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New Milford, Connecticut’s Faith Church has seen remarkable growth since its inception. What started out known as Bright Clouds Christian Church, a small church in a private house with 14 members, the Faith Church eventually relocated to a movie theater in Bethel before moving to its own facility in 1991. Eventually, the organization acquired a second facility in 1998 and then proposed a Family and Community Life Center in 2000. As a result, the church decided a change in identity suited their continued growth. Before the completion of the Family and Community Life Center in New Milford in 2005, Bright Clouds Ministries became Faith Ministries, Inc., staffing more than 50 and with almost 3,000 members. Several of the new programs that Faith Church installed are robust youth programs that are specifically tailored for various age groups from infants to high school students. From the WOW Kids and Velocity Kids programs to the Mpact 5.6 and Mpact ministries for pre-teens and teens, Faith Church uses a variety of presentations, songs, games, and discussion activities to encourage the feelings of faith, worship, and devotion to the Bible and its teachings. Faith Church also uses a significant portion of its Family and Community Life Center in New Milford, Connecticut to create a place for young people to feel safe to discuss their concerns about spirituality and growing up with each other. The facilities include the Sonbucks Coffee & Ice Cream Shoppe and Arcade which features Xbox and Wii games and the Tropical Worship Center with trees, murals, and comfortable furniture conducive to relaxing and holding conversations. Just as the Faith Church grew from its modest beginnings to its current campuses in Danbury and New Milford, the ministry hopes its young members will also rely on each other to get through the tough times and celebrate the good times as a group.