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Adobe Programs
Adobe Dream Weaver: Design of Websites through the use of Interactive Interfaces Provide Outsource / Network Links Undergraduate Biology Portfolio   Adobe CS5 Indesign: Design of Document Formats / Templates Accompanied by AutoCAD Project Presentation Boards
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word: Document Processing Drafting Reports Letterhead Letter of Request (Senior Project)   Microsoft Excel: Statistics Problem Solving Graphical Trends Evaluation   Microsoft PowerPoint: Presentation / Illustration Software Instruction Medium (Conference / Societies Meeting) Communications Assessments  

Work experience

Sep 2008May 2011


University of Wisconsin



St. Joseph's Hospital Emergency Room Volunteer/Physician's Assistant

  • Addressed patient care and concerns for patients and their families; trained and mentored new volunteers
  • Assisted nurses and CNAs with basic tasks, including restocking and cleanup 
  • Provided coping techniques and support to Neurology / Oncology patients and their families
  • Engaged children in stress relieving activities, such as coloring books, puzzles, board games and holiday-themed parties
  • Promote positive, healing attitudes among patients during on call visits and advocate patient's point of view to other healthcare team members
  • Foster the development of spatial reasoning and memory techniques for Pre-Medical science majors from the University of Wisconsin to enhance progress of internship return


Dr. Robert V. Drehmel M.D. - Ph.D. Job Shadowing / 5 Days 

  • Collected and entered patient demographic, personal and financial information
  • Entered physician orders for prescribed tests, supplies and procedures
  • Obtained detailed outline of career profile as medical student, intern and clinical resident; implemented a comparison including Virology and Immunology graduate degrees; technological innovation research
  • Presented employment specifications as website portfolio through the use of Adobe Dream Weaver
Sep 2000Jun 2001

Sales Representative

Book Warehouse

  • Cashier's Register, Pricing Gun, Scanner utilization
  • Received arrival of new shipments of merchandise and stock placement for extra shipments
  • Customer Service in person and by phone
  • Opening and closing of store duties
  • Interfaced with manager concerning management proficiency and co-relations responsibilities



Intraversion: Reserved, yet controlled, self-motivated & deliberate. Tendency for steady work and logical functioning regardless of distractions.

Sensing: Realistic, practical, detail-oriented with traditional ethics. Tendency to make environment orderly & organized - their work, their home, their life. 

Thinking: Objective, pragmatic & level-headed. Tendency to place emphasis on rational evidence, instead of subjective & emotional information. A strategy within unsentimental ethics, which are firmly upheld.

Judging: Orderly, responsible, methodical & hardworking. Tendency to emphasize success through thoroughness & dependability. A projection of matter-of-fact, realistic & responsible.


University of Wisconsin

September 2008 - May 2011

Bachelors of Science Degree, Biomedical Engineering

  • Core Concentration: Cellular Biophysics; Minor: Chemistry
  • Final Project: Design of a Website (Bioinformatics Technology development on viral reproduction & healthcare)
  • Senior Project: Designed a pamphlet of AMEC, Inc. electrical engineering consultation rules & procedures 

Relevant Courses: Microeconomics I & II, Macroeconomics I & II, Business Statistics, Calculus I & II, Media Relations & Journalism