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Work experience

Oct 2014Present


Oodi vet center
Oodi Vet center — present Owner Oodi vet center where a dedicated team of professionals provides the most advanced medical, surgical, and diagnostic services to pet owners and referring veterinarians. The Oodi's is comprised of certified veterinarians, All work together toward the common goal of delivering the highest possible standard of compassionate veterinary care to ill or injured animals, while training the next generation of veterinary practitioners and specialists. Our world-renowned faculty constantly makes new discoveries, generates new knowledge, and develops new techniques to advance animal health, and the Oodi's provides the most up-to-date equipment and technology so that our professional team can offer your animal the best possible care. While many animal owners are referred to the Oodi's by veterinarians in private practice, a substantial number seek out our expertise and services on their own and" self refer." In addition to the many specialty services available through regularly scheduled appointments, the Oodi's also provides emergency care 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
Jul 2014Present


Moasah group pharmcies 
Moasah pharmacy — present Pharmacist i worked in several human pharmacies e.g Seif group company and i have a good experience in human medicine.
Jan 2010Jul 2014


Caeser vet clinic

I worked as a assistant for a year Part-time Then i worked as a Veterinarian. I have done physical examination for unusual cases as parvo virus in dogs" puppies", sever dehydration, have some orthopedic operations in accident animal, Cesarean operations with unusual cases as fetus with hydrocephalus and unusual parasitic infestation as Gairdia Cyst


  • Researching on different medicines and testing them for quick recovery of all pets
  • Researching on different pet products and prescribing them to the pets accordingly
  • Responsible for providing first aid treatment to each and every pet that comes inside the organization
  • Giving anesthesia in case of surgery of the animal
  • Assisting the senior doctor during the surgery
  • Treating the animals in the ICU and reporting the changes to the in-charge veterinarian
  • Maintaining a record of the medicines given and the progress of the animal accordingly
  • Reporting the pet's progress to the in-charge veterinarian
Mar 2014Mar 2014


Faculty of veterinary medicine 
At faculty of veterinary medicine Researcher The 2' nd annual students' Conference I participated with a research work entitled" Your Pet's Bag". Rank: First. (Dietary supplements for your dog Dietary supplements are not just for humans, but your dog also needs some products that supplementits food to keep it in better
Mar 2013Jul 2013


Faculty of veterinary medicine 
At faculty of veterinary medicine Researcher The 1' st annual students' Conference I participated with two research works entitled" Cerebral Palsy" and" Cloning Importance and Management".


Aug 2014Present

Pets gynecology  

Faculty of veterinary medicine 

The main purpose of the  master’s degree is to demonstrate a mastery of a specific field of gynecology of pets. This
includes components such as independent research and analysis, critical evaluation and application, the ability to solve
complex problems as well as working independently.

Sep 2009May 2014

Faculty of veterinary medicine 

Alexandria University , Egypt
Cumulative grade: Very good , 76.3%
GPA :2.23
Cumulative rank :29

Jul 2007Sep 2009

High school

Mubarak High school

Science section
Final grade: 95.8%