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Work History


LTE network planning and optimization engineer

Nokia Network


Mar 2015Sep 2016

RF Planning and Optimization Engineer (3G , LTE)

Huawei Technologies

My main area of work is:

- LTE interference handling using SFN and adaptive ICIC features.

- LTE SRVCC (VoIP) CR implementation.

- LTE mobility optimization (prevent: ping-pong, delayed HO, premature HO).

- LTE Timing Advanced (TA) timer optimization.

- LTE Neighbor audit including: pilot pollution analysis, load sharing analysis, PCI collision/confusion analysis

- LTE DL rank optimization.

- LTE DL CQI optimization.

- LTE resource utilization analysis (PRB, CCE and LBBP board).

- LTE site, cell and parameter planning

- Training others about LTE technology and principles such as PHY layer channels and functionalities, MAC layer and multiplexing procedure, MIMO and virual MIMO technologies, OFDMA technology, random access procedure, admission and power control, paging, TA and TAL principles, PCI planning, PRACH planning, TAL planning, … and features such as CA, ICIC, CoMP.

- 3G RNC boards utilization analysis.

- 3G VIP customer complaint troubleshooting and user tracing .

- 3G Neighbor audit including: pilot pollution analysis, load sharing analysis, PSC conflict analysis.

- 3G site, cell and parameter planning

- 3G resource utilization analysis (CE, OVSF code, TCP and WBBP board).

- Forecasting network resource utilization (CE, OVSF code, TCP, PRB utility rate and microwave links bandwidth usage) for special events such as Nowrooz and designing expansion plan based on the forecasted trend of each individual cell.

- Atoll updating for 3G and LTE network / EP and kml map preparation

Jul 2014Mar 2015

BSS RAN engineer

Huawei Technologies

I was previously a member of managed service BSS RAN team that mainly dealt with 2G and 3G technology. My responsibilities were related to remote maintenance of BTS and BSC, RNC of Ericsson products.



Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic

Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic

Electrical Engineering


1- Faramarz Jabbarvaziri, Moastafa Alizadeh, Abbas Mohammadi, Abdolali Abdipour. "A Low-Complexity Method for Primary Synchronization of 3GPP LTE Downlink System"IET Communications, Vol 10, issue 10, 01 Jul 2016, p 1229-1235.

2- Jabbarvaziri, Faramarz, Mohammad Nokhbeh-Zaeem, and Gholamreza Moradi. "Preamble design for symbol synchronisation in frequency-selective fading channels." IET Communications 8, no. 13 (2014): 2375-2381.

3- Kumle, Alireza Niknam, Seyed Hamid Fathi, Faramarz Jabbarvaziri, Mehdi Jamshidi, and Seyed Saeed Heidari Yazdi. "Application of memetic algorithm for selective harmonic elimination in multi-level inverters." IET Power Electronics (2015).

4- Nokhbeh-Zaeem, Mohammad, Daniel Khashabi, Heidar Ali Talebi, Shiva Navabi, and Faramarz Jabbarvaziri. "Adaptive tiled neural networks." In Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 2543-2548. IEEE, 2011.

Honors & Awards

  • Member of national elites foundation of Iran (Aug-2016)

Identified as an exceptional talented  by national elites foundation of Iran and exempted from military service.

  • Exceptional Talented  (Aug-2012)

Exempted from M.Sc program entrance exam as an "Exceptional Talented", in Amirkabir University of Technology.

  • Exceptional Talented  (Sep-2010)

Identified as an Exceptional Talented in Amirkabir University of Technology and accepted for passing double major program (Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics)

  • Ranked within top 0.4% (Aug-2008)

in the nationwide entrance exam for B.Sc. degree between 400000 participants

Skills and Expertises

Telecommunication engineering

I have spent a large amount of time on telecommunication engineering and have 3 journal papers in this field. I am totaly familiar with information theory, coding, modulation schemes, transceiver structures, antenna, electromagnetics, ... .

LTE/LTE-A technology

I have very deep insight about 4G technology as I worked 2 years in university to implement whole physical layer of the LTE and LTE-A in C++. and After graduation I pursued my research on LTE in Huawei and then Nokia as LTE network optimizer engineer and it helped me acheive a very broad and deep knowledge in the field of LTE radio access network and protocol stack.

C++ programming

I spent last 4 years on C++ programming and obtained solid background in object oriented programming and multi-threaded programming. I have experience of using gnuradio/C++ for implementation software defined radio. For example I have  written 8000 lines of C++ code to implement LTE eNodeB on USRP ( as my Master's degree thesis and also I wrote 4000 lines of C++ code for implementing a fast frequency hopping spread spectrum modem on USRP.

Microsoft Office
IP routing, WAN technologies, Ethernet LAN,Transport Layer protocols ( TCP/UDP)
Ubuntu , Debian
Advanced Design System (Agilent technologies)


Jan 2012Jan 2014



score: 97

Oct 2015Present

LTE C&Q level 1


this certificate shows level 1 expertise in LTE out of 4 levels

Sep 2015Present

UMTS C&Q level 1


this certificate shows level 1 expertise in LTE out of 4 levels

Selected passed Courses and Training



1- Design and implementation of a SDR slow frequency hopping spread spectrum link in 2GHz with 5MHz BW and 1000 hop/sec hoping rate as a multi-threaded C++ code using GNU radio and USRP hardware.

2- Multi-threaded C++ implementation of LTE physical layer of tranceiver in c++ using GNUradio

3- Preamble analysis and design for synchronization of transceivers in fading channels, for OFDM-based wireless networks.

4- Design and Simulation of Microwave Power Amplifer, in 3.5GHz with 300MHz bandwidth using ADS software.

5- extended Kalman filter design and implementation for GPS fine positioning.


  • English       fluent
  • Persian      native
  • French       elementary