Faten Saud

  • Riyadh KSA
Faten  Saud





Date of Birth:28/6/1992

place of Birth: Jeddah , Saudi Arabia 

Marital status : single 


2010 - 2015

Bachelors of Clinical Laboratory Sciences from College of Applied Medical  Science .

King saud University  


• Member of the Saudi society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.


Certification and Expertise

*Attended first SSMG(Saudi Society of Medical Genetics)Annual Meeting ,Riyadh

at King Abdul-Aziz city for science and technology .


*Participation in " multiple sclerosis " conducted by Clinical Laboratory Sciences Student Club,Riyadh at King Saud university .


•Head of the finance Committee of Clinical  Laboratory Sciences Student Club. (2013_2015)

*Attended The  skill of time management course conducted by Deanship of Skills Development  at King Saud university .( 8/4/2013)

 *Attended Student life and the  labor market variables course  conducted by Deanship of Skills Development  at King Saud university .


*Participation in " Fatty Liver" conducted by Health Specialties program at King Khalid University Hospital .

(18-20 /9/2012)

*Participation in "Research and education campaign about depression  disease"conducted by Psychiatry ,Riyadh at King Khalid University Hospital and Hyaat mall . 

(9_18/10/ 2012)

*Participation in " The International  Thalassemia  DAY" at King Saud University .


•Member of  Clinical  Laboratory Sciences Student Club.(2012_2014)


• Communication

Time management

• Team work.

• Ability to work efficiently, solve problems, and make decisions under stress.

• Interest in learning new technologies and methods.

• Computer skills:

                            Skilled in Windows Applications and Microsoft Office Tools. 

                             Efficient!in!Internet search.