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Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Administrative Assistant III

Texas Department of Public Safety

nResponsible for submitting all monthly reports to Regional  office at the end of the month. Another one of my duties includes collecting all five area employees’ bank statements to send to verify that appropriate charges have been made abiding by the State’s purchasing guidelines as well as proofread Troopers’ Case reports before submitting to proper chain of command then to DA’s office.  Type memos/correspondence.  After this, I submit the statements to Accounts Payable for proper payment.  Assure that all case reports are submitted in a timely manner to the DA’s Office.

nResponsible also for entering and keeping up with time for  five sergeants, K-9 Troopers, custodians and non-commissioned personnel. Maintain files for over 80 troopers in our District including weeklies, OT reports, travel expense reports, vehicle inspection reports and all other misc. Reports such as pursuits, incidents and the likes.  This includes entering leave taken such as Vacation, Sick leave and Comp time on an automated database to keep track of all time taken.  These are reconciled on a monthly basis with Headquarter’s database.

nIn addition to the above, assuring  proper records as per the State’s records retention policies is one of my primary duties.  Maintain the district’s fixed asset inventory is another duty utilizing Microsoft Access as a tool to keep track of outgoing/incoming assets such as vehicles, weapons and computer equipment.  As well as keep track of all Concealed Handgun License permit applications for our District after Austin’s review, enter approved  applications in system and forward unapproved to Austin.

n  One of my main projects at the start of my employment was records retention.  I went back 5 years to purge files  boxed up or sent to Austin.

nAnother of my duties includes ordering fuel for the tanks at TxDot utilizing a Purchase Order and submitting to Accounts Payable for proper payment after goods have been received as well as for any other purchases for the District always assuring to check the CMBL for vendor hold.

nTranscribed staff meetings and investigations;  at times transcribe investigations done in Spanish as well as conduct monthly meetings for the other Admin. Assistants in the District.

nOne other duty is that of keeping up with the District’s special projects’ Budgets of up to $338,000.00 each as well as the Sub-district’s budget expenses.  This entails reconciling  credit card statements  on a monthly basis as well as enter all funds spent on Travel vouchers, training, purchases, etc.

nResponsible for maintaining minutes for our District staff meeting .

nPreparing and reconciling travel vouchers for the Sergeants  and Lt.

nE-mailed  monthly reports to areas using Microsoft Outlook. 

I am also responsible for screening applications for non-commissioned personnel for our area to include the five cities mentioned above.  This includes screening for qualifications met, experience and administering typing tests as well as Clerical aptitude tests and to be part of the interview board.
Nov 2004Jan 2005


United States Courts-Pre-Trial Services

nI was responsible for answering all incoming calls for US Probation and Pre-trial Services

nA large project was to purge defendants’ files.  This consisted of maintaining only the required documents in the file such as the defendants photo and demographics and details of case.  I then boxed these up to store for a number of years depending on the records retention schedule and disposed the ones out of date.

nAnother one of my duties included assisting defendants and their families with information regarding their cases.  In addition to that, I assisted pretrial officers with typing support.

Feb 2004Sep 2004

Administrative Technician

Border Region MHMR (CAPS)Child, Adolescent & Parent SVCs

nOne of my responsibilities was to interview consumers (patients) to determine service eligibility.  This was done thru a  screening process which involved a behavioral checklist.

nConduct mini informative sessions for consumers’ parents to gain knowledge of the different services that CAPS offered.

nIn addition to that, I was assigned to audit all 300 charts (patient files) for proper accreditation by reviewing each file and shredding expired forms and old contracts all while maintaining strict confidentiality being that it included psychological tests and reviews.

nImplemented the use of a spreadsheet to indicate when these files were to be updated since some required updates in 30 days and others in 90 days.  This helped maintain current files all the time thus avoiding the Agency to be penalized.

Feb 2002May 2003

Office Clerk

(UISD)Clark Elementary School

nAnswering telephones and greeting parents was one of my primary duties.  I performed these in a professional and businesslike manner.

nI assisted in the planning and organizing of school functions.  I entered disciplinary actions into the district’s system.  I created a filing system for parent’s information as well as to keep track of disciplinary actions.

nAnother of my roles was to collect money and prepare deposits as needed for school fundraisers.  I worked closely with educators and office staff as well as with central office personnel in Accounting and Human Resources.

nI was responsible for maintaining the office equipment in good working conditions such as calling in for service on copiers, obtaining meter readings and replacing all toner, paper, etc. for copiers and fax machines. 

nI assisted the principal in typing of documents and/or reports.  I also programmed the EZ caller system, a system used to automatically contact parents through a recording to give them messages at odd hours of the day.

nSubmitting requests for media coverage for events held at the campus was another of my duties.

Feb 1996Jul 2001

Receptionist, Head Cashier, Administrative Technician,

City of Laredo(Transit System-El Metro)

Receptionist:My main duty was to greet citizens to the Operations Department of El Metro Transit and answer telephones in a courteous manner.  While employed in this position, I had the opportunity to attend yearly telephone etiquette trainings which I feel equipped me with ongoing customer service skills.

nI was responsible for filing all purchase requisitions, employee files, absence requests and other routine office paperwork.  I transcribed letters and memos for General Manager and provided typing support for staff and kept office equipment in good working conditions.

nI received cross training on Accounting procedures to provide backup in case of absences.

nI was later promoted to Head Cashier/Office Assistant I.

Head Cashier: nPrepared monthly invoices for parking tenants utilizing Peachtree Accounting.  Tenants rented parking spaces on a month to month basis at the Laredo Transit Center downtown. 

nI composed letters, memos and graphs regarding parking revenues and its operations which in turn were submitted to the City Manager’s Office upon Office Manager’s approval. 

nAs the Head Cashier, I was responsible for the hiring process and supervision of cashiers for the Transit Center parking garage as well as custodians.  I was part of the interview board as well as was responsible for training all new cashiers in policies and regulations to assure revenues were accounted for and to assure compliance with the City of Laredo’s Cash handling policies and procedures.  I handled over $5,000.00 on a daily basis.  I would balance each cashier’s box at the end of their shift as would perform random audits on cash registers.

nI drafted and prepared memos to City Manager and City’s accounting department regarding revenues collected and other personnel issues.  I was responsible for approving Cashier’s time.

nResponsible for preparing signs and promotional items for parking center.

nWas later promoted to Administrative Technician I.

Administrative Technician I: nI assisted the office staff when out to lunch to cover phones.  I mainly performed data entry for information that was submitted from bus routes.

nI was responsible for entering absences in the City’s system.  In addition to that, I prepared purchase requisitions for any and all items required for the department.  This included submitting requests for proposals, obtaining price quotes if needed.

nOnce merchandise was received, I submitted paperwork to Accounts Payable for proper payment of goods.  I also maintained computerized inventory of supplies, products and uniforms.  Scheduled and coordinated meetings and events for the Operations Department. 

nPrepared travel arrangements for the department and reimbursement of such to include lodging, car rentals, seminars and meals.

nIn addition to the above, I performed the duties of assistant payroll clerk which included helping employees with insurance issues, disability workman’s compensation and random drug and alcohol testing.

Aug 1994May 1995

Customer Service Representative

Bealls Department Store

nWorked as a part-time employee.  I went to school in the morning only of my senior year and started work at noon.  I was employed in the customer service department of the store where I took applications for credit and submitted them thru a computer system to main office in Houston and obtained account #’s for approved applications.

nTwo months later, I was transferred to the “floor” where I worked in the sales department for Jewelry and Children’s clothing.  This included setting up displays and put up new signs on sale items, etc.

Balanced box at the end of the shift


Aug 1990May 1994

High School Diploma

United South High School


Richard Jankovsky

Victor Sotelo

Orlando Alanis