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Software engineer with 7 years of professional experience of team leadership, system analysis, design, and development using Java EE and other platforms. Passionate about design patterns and quality improvement through effective use of knowledge, information, and communication. Recently, have taught, led teams and successfully displayed advantage of utilizing design patterns in software architecture.

* Introduced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the organization by setting up an environment that enhances the use of RESTful applications.

* Spent months in developing a custom e-commerce platform that utilizes payment gateways and collect huge amount of data from customers. Currently studying the Big Data tools to provide on-time analytics from the collected data that would help the owning organization to take advantage of the data that is usually overlooked by stake holders.

Recently I'm working on founding  a new e-commerce company, I have started the development project in Apr 2017, soft launched in Dec 2017, and working on releasing the full launch in Sep 2018.

* M.S. in Information Technology from University of Sussex.

Functional Proficiency

  • System analysis and design
  • Software and infrastructure architecture.
  • Documentation and SRS preparation.
  • Database and Data Model design
  • Business solutions design and development
  • Project management and project lifecycle.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (Certified SOA Architect)
  • UML modeling.
  • Agile Methodologies (Kanban, Scrum).
  • Payment Gateway Integration.


Apr 2018Present

Confidential Company


  • In progress ... keep tuned
Nov 2011Mar 2018

Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd.

Software Engineer

    • Research, design, analysis, and implementation of scalable application for both day-to-day operations and for large-scale projects on different platforms.
    • Lead the development and design of new software projects.
    • Conduct user requirements sessions to gather data and brainstorm ideas for optimal specifications.
    • Work with the data team to plan, design and implement the integration with the legacy system.
    • Introduced Microservices and SOA concepts and built a pool of services that are being utilized by many applications.
    • Prepare software architecture documents and documentation for API.
    • Supervised interns.
    • Expert in Java EE framework
    • Developed tens of applications including (booking app, sales dashboard app, vehicle delivery, rental approval app, and HR and payroll management system).
    • Redesigned servers’ infrastructure to increase web environment security to comply with PCI security standards.
    • Evaluation of business procedures and processes for existing and provisional solutions
Jan 2012Present

Freelance Projects


    • Developed a custom ecommerce platform for a client that witnessed very noticeable revenue growth after utilizing the custom ecommerce platform.

    • Integration with various payment gateways.

    • Developed tens of applications for different clients including: Inventory management application, micro-accounting systems, video editing software, and android applications.

Skills Set

Java EE

JSF, JSP, RESTEasy, JPA (EclipseLink, Hibernate) , EJB, PrimeFaces, JFX

Front-End Development

HTML5, CSS3, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS (Entry)


Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Application Servers

Wildfly, NodeJS, Glassfish, Tomcat, TomEE, Oracle Weblogic, Apache Http Server, NGINX

IDE's and Tools

Eclipse, Intellij, Android Studio, Git, JIRA, Trello, Slack, Marvelapp, Microsoft Visio, UML, DataGrip

Other Frameworks

Python, PHP, .NET , Android, Swift, Windows, Linux.


TCP/IP, Sockets, HTTP, Security, REST


Sep 2010Feb 2012

University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

Master of Science in Information Technology for E-Commerce

Dissertation Title: Education Online Storage Web System Project (STORAGE SYSTEM)


I'm a native Persian and Arabic speaker and I'm fluent in English as well. I'm currently improving my French.

Little More About Me

I always try to learn new things. I worked with professional programmers, analysts, CEO's, departmental employees, students, freelancers, and businessmen. I'm an animal lover, 


Dec 2015Present

Arcitura Education Inc.

Certified SOA Architect

Passed with honor

Dec 2015Present

Arcitura Education Inc.

Certified SOA Professional


Software Engineering Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Certified Software Architect Professional

* Under Completion