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I am a full-stack web developer who loves to get involved in all areas of the project ranging from UX design to database queries. 

My past experience in an art/design club makes me strive for the best user experience when I am on the front-end, while my engineering background allows me to adapt quickly with all the logical thought-processing required at the back-end. 

Excels in team environment but can work independently as well base on tasks given.

Very interested in exploring the mobile development area if opportunities arise.


  • : A "zombie-apocalypse themed" data analysis and visualization which turns raw, aggregated numerical data into a more easily digested format in hopes of educating the users about different regions in British Columbia. Project also has a simulation mode where users can see if they could survive the apocalypse base on information learnt via data-visualization. This project was written in Javascript utilizing D3.js.

  • (In-progress) WritingPrompter : Mini-tool built to streamline and optimize the writing competition experience for both the host and the participants. Includes features such as weekly mini story competition with randomized topics or full-scale multi-user collaboration writing competition. This project is currently written in Ruby and Javascript. 

  • Excuse Generator : Simple website a that generates random comical sentences for your everyday excuses. Guaranteed to be unique! Focused heavily on user experience (simple, easy to use) and visual clarity (minimalistic design with creative icons). This project was written in Ruby and hosted by Sinatra.

  • Rotten Mango : Mini-project inspired by Rotten Tomato. A small app which features movie search database and user rating. This project is hosted by Rails.


  • Javascript, jQuery, React, D3 (data visualization)
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
  • HTML, CSS, SQL, RSpec
  • Sketch (UX)
  • Fluent in English, Mandarin

Work experience

Mar 2012Aug 2015

Mechanical Engineer & Designer

Ron Wong & Associates Inc.
  • Design HVAC systems and plumbing systems
  • Manage multiple junior designers and technicians to ensure all project goals are met
  • Coordinate with consultants from different disciplines to ensure design meets city regulation and client requirements.
  • Utilize programs such as HAP, EnergyPro  to calculate system load requirement
  • Produce mechanical and plumbing drawings with drafting software such as AutoCAD
  • Was responsible for site inspections and respective follow-up reports for smaller scale projects


Mar 2016Present

User Experience & Interactive Design Specialization


Specialization created and taught by UC San Diego

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Web Development

Lighthouse Labs
Sep 2004Jun 2011

Bachelor of Applied Science

University of British Columbia

Specialized in Mechanical Engineering