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Welcome to my VisualCV

You’re looking at my new VisualCV. We’ve reinvented the resume here at and will soon revolutionize career management.  Read more about our company, the benefits and great uses for your own VisualCVs, and once you’ve reviewed my VisualCV — get started creating your own.  Or you can pre-register your business for a Company VisualCV.  Have fun, and let me know what you think…


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About Farooq

Farooq is really excited to be part of such a great team here at VisualCV and the awesome opportunity that it is providing him to grow in his career by learning so many new things. While attending George Mason University and earning a degree in Systems Engineering, he also worked at Real Networks and America Online.In his free time Farooq enjoys spending time with family and friends, learning about the latest technology, working out at the gym and working on his Honda Civic Si. He plans on traveling around the word to learn and benefit from the different people and cultures.

About VisualCV

VisualCV allows professionals to create an online professional profile that replaces the traditional resume.  Available to both professionals and companies, VisualCV revolutionizes how these groups share and organize career information.  Your information is completely private and you control access to your VisualCVs.  Top companies around the country are currently signing up to start receiving VisualCVs in lieu of the traditional Word resume.  Companies are also creating VisualCVs to exhibit and share information regarding their culture, job opportunities, career potential and more.

VisualCVs, for professionals, can serve different purposes when sharing with friends, colleagues, clients, prospects, the Internet, and Recruiters or Companies.  Based on your preferences, each version has its own security criteria and unique collection of portfolio items.  Professionals have the option to share a unique URL as a “live” Internet document that includes portfolio items such as work history and samples, salary information, awards, references, certifications, videos/photos and more.  VisualCVs also include informative pop-ups, hovering over companies, universities and keywords – eliminating research for you and your reader.  Sharing a VisualCV makes every meeting more effective and every relationship a better fit.

Registration for professionals and companies is easy and free. Get started today!


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