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Experienced litigator Faye LeVine has represented thousands of individuals who have suffered injuries at work or through another person’s negligence. As a Personal Injury Attorney with over three decades of experience, she is dedicated to providing high-quality legal services with personal and caring attention. Based in Atlanta, Ms. LeVine represents clients throughout the state of Georgia who have been injured in automobile accidents or workplace incidents, or who need assistance filing a social security disability claim. The motto of Faye LeVine’s practice is “No Injury Too Small.” She understands that even a seemingly minor event can cause a significant disruption to an individual’s life and well-being. Ms. LeVine offers free consultations for prospective clients and provides frank advice about the range of available options and likelihood of success. If she agrees to represent a client, she conducts a through investigation of the facts and analyzes the applicable law. Faye LeVine has helped many individuals achieve favorable settlements based upon her presentation of the facts and law to the liable parties. When a settlement cannot be reached, she is experienced at pursuing an action at law, from filing initial pleadings and conducting pretrial discovery to presenting her client’s case to a judge or jury. Litigation is a time-consuming and exacting process, and experience such as Ms. LeVine’s can often make a difference in the final outcome. Faye LeVine completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social studies and Education. She earned her law degree from the Atlanta Law School. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, and favors good music and food. An animal lover, she takes comfort in caring for her cats and dogs.

Work experience

Jan 1978Present


Faye LeVine

Represent workers who have been injured at work, children and adults who are disabled and are applying for Social Security Disability, and people who have been injured due to the negligence of other individuals or corporations. The injuries might be from a collision with another car or tractor trailer, from dangerous products, from injuries on other property (hotels, stores, etc), or medical negligence.



Juris Doctorate

Atlanta Law School


University of South Florida