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Development interests include Cross-Platform development, Network Programming, Web Development, Interface Designing

Research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Self Healing Systems, Autonomous Computing, Recovery Oriented Computing

C/C++, C#.NET, PHP, CImg

HTML/XML/XPath, ClearSilver, CSS, XSLT, XSD

Javascript, Prototype, Dojo, JSON

UNIX (Linux, HP-UNIX, Solaris 9, Solaris 10, IBM AIX), Windows

CVS, SVN, UNIX shell scripting, gdb, dbvi gcc, g++, Autoconf

Photoshop (7, CS, CS2, CS3), Visual Studio (2003, 2005), Microsoft Office (98, 2002, 2003, 2007), Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio

Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, MySql, Apache, WAMP, LAMP

Work experience

Dec 2007Present

Software Engineer


Technologies:C/C++, HTML, XML, XPath, JavaScript, Prototype, Dojo, CSS, ClearSilver, CImg, UNIX, Windows, InstallJammerSemotus, Hiplink team:The responsibilities are feature development and to track, fix bugs and manage releases on UNIX platforms. •    Successfully implemented upgrades feature in Hiplink for UNIX and Windows both. •    Ported old service panel from Structured C to Object Oriented C++ with a new look and AJAX based web interface.•    Ported Logs front end from static HTML pages to fully dynamic AJAX based page through the use of Dojo Grid and implementation of an interface between the Log Reader class and the GUI.•    Made a Javascript API as a transport layer between the client page and the server and implemented several functions at the server to process the data passed from the API for the WebSignup feature.•    Made a Captcha (Image verification) CGI application for the WebSignup feature using the CImg library.•    Used the ArcIMS database to provide address suggestions for the WebSignup feature.•    Implemented the Escalation Progress feature.•    Ported build 4.3 to linux.•    Wrote a DB access framework using the DAL design pattern.•    Improved performance through various code and query optimizations.Through careful training, gained valuable Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser development and deployment experience.Member of the Rich Internet Applications Group:Responsibilities include drafting tutorials and walk-throughs for fresh inductees for several frameworks in web technologies.GigaLogix bench project:A command line program on UNIX based on XERCES-C and XQilla libraries to measure time taken to evaluate XPaths against given XMLs and output the evaluated results to a file.iPhone:Supervised the design and development of iPhone “World Clock” application.Supervised the design and development of an iPhone game.Other:Editor of the quarterly Folio3 News Letter.Part of the Rich Internet Applications Group.

Jul 2007Nov 2007

Software Engineer


Responsibilities consisted of writing new and maintaining/customizing modules for Asterisk (Open Source Software PBX).