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Work experience

Apr 2010Apr 2015

Corporate Banking & Treasury Officer Cum Bank Accountant

Ali & Sons Co LLC
  • Understand, manage, and supervise all aspects of cash flow & monitoring trading in the financial market.
  • Manage all aspects of In-house investment portfolio.
  • Evaluates a firm's financial data, detects trends in cash levels and identifies opportunities on financial markets that fit the company's investment objective.
  • Determine the Company’s goals and risk tolerance (value at risk).
  • Develops and maintains adequate business relationships with a firm's bankers and financial brokers.
  • Direct, monitor and trade investment portfolios including Working capital, High-Yield and other portfolios.
  • Manage long-term and short-term investment strategies.
  • Oversees a firm's cash-management activities, including monitoring corporate foreign exchange cash reserves and overseeing banking transactions in corporate investment accounts.
  • Review and recommend changes to the investment policies based on the market conditions.
  • Evaluate, develop and implement cash management systems to optimize efficiencies.
  • Evaluate alternative long-term borrowing strategies and make recommendations in accordance with the capital structure guidelines.
  • Provide technical and other support for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Managing corporate and business relationships and the regulatory framework for interacting with banks.
  • Dealing with financial inquiries and transactions from banks, including documentation for importing and exporting.
  • Dealing with all Funded & No-Funded Facilities for whole group like Overdraft, LC, LG, Avalization, Short & Long Term Loans, Derivative Transactions.
  • Manages large and complex portfolio of all companies within Ali & Sons Co LLC.
  • Analyze and prepare foreign exchange transactions, analyze treasury accounts and processes.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the financial services market for new products and services.
  • Investigating financial options available to businesses, such as loans, overdraft etc.
  • Drafting different kinds of letters to be submitted to the banks.
  • Meeting with different banks to obtain Funded & Non-Funded Facilities for Group Level.
  • Assess the viability and credit risk of facility proposals.
  • Building & managing relationships with regulatory, commercial and trade bodies.
  • Engaged with corporates operating in, importing from Germany & Czech Republic.
  • Open and close banks accounts for Group Companies.
  • Follow and update senior management on trends and developments in Global trade and their impact.
  • Prepare Funds outlooks for forthcoming months.
  • Preparing daily forecast of company’s ten bank accounts balances for management decision making for flow of fund.
  • Making Bank Reconciliations & their follow up on monthly basis.
  • Markup calculation of different bank offering running finance facility.
  • Ensure reconciliation of all sub ledgers & general ledger is performed on regular basis.
  • Examining customer payment plans, payment history, credit line, coordinating contact with collections department.
  • Verifies validity of account discrepancies by obtaining and investigating information from sales, trade promotions, customer service departments, and from customers.
  • Generating receivable aging, reconcile customer statements, checking long standing customer balance, making follow up plan to recover the same.
  • Finalize Trial Balance with supporting schedules.
  • Prepare Payment vouchers, Journal vouchers, credit notes, debit notes.
  • Maintain Property Plant & Equipment Movement Schedule on a monthly basis, Pass Periodical adjustment Journal Entries monthly & Calculating Depreciation for each month.
  • Monthly preparation of reconciliation statements. (Inter Branch, bank, debtors and creditors).
  • Keeping record of settlements of LC & TR, charges & interests related to LC & TR & charges related to other bank transfer within & outside the company.
  • Maintained a high standard of precision in all predictions and calculations.
  • Assisting in preparing of monthly & yearly accounts (financial statements) and reports of company.
  • Handled update tasks to ledgers and carried out journal entries related to bank.
  • Facilitated Communication with the internal and external auditors.
  • Facilitate in 100% valuation of stock through annual stock count of company.
  • Corrected errors in account handling and introduce work process by which accounting tasks are more efficiently handled.
  • Handled, expanded, and kept all features of finance, foreign trade dealings, accounting.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements, industry regulations, organizational policies and professional codes
Nov 2007Apr 2010

Assistant Manager Internal Audit

Bolan Castings Limited
  • Audit planning and overall responsible for completion of job including monthly stock count.
  • Assessing audit risks in coordination with Head of Internal Audit Department.
  • Ensuring compliance with International Accounting Standards, Local Corporate Laws and review of arrangements and procedures for monitoring compliance with company’s policies
  • Evaluating internal control systems, identifying control weaknesses and making appropriate recommendations to management.
  • System study & process understanding in various departments and suggest corrective action wherever required from the point of view of internal controls.
  • Provided assurance that operations and processes conform to current policies and procedures.
  • Liaison with Managers’ of various departments on major issues and their resolution.
  • To go through the various activities/transactions on a random basis in each month and report deviations from the standard procedures.
  • Drafting monthly reports based on audit findings.
  • Continually develops and maintains effective working relationships with staff & management.
  • Assist the manager in the execution of special assignments other than laid out in annual audit plan.
  • Perform monthly stock count and supervision of stock count team.
  • To coordinate external auditors in various areas during half yearly and annual audit.
Feb 2007Nov 2007

Audit Assistant

Habib Oil Mills Pvt Limited
  • Review of accounting and internal control systems and suggesting procedure for their improvements.
  • Developing and performing substantive and analytical procedures so as to determine the reasonableness of the financial statements’ assertion.
  • Performed Financial Audit of Accounts, identify weaknesses & recommending better controls thereto.
  • Responsible for monthly stock count.
  • Overall responsible for Pre & Post-Audit of Company’s expense vouchers.
  • Monitoring of company’s receivables on daily basis.




University of Karachi

1-Micro Economics, Public Finance, Advanced Economic Statistics, Economics of Planning & Economics of Islam.

2-Macro Economics, International Economics, Monetary Economics, Management Economics and Essay on Ecnomics



University of Karachi

1- Introduction to Business, Principles of Accounting, Business Mathematics and Statistic, Economic Analysis and Policy.

2-Principles of Management, Economic Development of Pakistan, Advanced Accounting, Cost Accounting, Business & Industrial Law and Auditing & Income Tax Law.



Accountant in Business, Management Accounting,  Financial Accountin, Managing Costs & Finance and Management Information


Professional Skills
  1. Possess theoretical skills based on accounting and finance knowledge,
  2. Have a potential to provide high standard of services in accordance with the international standards.
  3. Ability to handle multiple tasks in real time situation, work independently & with teams.
  4. Hands on experience of working in a SAP, ERP, ORION & Oracle Financials Environment.
  5. Prior work history demonstrating strong work ethics.
  6. Strong communication abilities at all levels of organization
Computer Skills
  1. Possesses good working knowledge of MS Office
  2. Proficient & experience of SAP, ERP, ORION & Oracle Financial Software
Workshops and Seminar attended related to Job.
  1. Attended CBD Global Market organized by CBD, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  2. Attended Major Development in MENA Payments & Credit Cards organized by HSBC, Dubai, UAE.
  3. Attended Trade Finance Workshop organized by NBF, Abu Dhabi UAE.
  4. Attended Abu Dhabi Focus Day – organized by Bloomberg, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  5. Attended Bloomberg Technical Analysis Session– organized by Bloomberg, Dubai, UAE.
  6. Attended Trade Finance Training Section organized by “HSBC Bank”, Abu Dhabi UAE.
  7. Attended CBI Annual Treasury Seminar organized by “Commercial Bank International”, Dubai UAE.
  8. Attended Structured Trade Finance Round Table organized by “Citibank”, Abu Dhabi. UAE
  9. Attended work shop on Internal Auditing at “Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan”, Karachi, Pakistan
Personal Information
  1. Father’s Name:                      MUHAMMAD AKRAM MUJAHID
  2. Nationality:                             Pakistani
  3. Marital Status:                       Married
  4. Age:                                            31 Years
  5. Languages:                              English, Urdu and Punjabi
  6. Tel:                                              +971-55-7141549
  7. Email:                                        [email protected]
  8. Visa Status:                              Employment
  9. Religion:                                    Islam
Other Activities

Course Studies, Internet surfing, Cricket