved the income of Ji Nan Nokia.

The things did:

Creat a counter in SDU to do sales and promotional activities, improved Ji Nan Nokia's net income by about 45% in one year.

Introduce the technology, make about 45students know Nokia's technology daily

Publicize the recent concessions of Nokia, increase sales about 50 every day.

Jun 2006May 2007

Purchasing Model Worker

Ping An Construction Group

The company is a professional freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, program design, information processing, resource integration of fourth-party logistics company headquartered in Jinan, China's well-known international logistics base covered In Gai Jiagou.

The things did:

Purchase cement, Reduce the company's effective stock of cement to eight hours.

Manage the Procurement steel, decrease the waste of steel for 100kg Daily.

Organize saving Activities, increase company earnings for about 78% in one year.


Learned in the professional school and proficient in Car, Truck and Yard Chassis
Proficent MS Office Suite, Photoshop Version 47.0, Java Script Version 3.0
Fluent Chinese, Proficient with Korean and English, Basic French