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Areas of Interest: Emergency Room | Cardiovascular | Intensive Care Dedicated Nurse with a broad range of health care skills across age groups and specialties. Exemplary independent judgment, excellent patient interactions and critical thinking abilities. Leverages strong technical background to translate complex concepts into real-world benefits coupled with a natural charisma in clarifying and deflating concerns. Efficient in analyzing and integrating complex data to aid the completion of interdisciplinary plans of care. Demonstrates effective communication and collaboration within teams to deliver safe, patient centered care. Consistently empathetic, actively listens and quickly establishes rapport to deliver superior service. Performs well in high-pressure, fast-paced environments utilizing exceptional multi-tasking and time management skills while maintaining strong patient advocacy. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills; superior accuracy in patient history, charting, and other documentation. Ability to utilize patient management skills to enhance quality of life and increase patient satisfaction.


Jan 2011Jan 2016

Bachelor of   NURSING      (very good rank) 


Associate Degree of Nursing (ASN),
mansoura nursing faculty , almansoura , ST,                                                   December   2016

Work experience


Student Nurse



Provide patient care to include patients in all age groups while gaining a
comprehensive understanding of the nursing practice at various
locations including  Family Health Center, Psychiatric Center.
Completed rotations in Psychology, Mother and Child, Geriatrics,
MedSurge/Peri-Operative, Obstetrics, Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics,
Hospice Care, Oncology, Step-Down, and Rehabilitation.
Administered medications and pain management in accordance
with care plan instructions
Implemented patient care in accordance with established policies
and procedures
Monitored and communicated patient conditions using
computerized documentation systems
Delivered thorough patient evaluations, collecting and prioritizing
data to effectively provide care for patients
Assisted in developing care plans and appropriate medical attention,
conferring with physicians
Maintained patient records within the electronic medical record
(EMR) system
Performed comprehensive heath assessment and health histories

Core Competencies

Medication Administration IV Assembly and Feeding Tubes Charting Databases                  Intravenous Access and TherapyPain Management Monitoring Vitals Vaccinations Patient Confidentiality Acute/Emergency Care Patient Relationship Building Care Plan Administration Phlebotomy           Wound Care / Bedside Care Catheterization/Irrigation Patient Education