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The Beacom College of Computer & Cyber Sciences, Dakota State University

PhD Candidate, Cyber Defense

  • Advisor: Ashley Podhradsky, DSc.
  • Dissertation Title: Thwarting the Illicit Underground Economy of Counterfeit Identification Documents Using an OSINT Dark Web Investigative Framework (OSINT DWIF).
  • Dissertation proposal successfully defended on December 2, 2020.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Peer-Reviewed Conference Abstracts and Posters

  • Siobahn Day Grady, Francisca Afua Opoku-Boateng, Latasha Reid-Daniels, Natalie Tucker, Lilian Muriungi, "STEM-It-Yourself: Exposing rural adolescents' to STEM through online learning" to appear in RESPECT (2021) Conference Proceedings.  
  • Opoku-Boateng, Francisca., and Podhradsky A. WiCyS (2019), Pittsburgh, PA. Investigating the Dark and Deep Web Crimes. An examination of tracing the Identities of anonymous suspects.
  • Opoku-Boateng, Francisca, and Podhradsky A. NRT Event (2019), Rapid City, SD Investigating the Dark and Deep Web Crimes. An examination of tracing the Identities of anonymous suspects.
  • Opoku-Boateng, Francisca, and Podhradsky A. CLEAR Conference (2019), Sioux Falls, SD Smart Home Forensics Investigation - A Google Hub Case Study.
  • Opoku-Boateng, Francisca. MinneWIC (2019), Duluth, MN "Salaries in Higher Education Systems: A System-wide Perspective on Career Advancement and Gender Equity"

Non-Refereed Publications and Tech Reports


March 2021Present


The OHUB is the leading technology, startup entrepreneurship & and venture ecosystem building platform created to ensure that everyone, everywhere has an equitable opportunity in the future of work, the fourth industrial revolution, and beyond as a path to multi-generational wealth creation with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth. They utilize multiple programs and initiatives like OHUB.SXSW to meet their ultimate goal. The goal involves delivering early exposure, skills development, job placement, entrepreneurship support programming, net new job creation, and alternative capital formation via geographically placed technology hubs, citywide communities, campus chapters, managed programs, and live events and experiences that include thousands of college students, young professionals, founders, investors and ecosystem builders throughout America and beyond.

Dakota State University

Adjunct Instructor of Computer Forensics

  • Lecture students based on material from the approved curriculum.
  • Develops daily lesson plans and build-out courses to include instructional aids.
  • Encourage and motivates students to actively participate in all aspects of the educational process.
  • Maintains expertise in the subject area and recommends improvements in curriculum design.
  • When possible, participates in core course academic support programs, certification programs, and student professional associations
Digital Forensics for Cyber Enforcement (DigForCE) Lab

OSINT & Digital Forensics Investigator

  • Performs digital and mobile forensics criminal investigations utilizing AXIOM, FTK, Cellebrite, and other tools.
  • Performs all phases of incident response and create playbooks and reference guides to illustrate and elaborate the incident response processes.
  • Perform and develop security monitoring by using cases and supporting content for security tools like dashboards, alerts, reports, rules.
  • Conduct OSINT examinations/investigations. Cases worked on include email and website scams, drug-related, cybercrimes, fraud, counterfeiting.
  • Develop OSINT training materials and presentations for law enforcement agents.
  • Design social media smart cards for consumer protection in South Dakota.





The blackcomputeHER Fellows Program is a cohort-based, leadership development program designed to cultivate black women leaders in computing+tech. The program offered 12 months of intensive development for selected fellows. 

SBS Cybersecurity

Network Security Intern

  • Worked on projects dubbed: Dark Web Monitoring. 
  • Researched how to utilize the recorded future tool in performing monitoring scans for our clients. 
    • Researched other specific competitive tools (Dark Owl Vision, ACID Cyber Intelligence, Digital
      shadows SearchLight) for monitoring the dark web.
    • Documented process, procedure, and findings on how the tools can aid us in performing assessments
      for our clients.
  • Researched current dark web darknet platforms for selling counterfeits and fake goods.
    • Compiled a list of all identified markets and run a test to make sure they are still alive.
  • Performed Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Scans, and Social Engineering Assessments.
  •  Worked on getting certified as a Banking Ethical Hacker
SBS Cybersecurity

Information Security Intern

  • Worked on mobile forensics project.
    • Researched how to build and test a mobile device investigation workstation with the SANS SHIFT
    • Documented process and procedure on how to conduct investigations using the tool.
  • Researched current ransomware attacks & breaches.
    • Compiled the various descriptors and keys and generated a white paper for the team. (Yet to be
  • Performed Risk Assessments
  • Worked on getting certified as a Banking Forensics Investigator
  • Research on dark web infiltration
  • Worked on a project to create a SysLogging Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Dakota State University

Undergraduate Instructor

  • Taught CSS 388-Computer Forensics Fundamentals during the summer session of this year.
Dakota State University

Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant

  • National Science Foundation NRT Affiliate – Participate in National Research traineeship program (Cyber-Physical-Social System for Understanding and Thwarting the Illicit Economy)
  • Assisted faculty members with research projects on digital forensics, Girls in STEM, Mobile and IoT Forensics.
  • Assisted in teaching CSS 388 – Computer Forensics Fundamentals
  • Performed grant review for the AAUW grant, developed idea proposals for the CybHER organization, and perform a variety of administrative tasks for the CybHER organization

TMC-MS Dynamics Ax Consulting Associate

  • Contributed to business development by identifying new opportunities and assisting with proposal
  • Provided Dynamics 365 for Operations, AX2012 R3, and 2009 professional services for clients, ensuring their requirements and expectations were met with high-level quality, on time, and within budget.
  • Participated in some phases of Dynamics 365 for Operations or 2012 ERP projects.
  • Conducted system analysis for vulnerabilities and contributed to creating solutions for system vulnerabilities and security flaws. 
Luxottica Via Real Soft Inc.

Technical Support Specialist

  • Provided technical support for various hardware and software applications via phones and/or other media as required.
  • Gained knowledge of application security and development processes and technologies.
  • Performed escalation procedures to counteract potential threats/vulnerabilities as well as internal
  • Worked on various incident management queues assigned to the support department via Remedy.
  • Deployed, troubleshot and responded to requests and issues affecting client databases.
Kroger Technology Via Ascendum Solutions

IT Support Center Analyst

  • Deployed, troubleshot, and responded to requests and issues affecting client databases.
  • Provided technical support for software applications via phones.
  • Worked on various incident management queues assigned to the Support department
University of Michigan-Flint

Research Assistant

  • Assisted in tutoring individuals and groups of students and conducted an end-of-semester evaluation.
  • Assisted a faculty member with a research project; engaged in literature review and collected data for research on indicators of ethics and privacy.
  • Conducted meetings with students, administered tests and supervised students during exams. Projects
  • Provide assistance with event planning including supervision of undergraduate student workers.



CITI Program, A Division of BRANY

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is dedicated to promoting the public’s trust in the research enterprise by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, web-based educational courses in research, ethics, regulatory oversight, responsible conduct of research, research administration, and other topics pertinent to the interests of member organizations and individual learners.


Software and Tools

  • SIEM, Splunk, Sans Investigative Forensics Toolkit (SIFT) Workstation
  • Recorded Future Tool, Multiple OSINT Tools, Wireshark, CrypTool
  • FTK Imager and FTK ver 7.1.0 | Access Data, Magnet AXIOM, Autopsy, Redline, OS Forensics
  • SELKS (Suricata), Kibana, Metasploit, Nmap
  • Cellebrite UFED Mobile Forensic, XRY Mobile Forensics
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations, AX 2009, 2012 R3


  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
  • Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)
  • Blacks in Cybersecurity (BIC)
  • Google Women Techmakers (WTM)
  • National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)
  • Computing Research Association (CRA)
  • Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS)
  • Women in Security Profesional (WISP)


  • 2020  Opoku-Boateng, Francisca A., Google Women Techmaker Scholar engagement award Initiative Wobble Bot Maker Day.  


  • 2021   Grad Cohort Scholarship Recipient, Computing Research Association - URMD
  • 2020  Travel Scholarship Recipient, Grad Cohort Scholarship Recipient, Computing Research Association
  • 2020  Travel Scholarship Recipient, Women in Cybersecurity WiCyS 
  • 2020  Travel Scholarship, Rapid City Branch of the American Association of University Women
  • 2019   Travel SCholarhip WiSP
  • 2019   Best Presenter Award, Mini Wic
  • 2019   Travel Scholarship Google
  • 2019   Travel Scholarship Recipient, Women in Cybersecurity WiCyS
  • 2019   Travel Scholarship, ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference
  • 2019   Travel Scholarship Recipient, NSA / CRRC Faculty Professional Development Workshop
  • 2019   Recipient, Google Women Techmakers
  • 2019   Recipient,  Grace Hopper Celebration Scholar 
  • 2019   Fellow, BlackComputeHER Fellowship Program
  • 2019   Recipient, Grad Cohort Scholarship, Computing Research Association - URMD
  • 2019   Affiliate Scholarship, NSF NRT SPACT  
  • 2019   Recipient, SBS/Gamewell Scholarship
  • 2018   Travel Scholarship Recipient, Dakota State University
  • 2014   Recipient, Ralph M. and Emmalyn E. Freeman Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics Scholarship (UoM–Flint)


University Courses

  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Computer Forensics Fundamentals 
  • Graduate Courses
    • Computer and Digital Forensics


  • Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Active Listening
  • Active Learning 
  • Providing Practical Examples




  • Invited Panelist: Opoku-Boateng, Francisca A. (March 2021) Black Women in Cyber Panel (BWIC)
  • Invited Speaker: Opoku-Boateng, Francisca A. (September 2019) 3rd Annual Ladies' Day Out - Identity Theft
  • Invited Speakers: Opoku-Boateng, Francisca A, Katie Shuck (September 2018)  CybHER Security – Making a Difference through the Cyber Sciences.


  • 2020  Wobble Bot Day, DSU 
  • 2018   CybHer IoT Day, DSU
  • 2018   Lead Strong Women in Banking Conference
  • 2018   Women in Science Event, Mt. Mary College
  • 2018   Flandreau Robotics Club activity day
  • 2018   SBS Cybersecurity CybHER outreach