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I am looking for opportunites in a business setting that will help improve my skills and job experiences. I believe an internship will allow me to discover the different aspects that businesses have to offer. I have a lot of work experience in retail, and I am always looking for a chance to improve my strengths.


Aug 2007Present

San Diego State University
Sep 2003Jun 2007

High School Diploma

El Toro High School


I have recently been promoted at Anchor Blue, and got hired as part of management at Hallmark. I have gained significant knowledge that will enable me to grow as a manager. I have learned to delegate tasks with clear expectations. With this, I have been developing my communication skills which has helped me to train new hires more efficiently. I am also responsible for our store safe. This has forced my money management skills to develop, and I have been opening and closing my store since my first month as a Lead.
I am a very organized and efficient worker. I make sure tasks and duties are in order before the day begins to help the day run smoothly. To be organized, I make it a point to put things in their place, fill out paperwork on time while filing it away, and making sure others are following the same standards. When i am organized, I am able to complete more tasks, and pull ahead of schedule.
Customer Service
Customer Service is one of my strongest skills. I am more interested in helping the customer find what they are looking for, than finishing tasks that can be pushed to a later time. I make sure that every customer who has entered my store is greeted, and their needs are discovered and addressed. Customer service is necessary for any company that hopes to gain loyal customers.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Lead Sales Associate

Anchor Blue Ink

I work as a part-time manager for this company. This is my fourth location with Anchor Blue due to store closures and relocations. My responsibilities include: customer service, sales, marketing, registers, loss prevention, training new employees, and money management.

Nov 2008Present

Sales Associate

Bath & Body Works

I work for this company as a part-time sales associate. My responsibilities include: customer service, stock, registers, and product knowledge.

Jun 2009Oct 2009

Key Holder

Hallmark Corp

I was hired into this company as a key holder. I was responsible for opening and closing the store, customer service, and task completion.

Feb 2009Jun 2009

Lead Sales Associate

Anchor Blue

I was promoted to a Lead Sales Assoicate at this location. The company filed Chapter 11 and was forced to close down several locations. This location was closed down in June.

Nov 2007Aug 2008

Sales Associate

Anchor Blue

I was at this location for two seasons while I was attending school in San Deigo. I was offered a promotion at this location but I was unable to make the hour commute while in school. From this location, I was interviewed for a promotion at the San Diego location.

Sep 2006Aug 2007

Sales Associate

Anchor Blue

This was the first Anchor Blue location that I worked at. They ended up closing down the location, so when I was back for the season I was able to transfer to the Laguna Hills location.

Oct 2004Mar 2007


Santiago De Compostella Church

I worked at the front desk of my church in high school. I was responsible for all the paperwork that passed through the office, and taking messages for the priests when they were unavailable. I also answered the phones, and set up appointments.


Daniel Guitan

Daniel was my Assistant Manager at the Laguna Hills Anchor Blue location.

Lucia Kearney

Lucia was on the tennis team with me in high school. She is a great character reference.

Justin Burnam

Justin has been working as my Assistant Manager in my most recent two Anchor Blue locations.

Joy Nor

Joy was a key holder with me during the time i worked at Hallmark.