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Jan 2014May 2018

Bachelor Degree

Arizona State University

Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Supply Chain Management major from W. P. Carey School of Business.                                                                                                                   GPA of 3.28

Jan 2013Aug 2013

ESL Certificate

University of Pittsburgh, ELI

Gain the skills to understand and communicate in English language within the United States.


Phone Number

+965 96999475

Material Status



South Surra, Alzahra

Block 5, Street 507, House 12

Work and Volunteering


service teller 

Bank Boubyan

Being able to understand customer needs in order to filter them to the right employee and keeping them calm and happy during the waiting time. Also, to do any procedure that is required to do as service teller means that you must work as a service officer and cash teller at the same time.


Vice President


The official channel between and the Governmental and Private sectors.


Co-Founder and Public Relations Manager

Tmayuz Group

Establishing a platform for launching permanent programs and establishing strategic partnerships with governmental and private institutions around the world to nurture and direct outstanding youth energies in the USA with the emphasis of public relations.



The Kuwait ASU Club

Being able to communicate with officers in the most effective way to distribute duties, manage problems, organize events, market events and public speaking.


Vice President

The Kuwait ASU Club

After being an officer in the club I have gained the skills that is required to be in the board of the club. These skills are mainly the social charisma, Planing and organizing and experience in logistics.


Founder and Head of Media Department

Mubadir Group

My group and I established a nonprofit organization that aims to help international students to adapt faster in the United States. My job there was to ensure that we deliver the best product to our customers via our social media accounts.

Jan 2015May 2018

Silver Voulnteer

Lost our Homes Pet Foundation

Working in a small community to help dogs and cats that lost their houses and families and teach them to adapt for their new life.

Apr 2014Dec 2016


The Kuwait ASU Club

Kuwait ASU club is a club in Arizona State University community. The club officers help other students to engage in life in Tempe and college. Also, it provides a great deal of experiences to the international students to help them in their academic career. My job was to organize whole events and I especially handled the logistics and purchasing departments.

Jan 2013May 2018

Student abroad

Ministiry of Higher Education

Study Aboard program which allows me to have the experience, knowledge and skills.

Jan 2012Dec 2012

Private Bussinus owner

Fatomah kitchen

baking, managing and organizing the business by handling the group that I worked with which led me to have more experience in leadership.



the ability to take recent changes of a situation and push them toward my target.

Self Motivated

Knowing how to find the motivation that I need to continue working at my best.


Feeling responsible for the group and people that I handle and work with.

Leadership Skills

Know how to deal with different groups and manage them though hard times.


Able to communicate with different kinds of people and in various situations.



Catalyst Leader

Leadershape Institute 

A One-day program focused on learning to develop own authentic path, connect to groups and causes I care about, and commit to a plan to be a catalyst for myself and the groups I am part of.


Leadership and Community Services Excellence

National Collegiate Leadership Conference

(NCLC) is an annual, student-run conference that serves as the cornerstone of the leadership experience and training for hundreds of college students across the USA. The conference extends beyond the conventional definitions of leadership and is designed to help students tap into and expand their leadership potential, helping them grow both personally and professionally.


Best Officer

The Kuwait ASU Club

A certificate for the best working officer presented on the final ceremony of every semester. It is decided by a voting from all of the officers and the board of the student club.


Human Resources Workshop

Western Michigan University

learn and develop key human resources skills for dealing with people from different backgrounds.

Jan 2015

Decision Making and Business Management Workshop

Western Michigan University

Basics of making strategic, operational, and tactical decisions across any organization.


Best Volunteer

The Kuwait ASU Club

A certificate for the best working volunteer presented on the final ceremony of every semester. It is decided by a voting from all of the officers and the board of the student club.