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I'm a Front End Developer with more than 5 years of professional experience working with brands, artists and industries for creating an amazing unique and creative digital experience for promoting products or industries. I've worked with great artists including Architectures, Movie Directors, Painters and industries such as Movie Studios and companies.
I'm Interested in working with great people with great talents on creative and amazing projects that push the boundaries of the web and related online technologies to give the users a good unique experience.

I believe that technology is just a tool that mean nothing without the Art
I love to learn more about anything that has something to do with web ( Front End mostly) such as 3D in HTML and image processing through static and webcam live feeds, WebGL, SVG, webAudio, animation and canvas. I'm eager to learn and work with libraries such as ThreeJS, D3.js and Processing.js

Work experience

Web Designer

Self Employed
Jan 2005Present
Front End Developing Web Design Consulting


BC in Naval Architecture and Marine Technologies

Amirkabir University of Tehran (Tehran Polytechnic )
Sep 2006Oct 2012





These are the primary technologies that I nearly use in every project and I'm quit familiar with them.


This the reason most of us switched from Flash to HTML and can covert a laggy boring web to smooth amazing one that can run on multiple browsers and devices.


Canvas, SVG and sometime Webgl, are my goals in projects and  I use them whenever I can to display smoother, better, smaller and amazing graphics and animations that either can't be done via the traditional HTML or can bring it to the whole next level of awesomeness in HTML

I mostly use Easeljs for canvas and snapSVG for SVG and ThreeJS for 3D and webgl

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