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Work experience

Jan 2007Dec 2008

Marketing Manager

Mediator International

Being part of the managment team, i was responsible for acquiring new business for the magazine. I tried to make a desirable position and a quality image in the minds of the target customers. My job responsibilities included making new clients, maintaining and sustaining the relationships with existing clients and to acquire new business at various oppurtunities. I made a number of effective presenatations to marketing professionals and CEO's of the companies which brought fruitful results. I visited several companies in karachi and attended various exhibitions during which i gained knowledge as well as brought business to the firm. I made a number of personal relations during this job which helped me to get further links and inturn helped me in completing my objectives.

Jun 2006Dec 2006

Marketing Executive

Mediator International

I strived for new business oppurtunities and within first few months i was able to bring Rs. 300, 000 of business to the company. I had already realized my potential in this field and the initial success motivated me to work with greater interest. Seeing my strong communication skills, effective presentations and ability to progres i was promoted to Marketing Manager at the end of Dec, 2006.


Jun 2009May 2010

Master of Business Administration

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

After completing a four year Bachelors degree in Business Administration (Hons), i am now a student of M.B.A, Master of Business Administration. Mohammad Ali Jinnah university has been recently rated as a five star university by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Since i have already successfully completed four year Bachelors Degree with a total of 48 courses, therefore i am enrolled in one year M.B.A program with a total of twelve courses. Professors and my fellow students have admired my knowledge of English and the way i deliver presentations.

My elective courses include Personnel Selling, Industrial Marketing, Services Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Retail Management and advertising.

Aug 2005May 2009

Bachelor of Business Administration. (BBA Hons)

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

I have successfully completed a four year degree in BUSINESS ADMININSTRATION.(BBA Hons). It includes total of 48 courses and 144 (SCH) credit hours. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is a renowned universtiy of Pakistan and is listed in the latest edition of international handbook of universities. My cummulative CGPA is 3.19

I have been rated number one student with excellence in delivering presentations in class by senior faculty members. I gained a lot of knowledge during my studies and my presentation skills have greatly enhanced. I completed a number of class projects which kept me in touch with the real market situation. Elective courses include Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Brand Management and Consumer Behavior. Rest 42 courses are core courses with emphasis on Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and general courses.


Communication Skills
During my studies and acedemics i have been admired by the people for my strong communiation skills. I believe having this skill is very important in todays competitive world.
Computer Literacy
Presentation Skills
I have got excellent skills in presenatation. I have been rated excellent by the senior faculty in my university.
Excellent Command Over English Language
By the grace of Almighty God, I have excellent command over English language. I can fluently communicate and translate English. This ability has helped me in my work place as well as in academics. I believe that having experties in English, is a necessary skill in todays competitve market.


Award of Excellence

Pakistan Air Force College, Faisal
Feb 2010Present


Aug 2009Aug 2010

Member of Marketing Association of Pakistan

Marketing Association of Pakistan






Dining out

Best Presenter In Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

I have been rated as an excellent presenter and awarded the title STAR of Organizational Behavior by Organizational Behavior Expert, Mr. Raja Haneef Senior Faculty member at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in a grand presentation in Organizational Behavior Course in Fall Semester 2008.


To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people.