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High technical, organizational and management skills and knowledge, through formal and non-formal education, and solid experience in Team, Project & Consultancy Management positions and also business management, held on information technology companies.

With solid Know-How in Information Systems Technologies, Computer Science, Information Science, Data Communications / Telecommunications, and extensive experience in software development and systems consultancy, project management and leadership of technical and business teams, I consider myself a candidate with the passion, knowledge, strong motivation and the ability to continue to innovate in this new era of information sharing and collaboration.

Having worked with ICL Computers Ltd. as Chief Technology & Developments and recently as Infrastructure and Technology Coordinator and "Solutions Advisor / Architect" in a Banking Organization, always had the opportunity to introduce and manage the implementation of innovative projects, generating new ideas and the support, aligned with the strategies and business plans in the organizations in which, over 30 years, i have been privileged to collaborate.

Out in recent years achieved the introduction, on a banking organization, of Virtualization Technologies (highly innovative at the time) with (Vmware, Linux KVM, VirtualBox and Xen Technologies), and various concepts for the implementations of Virtual Servers, Storage architectures and Data-Center Automation / Management (2003 - 2005 ) with total success, and also a Desktop Virtualization solution, implementing Thin-Clients at theDesktop, for the support of Windows and Linux Applications (2005 / 6).

Very recently (Feb / June 2010), fully implemented a project for a large enterprise, involving Linux systems, virtualization platforms based on VMware Server and Linux KVM, an innovative solution for electronic mail (e-mail), collaboration and information sharing (Zimbra e-mail of VMware Platform), management and monitoring solution and tools with OpenQrm Cloud, Hobbit and Monit/Munin, all of them based on open source software.

Also provided the development of Linux Shell scripts to fully automate backups of physical machines and virtual servers, provisioning strategies, performance tuning and troubleshooting, security and active measures for proactive and preventive maintenance. Also arranged the deployment of platforms and tools to assist in the complete automation of the data-center, with Cfengine 3 (Automation & ITIL V3), Snort and Swatch Logging Analysis.

Over the past three years i have been involved in a project, which sought to implement a solution for complete automation Data-Center, in terms of "provisioning" and "de-provisioning" of servers and computing resources in general. This project involved the setting up of "proof of concept", virtualization technologies like Linux KVM,Xen, VMware Labs, VM Virtual Appliances, Cloud Computing and Open Source platforms and applications, that stands on OpenQRM (Cloud ComputingData Center Management Platform), AbiCloud, Convirt, oVirt, Kaos and OpenNebula.

All with the aim of implementing virtualization technologies and latest computing technologies, which could assist in the rapid deployment of network solutions and applicational enviroments, adoptong the Cloud Computing at the Data Center and its efficient management and automation, so rationalizing costs and achieving the SLA's (Service Level Agreements) and more proficiency.

With extensive expertise in Software development, Programming languages in Pascal, C++, Shell Scripting and T-SQL with Windows, UNIX / Linux Systems Support and Technical Team Leadership, still hold vast know-how and experience in the implemention of solutions and architectures based on Enterprise-level Open-Source and UNIX, Linux and Solaris O/S, O/S virtualization (XEN, Linux KVM, Virtual Box& Vmware),Cloud Computing Architectures (vCloud, Eucalyptus, Amazon EC2, OpenQrm &EyeOS),Enterprise Document Content Managemen (Deki Wiki), Distributed Storage Virtualization (CleverSafe Dispersed Storage Grid), Telecomms Pabx VoIP (Asterisk PABX), E-mail & Collaboraton "Tools" like Zimbra, Collaborative Project Management (ActiveCollab, ProjectPier, DotProject), Desktop and Server Virtualization and Virtual Office Suites as "Web-based" / Thin-clients like Ulteo, ThinkFreeand Zimbra , ...

From 2006 / 8:

Consultancy, Proof-of-concepts and Sucessfull implementations with open-source based platforms and solutions, such social networking integrations, Wikis, KnowledgeWares, e-Learning / Virtual Spaces 2D and 3D(Moodle, Sloodle for 3D), Web Video-Conferencing (Dimdim), Web Office, SaaS Platforms (Software-as-a-Service), Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration, such as Alfresco, Deki Wiki, e-Collaboration Kablink).

Also involved in implementation of Business Intelligence & Data Minning, like Pentaho Open-Source (Pentaho) and Data Migrations from Talend (Talend).

2000 / 5:

Designed and assisted in the entire migration of a complete Data-Center, involving AS/400 IBM Systems and Intel Servers, into a consolidated infra-structure that included the complete virtualization of Servers and Mid-Range Systems, the implementations of a VSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network), backup automation infra-estructure (CDP) and data replication between remote " Data-Centers ".

[More Details (1978-2000) : Profile of Francis.Gonçalves].

Areas of personal interest and development : Information Sciences, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Brain Cognition & AI, Psychology, Sociology, Interpersonal Relationship & Team Management and Programming in SecondLife object with LSL.



My Personality (according Jung Personality Test) ( My Personal Profile )

ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population.

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Enthusiastic, Persistent, Highly Self Motivation, Creative, Love Challenges, Friendly, Perfectionist, High Tech Evangelist and Innovator.

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