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Artist Statement

One of my greatest passions in life is photography. It allows me the opportunity to fully express myself through creativity; as well, it provides me the opportunity to capture moment eternally. Every time we ponder on old memories, the details become more and more vague and distorted until the memory is nothing more than a imprecise, fuzzy thought accompanied by feelings of nostalgia. A photo, however, captures each moment in a concrete hold- never to be tarnished. Even if the photo is of an inanimate subject- it still manages to serve as a transport to that very time and place the photo was captured. My aim in photography is to capture and preserve memories in their truthful state and beauty.


*Photography (shocking, isn't it?)*Reading*Teaching


The images from the uploaded that correspond with quality are as follows:Everything the Light TouchesThe Girl in the [Plastic] BubbleIlluminationSunset Silhouetted SierraTotal Eclipse of the Art


The images from the uploaded that correspond with breadth are as follows:A Splash in TimeShady of the LakeStaircase WonderlandBe Your Own Kind of BeautifulThink first.Going Away Never Equals ForgettingPalm PathwayThe Worth of a Message in a LifetimeA Lit Thought