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Farhod Lutfullaev

Business Analyst

Work experience

Aug 2015Nov 2015

Business Intern

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan

My internship program did help me a lot to learn a lot of new skills and knowledge which are very important in the working environment and life. The skills which I learned include Corporate Strategy, Business Presentations, Critical Thinking, Sales and Business Development.

Aug 2011Dec 2011

Student Fellow/Representative

American Councils for International Education - U.S. Department of State

I was the only student selected during Academic Year 2011-2012 from the whole country - Uzbekistan, to be the Student Fellow/Representative of the American Councils for International Education in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I assisted the American Councils in the organisation of different events and represented it.

Jul 2009Jul 2011

Marketing Consultant

"Uzbegim" Supermarket, Qarshi, Uzbekistan

My responsibilities included advising the supermarket on different business strategies to adopt and apply. While I was working for the supermarket, we, together with the collaboration of other employees, could compete with the other 3 top supermarkets of our area and increased our supermarket's sales by 20%.



Business Management

All the Business Management Skills including Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Administration.

Team Working/Socialisation

Business's success depends on the Team Collaboration and Integration. I can get along with any types of people in any new environments.

Critical Thinking

It is one of the top needed skills in today's Competitive Business World and is important for success.