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Sep 2009Present


Chung-Ang University

Chung-Ang University has 90 year-old tradition of providing the highest quality of education and conduction advanced research activities under the educational slogan of "Die in justice, Live in righteousness."

Chung-Ang University has grown with the modern history of our nation. More than two hundred thousand alumni contributed to democratization and industrialization of our nation. More than twenty five thousand students on the campus are trained for critical thinking and creative mind, in order to make their dream come true out in the world.

Sep 2006Jun 2009

Specialist Qualifications

Shandong University

Shandong University is one of the oldest and prestigious universities in China . Shandong University was founded in 1901 and is the second national university established soon after Jingshi University (the Metropolitan University ) in the country. Recently, the Ministry of Education approved the university as a “national key comprehensive university.” In 2001, it was listed among the 21 national key construction first-class universities by the Ministry of Education.

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Great Wall FLS
Great Wall Foreign Language School is renowned high-level foreign language training institution in Qingdao, China. The school has a strong teaching staff, high salary to hire a group of perennial teaching experience in the foreign teachers, including the official staff of more than 80 people, more than 20 foreign teachers, experienced the training of teachers more than 30 people. Foreign teachers from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Germany, France and other countries, has many years of teaching experience; Chinese teachers graduated from famous universities, teaching experience, teaching and humorous.

Work experience

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Web designer

Shun Net (Jinan Daily)

  • Develop and maintain website(publicize events via website)
  • Design animation for advertisement - Increase sales by 15%
  • Fix web pictures - Award an honor for new and unusual ideas
Feb 2007Jun 2007

Pet Sitter

Royal Pet Clinic

  • Provide pet services including dog walking, feeding and yard care - Award an honor for perfect service
  • Vaccinate pets with Rabies Vaccine
  • Sell pet toys - Increase sales of toys by 10% in one  months
Jun 2006Aug 2006

Sales Promotion Assistant

  • Promote hamburgers and drinks - Increase sales of hamburgers by 20% in two  months
  • Develop sale strategies - Create more economic benefits for the retailer
  • Express delivery - Award an honor fortimely delivery


Have learned since 1994,  participate in a lots of Piano Competitions, have passed sixth class in Amateur Piano Grading Test
Gourmet Cuising
Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Proficient  MS Office Suite, Photoshop, C+ , Adobe Flash
Fluent Chinese, Conversational English(CET-4) and  Korean(TOPIK-4), Basic  Japanese.


Obtain a position as Logistics Department of Procurement Assistant Position in International Trade Company



Chung-Ang University Alumni Association, Shandong University Alumni Association, CELA English Hobby Group (Belonged to Chung-Ang University)


Nov 2009Present

University Scholarship

Chung-Ang University
Jun 2009Present

First Place for Entrance Interview

Chung-Ang University
Jun 2008Present


College English Test
Sep 2008Present


Test of Proficiency in Korean
Dec 2007Present

Gold Award in Oratorical Contest

Shandong University
Sep 2006Jun 2009

Grade Point Average

Shandong University
Sep 2006Jun 2009

University Scholarship

Shandong University