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Work experience


Faculty of literature

Faculty Of Engineering
Official reviewer, the journal of literature,, Benwalid, Libya,.
Jul 2007Jan 2012

Head of Materials Science

Misurata University
Head of Materials science dept. Libya

ALZAYTONA University

Misurata University
Official reviewer, the scientific journal of Tripoli/Libya,.

Head of Quality

Faculty of Eng
Head of quality division,., The 7th of October University, Misurata, Libya. Correspondent referee for many MSc and PhD students abroad.
Jul 2010Jul 2010


Brixen, Italy,, pp. 63-70 2010 7 475° C Embrittlement in Stainless Steels 2015 International Conference on Advanced Materials Irbid, Jordan

Head of Development Division

Faculty of Eng

2012-2015 Head of Development Division. Leading research for the new techniques & approaches to improve products quality. Co-operate with other divisions to suggest the best strategies to develop skills and qualifications. Assessment of the actual/required potentials of employees suggesting programmes, plans and schedules for improvements. Packaging control Unit. Monitoring packaging materials to meet the International and national standards for exported and imported goods. Supervision of packaging material testing and analysis. Participate in building database for goods packaging monitoring. Postdoc. researcher. Investigation of Stainless Steels failure due to sea water corrosion. Testing specimens failure in sea water and under different applied stresses. Studying the interaction between different failure modes, corrosive media parameters and applied stresses. Approach build up to understand the role of failure in stainless steels. Member of teaching staff. Teaching in different aspects of materials science such as failure analysis, plastic deformation, heat transfer, corrosion control, steel production and processing and heat treatment. Supervision of case studies and graduate projects in materials science. Leading and administrate the dept. to improve quality of teaching outcomes. Arrange for routine meetings of teaching staff and technicians. Supervision of laboratories. Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in physical metallurgy, materials failure analysis, metals forming and corrosion control. Leading research and lab. work for materials inspection, metallography, heat treatment, mechanical testing and corrosion. Published Work


Metallugraphy Lab. Work Training Director, Materials Science Dept

Faculty of Eng
Metallugraphy Lab. work training director, Materials Science Dept,., Misurata, Libya,. Member of the scientific committee for" Instruments technical specifications" for material testing laboratories import., the 7th of October University, Misurata, Libya, 2007-2010.

University of 7th Faculty of Eng

University of 7th Faculty of Eng
Technical writing advisor, books publishing division, of October, Misurata, Libya,.

AES-ATEMA'2010 Brixen International Convention Faculty of Eng

AES-ATEMA'2010 Brixen International Convention Faculty of Eng

Fracture Toughness Assessment In Duplex Stainless Steels. 3rd International Conference on Integrity, Reliability and Failure, Porto/Portugal, 20-24 July. 6 Effect on Fracture of Stainless Steels



Egyptian Corrosion Society
No. Title Publisher date 1 Measurement Of Crack Bridging Stresses In Environment-Assisted Cracking Of Duplex Stainless By Synchrotron Diffraction. Blackwell publishing Fatigue Fract Eng. Mater Struct 29, 464-471 3 Stress Corrosion Cracking in Duplex Stainless Steels. 4 Influence Of Heat Treatment On The performance Of An Al-Zn-In Alloy Used At Sacrificial Anodes Analele Universit ăţii din Oradea. Fascicula de Energetică, Vol. 15. PP 328-332. I.S. S.N. 1224-1261.

Assistant Prof

Assistant Prof. Of materials science at AlZaytona University Tripoli/Libya


PHD Doctorate

Faculty of Engineering Tripoli University Manchester University


Faculty of Engineering Tripoli University Manchester University


Faculty of Engineering Tripoli University Manchester University

Faculty of Engineering Tripoli University Manchester University