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I am a web developer, ASP.NET programmer, social media enthusiast, blogger, video and photography hobbyist, idea guy, creative problem-solver, avid reader, life-long learner, and the person everyone goes to when they need answers to anything web-related. I have strong communication skills and enjoy interacting with other people.

Lift Development was originally formed as a side project of mine in 2003. As my experience with web design,  programming, and marketing increased, so did my desire to offer these skills to organizations through my own company. The primary purpose of Lift Development is "advancement through web-related technology." I've done everything from building simple websites for small businesses to developing custom web applications for large corporations.  I've helped clients utilize social media to market their businesses and offer customer service to their client base.  I am very passionate about Web 2.0 and I am able to offer a fresh approach to web projects of all sizes. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Finance from Bethel University in 1999 and later completed a one-year Web Development certification from NEI College of Technology (Now Dunwoody). I currently reside in Grand Rapids, MN with my wife and daughters.

Work experience

Nov 2007Present


Lift Development LLC

My role as owner of Lift Development is to help organizations create a successful online presence. I do this in three main areas: design, development, and deployment. 

DESIGN - I work with clients to design websites that are professional and appealing in both appearance and content.

DEVELOPMENT - If features beyond static content are required, I am able to develop custom functionality using  ASP.NET and SQL Server, as well as proprietary platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

DEPLOYMENT - Upon completion of a web project, I work with clients to spread the word about their presence through social media, email newsletters, quality video, and other interactive means.

Oct 2003Mar 2008

Web Application Developer


I did primarily ASP.NET programming for many sites that including eCommerce, online registrations, certifications, etc. Essentially, I worked with any type of sites that input or output info from a database. I started an internship with Vencio in 2003 and was hired as a programmer shortly thereafter.  Vencio is now known as Pinpoint 360.

Jan 2002Dec 2003

Marketing Assistant

Showcase Designs

Started as a part-time cabinet builder while attending school and eventually moved into sales and marketing. Developed and maintained company's website, made sales calls, and helped execute targeted advertising campaigns.

Jan 1999Mar 2001

Database & Systems Specialist

The Salvation Army - Northern Division

Duties included generating custom reports based on donor database, executing mail-merge campaigns, and responding to donor inquiries and requests for The Salvation Army Northern Division Headquarters (covering MN and ND).



Web Development Diploma


Completed a one-year certification in web development and e-business.


Bachelor of Arts

Bethel College

Completed four-year business B.A. program in 3.5 years with an emphasis in marketing and finance.


Martha Grace Reese

"Dave Yankowiak has rescued me! You can't imagine the relief to be able to hand a huge chunk of work to someone, explain quickly, and have him handle all the details. He consults, asks my preferences, is completely responsive, then does it. Quickly.  I LOVE the work he has done, we are about to shift into another phase of research where we'll use the site to collect and process immense amounts of data and stories for a new national, four-year study of two thousand churches. Dave's technical expertise is going to save me innumerable headaches and two years of salary for a data collector and coder. I am more than grateful!"

Youa Saychou

“I had the pleasure of working with Dave on several projects during my employment with GE Money - WMC Mortgage as a Marketing Manager. He is very thorough, consistent and trustworthy when it comes to delivering project initiatives on time and within scope. The work Dave provided was always impeccable and definitely added value to the overall objectives. His attitude is always that of a positive, patient and passionate nature -- He is very passionate about his work and it clearly shines through in his deliverables. Additionally, he was always available to answer any and all questions and was an absoute pleasure to work with!”

Sarah Batten

“Dave is great to work with...he understands our company needs, often works within a tight time frames, handles multiple changes to projects without complaint and with humor, answers dumb questions from non-website savvy me and produces a final output that works just the way we need it to.”

Todd Foret

“Dave is a super guy first and foremost. His knowledge of web design is just staggering. His ability to take your ideas and enhance them is just amazing. We worked with Dave on our Noitworld site and the entire project was seamless with Dave at the helm. We are in Arizona and Dave is in Minnesota, so many of our conversations were either through email or over the phone. His keen ability to listen to your ideas and enhance them into the ideal format is second to none. We are so pleased with the end result that we can honestly say there is no one else Noitworld would rather work with than Dave Yankowiak. Thank you Dave.”

Colin Hirdman

“Not only is Dave a wonderful programmer, but he's an even better person. His communication skills are unmatched by anyone I've ever encountered in the programming world. He is professional, honest and great at what he does...I highly recommend!”

Leslie Chow

“Dave is knowledgeable, very responsive, reliable, creative and great to work with! He has been a terrific resource for us in improving our website and keeping it up-to-date with new collections each season and updates to our ASP.netStorefront application.”


I've developed several ecommerce sites on a variety of platforms including Shopify, Volusion, and ASPDotNetStorefront. I've also built ecommerce systems from scratch using ASP.NET.
Experience developing using AJAX-related frameworks such as jQuery, mootools, and built-in ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX controls.
The most important skill I learned back when I first started developing for the web was that even if I didn't know the answer, Google did. I would estimate that 95% of my knowledge today can be traced back to specifc searches on Google. I live much of my professional life in the Google-cloud, including Gmail, Documents, Calendar, Reader, Picasa, YouTube, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, AdManager, AdSense, AdWords, and even Orkut and Wave.
Email Marketing & Design
I've designed, tested, and executed email campaigns with recipient lists of 100,000+ for Fortune 500 clients.  I'm knowledgeable of CAN-SPAM compliance and email design standards.
Social Media
From Facebook to Twitter to Plaxo to Flickr to YouTube to Vimeo to Tumblr to LinkedIn to Amplify, I actively use a large assortment of social media sites out there today.  And I don't just use them: I've done everything from picking up new clients on Twitter to winning an all-expenses paid trip to a tech conference in Florida by spreading the word about it on various social media platforms. 
Database Management in SQL Server
Experience includes database design, stored procedures, tables, queries, views, T-SQL, and DTS packages.
Video Production
Primary HD video-editing environment for the past year has been Sony Vegas Pro 8 on PC, but have now also started to use iMovie on the Mac for rapid simple video editing/rendering. I typically host my videos on Vimeo, YouTube, and Viddler.
Wordpress Development
I've built full Wordpress-based sites from both scratch and as adaptations of existing themes. Experience installing, updating, and moving installations including data manipulation in MySQL. Many current Lift Development client sites use Wordpress as a CMS.  My blog for freelancers and teleworkers ( is a Wordpress-based site.
Web Layouts in Adobe Photoshop
My personal design process usually starts with wireframes, then conversion to full-color layouts, then finally slicing exporting for assembly in Dreamweaver using html/css.
HTML/CSS Layouts (primarily in Adobe Dreamweaver)
All current website design done using table-less structure through separate html and css entities. Emphasis on organic SEO methods during the development process.
ASP.NET Web Programming
Primary development environment is MS Visual Web Developer/Visual Studio using VB.NET language. Some experience with C#.  Past applications include ecommerce, event registration, event management, custom surveys, image upload/management, online classifieds, and many profile-based authentication systems.

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