Fernando Arredondo


Actual plan and future technological needs by consulting diverse experts from different levels of the enterprise about actual systems and deciding on which way they can be implemented. Analyze the different requests and developing technical solutions in order to satisfy customers. Prepare and direct diverse IT policies and strategic plan for actual and future developments. Manage IT operations integration, hardware, operative systems, communications, networks, applications software and data processing. Control every system security aspect and information asset. Supervise and guide every person from IT so as to guarantee a high level of service. Guarantee service availability by monitoring each system from 4 countries, 9 companies and 12 sites with over 1100 users in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, which staff consists on 3 employees and 19 contractors. Main achievements Operative cost reduction and a considerable competitive advantage by centralizing help desk in a single point of contact between Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Service delivery assurance on its precise schedule and assigned budget with a high quality of service. Rol: owner. Enlarge our internal customers communication by using standards requirements pursue, service availability and customer satisfaction in 95%. Rol: owner Significantly reduce cost by means of diagram creativity in Software Licensing, unified providers per service, re-negotiating IT services contracts. Rol: owner. Analysis and implementation of Pfizer OTC system integration on J&J infrastructure in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. In the particular case of Chile, a new office had to be built so design and implementation of the new infrastructure was required. Rol: onwer. Garantic la administraci n de los activos inform ticos sobre 3 auditorias corporativas de Sarbanes-Oxley y 4 de externas con resultado adecuado. Rol: participante/owner. Design and implementation of a radio frequency for data collectors which are used in Data warehouse for Sap implementation. Rol: owner Migration coordination of applications in the new Sap environment guaranteeing service availability in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Rol: participant / owner

Work experience

Work experience

IT Manager Southern Cone

Johnson & Johnson