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When in my Customer Service and Support rotation in ITAP I learned how to use i-Movie. For one of the projects during this rotation my associates and myself created a video showing the inside of a computer tower, explaining the purpose of each part.     
Quick Books and QXpress
When working at Armstrong Plumbing I used Quick Books where I would use service tickets to enter in information about customers and their recent payments and work performed for them. I also learned how to use QXpress where I would perform scheduling, job costing, and I would enter into a log all the work that was performed and the price it was sold for. 
Customer Appointment Manager
When working at Armstrong Plumbing, I learned how to operate Customer Appointment Manager where I would create new appointments, locate customers previous history and then would describe the appointment and assign it to a technician. 
When working for Armstrong Plumbing, I was asked to put information into Excel. I learned simple formulas and learned how to find standard deviations, averages, and how to make graphs and charts. 
In High School I took a Graphic Art and Web Design Class where I was asked to do multiple assignments on Photoshop. During this class I learned numerous skills and became moderately familiar with the program and how to edit photos. I learned skills such as healing and patching, how to add text, how to clone, lasso, properly use the magic wand, and many more.     


Volleyball (7+ years experience) 

Although "volleyball player" technically isn't a job title, because of the skills that I learned and all of the time I have committed to it, I would consider it a job. Volleyball is a year long sport that I have been playing since 6th grade. School season would be from early August to October with practices everyday and games and tournaments every week and then club season would go from October to late July and would include tournaments every weekend and a National Tournament at the end of July.

Volleyball has taught me numerous skills such as leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. In high school and my final two years of club volleyball I was the Captain of my team. I learned how to speak up, be responsible, and lead my team. 

Some High School/Club Volleyball Accomplishments: 

  • Missouri State Volleyball Champions 2011
  • Missouri State Volleyball Runners Up 2009
  • Player of the year 2011
  • 4 yr. Varsity starter 
  • Named 3 yrs. All State, All Region, All District, All Star Team, and All Metro
  • Named St. Louis Post Dispatch Player of the Week
  • Athlete of the Month in "Get in the Game" Magazine
  • All St. Louis and Metro Area #1 Leader in Assists three years in a row 
  • Named MVP for 3 years  
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch "Player to Watch"
  • Two years as Captain
  • 2011 KC Show Me Qualifier placed 6th in the Open Division
  • 2011 Big South Qualifier placed 6th in the Open Division
  • Junior Olympics in Atlanta placed 5th in the Nation in the National Division
  • 2011 Andi Collins Award Finalist- Top 73 setters in the country in

College Volleyball Accomplishments 

  • 1st Team All Conference
  • Named to All Tournament Team 3 tournaments in a row 
  • Voted by team as MVP 
  • 13th in the nation for assists per set 

Work experience

Aug 2012Present



The Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) is a selective program at DePauw University where students combine their liberal arts education with their educational experiences in technology. For the first year in ITAP, students take part in rotations in different technology departments though out campus. The following year, these students can apply to work in one of these rotations or can apply for an internship off campus. 

The rotations I have participated in this far have been: 

The Help Desk, where I learned how to:

  • answer phones
  • enter information into Heat 
  • install printers 
  • re-image a computer
  • install classes and drives 
  • I learned communication and problem solving skills 
  • I gained confidence talking on the phone and speaking to people calling in reporting a problem

Customer Service and Support, where I learned how to: 

  • take apart and successful put back together a computer 
  • assist with service calls 
  • remove viruses 
  • troubleshoot
  • name important parts within a computer tower
  • use and edit video footage with i-movie
  • communicate with clients
  • repair hardware and software problems 

Digital Video, where I learned how to: 

  • use Final Cut Pro 
  • use B-Roll effectively 
  • operate a Panasonic DV-100A camera
  • filming techniques such as truck, pan, zoom, rack focus, medium shot, long shot, etc. 
  • analyse movies from a filmers perspective 
  • teamwork and leadership skills 

Audio Recording, where I learned how to: 

  • properly wrap a microphone cable 
  • use Cutter Pro 
  • (currently still in this rotation)
May 2009Aug 2012

Administrative Assistant

Armstrong Plumbing

As one of the administrative assistants at Armstrong Plumbing, I learned phone skills and computer skills.

I was in charge of:  

  • answering phones
  • communicating with employees of their next job site
  • entering customer service tickets into Customer Appointments Manger 
  • entering service tickets into QuickBooks and QXpress 
  • filing service tickets 
  • fielding questions for plumbers and contractors 
  • running charge cards in the first data machine 
  • making bank deposits, copying check and charging card receipts 
Apr 2012Jul 2012

Apparel Associate

Dick's Sporting Goods

While working at Dick's Sporting Goods, I was in charge of both men and women's apparel departments along with working the cash register. This job enhanced my phone skills and encouraged me to be a leader and work as a team with my co-workers. 

I was in charge of:

  • organizing displays 
  • talking with customers on the phone 
  • locating items in the store for other locations over the phone 
  • locating items in the store for customers using my headset 
  • working the cash register 
  • greeting customers at the door 
  • locating inventory 
  • creating price labels for clothes 



DePauw University

So far I have only completed one semester of college at DePauw University but in my first semester I took on a challenging workload and excelled. I took Intro to Economics, Intro to Psychology, College Writing, and my seminar class: Of Apes and Forms. Along with balancing my classes I also was involved in ITAP and volleyball. I received a 3.38 and I am pleased with my performance for my first semester of college. Now I know the study techniques and the amount of hard work it takes to receive an A in a class so I am confident that my next semester will be even more successful. 

Aug 2008May 2012

Villa Duchesne High School

I attended a private all girl high school from 7th grade to 12th. I earned a 3.83 cumulative GPA and got a 33 on my ACT, broken down as Science 36, Reading 36, Math 35 and English 26. I was also a member of the National Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars, and the Academic Honor Roll all four years. I was president of Diversity Club and won the Theology Award, Art Award, and was the Honor Guard Recipient. At Villa, I also participated in Service Learning where I volunteered at Father Dempsey's Soup Kitchen, Howard Branch Elementary School, Linda Vista Elementary School, and VITAS Hospice Care. At each of these sites I was given a leadership position where I either worked with and tutored children, cooked for homeless men, filed information into computers, or made gifts for veterans.