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Work experience

Apr 2009Present

Mystery shopper

ESA Mystery shopping

ESA Complete mystery shopping, mystery telephoning, mystery online, audits, mystery hotels, photos for banks, shops, funeral centres, travel agents, trade business, hotels, home furnishing,   cooperative, petrol stations, fast food restaurants, IT shop, Travel, Hotels, Youth Hostels, Pound shops, Electrical, Camera, post offices, pharmacy, competitors.


I am a certified mystery shopper . I have back check grades of 7 out of ten. I have completed mystery shops on all of the above successfully. I have completed phone, visit, audit, website mystery shopping.

Dec 2010Present

Market Research Interviewer


They complete mystery shopping, merchandising, ( Media, employer, healthcare, financial,automotive, social, b2b, social, consumer, retail)reesearch.

I have completed mystery shopping and financial and energy surveys for them.

Dec 2009Dec 2010

Market Research Interviewer

Cello MRUK

They complete research around country.

My achievements:

I have completed interviewing in Wales for Welsh assembly and Sports Council.

Working hard, working seven days a week, earning 35,000 a year. Achieving targets.

Jan 2000Apr 2009

Fieldwork officer


vInterviewer.Jan 2000-Jan 2002

¨Interviewing on qualitative (in depth,B2B), quantitative( mas, voting, Hall, Auditing, pre selected, street(BARB, Fair treatment, Environment, etc.), depth interview, Random route(National Drinks, Tesco,Children Money, Army, Navy), door to door, ad hoc, continuous-MAS and BUS, Criminal Justice, Police, B&Q ).Worked and supervised on these surveys.

¨Within-automotive (Ford, segmentation survey for several car makers, Royal Mail).B2B(Biomedical, Chemical Producer, Mail distribution), FCMG, Toys( Lego, Disney, Toys R us, Food and drink( Pepsi, Innocent, Burger King, Pringles) , international(Euro barometer, WWF, Lego, BARB), CAPI, Paper( School meals, first years surveys, Media(Sky, BBC, Mobile phone companies, Times, National Readership), Travel and Tourism( British Airways, Thomson, Virgin) , Healthcare(NHS, Irritable bowel), Retail( Boots, M&S, Starbucks, Asda, Sainsbury), Public service(Local councils, NHS, DEFRA, BERR, Home Office, DWP, Education department, Social(Ethnic minority, Euro barometer, National trust, Countryside visiting), IT( in schools, HP ),Environmental(Recycling), Product development(Pringles, Camelot), Brand(chocolate, Mars, Snickers) Sales and pricing(3G mobiles, Pringles, Advertising(Heineken, Tetley, Tesco) Consumer satisfaction(B&Q), Product testing(Pringles, drink for hangover), Usage and attitudes. I have worked and supervised on all of these surveys. Won award as best interviewer 2002.

ØFieldwork officer Management team.TNSJan 2002-Apr 2009

¨Recommended to manage staff appraisals once a week (including first two days in field, Yearly appraisals (Both management and Fieldwork level, checking progress after 1 and 6 months), Validation reports on back checks.

¨Selected to manage team of 8 on Hall survey on Newspaper Advertising.

¨Successfully managed team over several weeks on School Meals survey. Worked on contract second time.

¨Flourished when managing 75 yearly Management meetings appraisals with half of areas team over 3 weeks.

¨Recommended to help with introduction training, successfully trained many new starters on the first two days in field to check what they remembered from training.

¨High quality work in 9 years out of ten on backchecks. When being appraised by accompanying officers always getting 10 out of ten.

¨TNS planning involved using-Microsoft Office PowerPoint( Presentations), Microsoft Word( Letter writing, pay queries, course letters, back check letters, Survey suggestions, reports), Microsoft Spreadsheets( Pay roll, Coursework) Microsoft Outlook(Dairy, follow up, reply to, emails, prioritizing emails), Databases –(Banks, Tesco) Used on some surveys I have worked on and Coursework.

¨Selected for Fieldwork Officer Role.

¨Achieved special quotas , two job quotas a day or many extra interviews over daily quotas many times to ensure area deadlines on job achieved on behalf of company receiving extra bonus for achieving these difficult quotas.

Head Office- TNS, TNS House, Westgate, London, W5 1UA

TNS is part of WPP, which is a leader in the world in custom market research information and research-based business advice. It has offices in 70 countries, using innovative research expertise. Providing quality marketing information delivered by specialist experts. My role was to supervise and manage staff within the largest area of the country, including completing specialist surveys only experienced staff worked on

Jun 1999Jan 2000



¨Recruited team designing Chemical plant for certain products for Pakistan.

Involved Research into certain chemical production methods. Research into current costs of products in certain regions of world. Pipe designing (size, material, length, thermal and fluid dynamic calculations), valve design (size, material, type). Heater design (Thermal calculations, fluid flow type, size), chemical mixer design, Chemical Storage design. Separation principle calculations. Process control and Instrumentation design. Process costs, (depreciation material, Profit and loss) costing. HAZOP studies.Wrote specifications, tenders proposals for plant equipment.

¨Investigating buying grocery/ Halal shop in Bradford( investigating sales, shop layout, structural faults, profit an loss and accounts for business, investigating development in area with (council and CBI, local mosque), checking locals opinion on shop changing hands, checking competitors( prices, turnover, products), supplier relationships and potential new product ranges. Negotiating on price, support we could receive from previous owner after sale. Opening a Restaurant in Lincolnshire involved similar research.

¨Buying land in Crawley to develop into old people’s homes or flats. Checking old people homes regulations, number of old people homes or flats could fit into area. Discussing with local agents who would let flats in area. Negotiating on price of land and letting prices. Determine price we could sell houses for once development built. Determine deposit we could afford. Negotiating on Business mortgage rate. Determining potential returns and maintenance charges, gardening fees we could charge. Determining construction, furniture, (laborer, training, inspection, costs of meeting standards for old people homes) costs. Accountancy fees.

¨Research skills primary and secondary, planning skills, teamwork, creativity in logo and names. Successfully negotiated with many suppliers and potential clients of projects. Completed design of chemical plant. Successfully completed research into Halal shop however could not agree on price reduction due to structural fault in building structure.

¨Communication, problem solving skills when liaising with outside clients, suppliers, users. Negotiating skills on costs, motivating people to become interested in projects

Jun 1998Mar 1999

Baggage Handler


Baggage Handling, Driving and loading.

Room 3037, 3rd Floor, South Terminal, Gatwick

Servisair is a leading provider of aviation ground services delivering an integrated range of handling solutions across 128 locations .It is part of Derichebourg Group involved in corporate and environmental services. Servisair employs 47,000 staff through 30 countries and generating consolidated revenue of €3.4 billion. My role was to sort baggage onto trolleys to deliver to plains. Deliver to plains. For overtime help with loading plans

Key Achievements: 

  • Successfully working as part of team handling baggage at Gatwick south terminal. 
  • Communicating with customers, managers and AHS. 
  • Ensuring good communication, teamwork, problem solving skills used.

May 1995Jun 1998

Supervisor/ Manager

Airspeed Hygiene Systems- now ISS UK

¨     Successfully training staff, daily reports to managers, liaising with clients, suppliers extremely well, proactively checking staff work, plan daily schedules. Implemented deep clean to schedule, driving staff to and from home, Completing Health and Safety training. Ensuring stock of supplies never ran out. Successfully helping out with deep cleans on British Airways contract when required.

¨Recommended to manage £2m contract to such a high standard Sevisair asked me to work for them.

¨Chosen to train manage and build a team of 8-10 staff on Servisair contract. Over 3 Years trained 20-30 staff full time staff and 10-15 part time or temporary staff.

¨Completed Professional Development training with help of company to credit level.

South perimeter road,  08450576500

Airspeed Hygiene Systems it is a cleaning services company. Its Crawley Office services the south and North Terminal offices and terminal. I was responsible for Project managing the Servisair South terminal and helping out with North terminal deep cleans when needed

Jun 1994Mar 1995

Indepedent Financial Advisor

Allied Dunbar- Zurich Group

  •     Involved financial training and sales of mortgages, pensions, investment, and life insurance. Endowments, critical illness.
  • Microsoft Office Excel for client product spreadsheets, Microsoft Word for letter writing, reply to customer product queries, storing text files), Microsoft Outlook (Flagging, importance, reply deleting, address book management services) experience. Used Databases and web for learning purposes.

Allied Dunbar is part of Zurich Group, which provides investments, protection and pensions and is one of the world’s leading financial service organizations. My role was to sell and train to become IFA. 

Zurich  Head Office as Allied Dunbar address no demolished-  Station Road, Swindon, Wilts, SN1 1EL

Switchboard: 01793 514514.

Jan 1990Mar 1994


Royal Mail

Providing services to personal customers, small and large business. Delivery mail nationally and internationally. Money, insurance, passport service, Driving license, Foreign currency, mail shot, Voting cards services. My role was sorting mail and delivering mail as parcel sorting as overtime

Key Achievements: 

  • Involved sorting mail, delivery, sorting,internatiional mail,parcel force sorting. 
  • Helping office team achieve target of 90% next day delivery, 95% of all mail delivered.
  • Helping ensure smooth introduction of mechanized sorting in office, 10 % increase in profits.
  • Worked to a high standard. Solving customers mail problems. Supporting international mail sorting at Airport, and local parcel force office.
Mar 1989Sep 1989

Process Design Engineer

Dasoon Babcock Energy ltd

¨      Power station design for Iraq and chosen to test Drax power station.

¨For power station in Iraq involved in completing specifications for pipes and valves to furnace. Pipeline thermal calculations completed. Designing heaters for pipelines. The power station was to be a coal, oil power station. However war with Iraq announced so lost contract as Babcock was owed 2 million on contract. Thus staff had to go as they did not have enough work to keep on any graduates. I had been planed to start on furnace design hence reason for visiting Drax and testing its furnaces.

¨Liaised with suppliers, clients, other departments.

¨3D CAD: CATVIA, Designing skills, communication and problem solving.

Works in thermal and nuclear power, oil and gas, process and pharma, emerging markets, industry using quality, performance, health and safety  certificate, approaches. Using a variety of product services. I was responsible for oil and gas power deisgn of plant in Iraq. Testing of Drax thermal n. Uisng health and safety approach.

Sep 1986Sep 1987

Assistant Scientific Officer

UKAEA Harwell

¨Sandwich Placement on nuclear reprocessing research. Now used at Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing site.Successfully recorded results of tests every 5 minutes.Analysis results of surveys.Selected equipment suppliers for some of pilot plant from supplier Database. Involved in problem solving for a particular problem which occurred on pilot plant requiring extra filter to be added. Successfully researching into nuclear fission and fusion nuclear reactors, into UKAEA history, into nuclear reprocessing, general non nuclear research at UKAEA.

¨Completing a 3000 word Sandwich Year Placement thesis on working at UKAEA.

¨Nuclear Research, Liaising well with suppliers and managers, Communication and problem solving skills.

The UKAEA group is a world leader in decommissioning and regenerating nuclear sites and in developing fusion as a sustainable, secure and carbon free energy source.  With decades of experience as pioneers in these fields.  UKAEA is making a key contribution to meeting the twin challanges of sustainable development and climate change


Nov 2003Present


Market Research Society

MRS Professional Development scheme, Advanced Certificate course involved:-

1.Personal Portfolio( A CV, information about current job, role, company information,qualification certificates, awards and training certificates, Key standard summary and evidence sheets( 2 evidenced for each module never used more than twice)

Module 1 Experience & Understanding of ethical considerations governing MRS members.

Module 2 Knowledge and understanding of MR in a broad political/ economic/ social/ technical context,

Module 3 Knowledge and understanding of MR in a business or corporate context.

Module 4 Knowledge and understanding of both client and supply relationship in MR.

Module 5 Demonstrate skills in project management including deployment of human and other resources.

Module 6 Demonstrate communication skills including oral and written presentations.

Module 7 Understand, apply and evaluate different quantitative methodologies.

Module 8 Understand, apply and evaluate different qualitative methodologies.

Module 9 Be able to conduct a business research project.

Module 10 Demonstrate high level of specialist knowledge, understanding and application in a relevant field of MR- Qualitative or Quantitative research, purchasing, managing, data collection, international context, mystery shopping.

Module 11 Experience and understanding of quality standards in MR.

Module 12 Commitment to own personal and professional development.

Module 13 Commitment to the development of others.

Module 14 types of data and categories.

Module 15- Sampling.

Module 16 Questionnaire design.

Module 17 Analysis of Results.

Module 16 Attitude Measurement.

Module 17 Project 500 word brief, 2500 proposal with above modules in it either client, operational, strategic, methodological, purchase, management, leading edge issues in specialist field.

Needed to produce evidence how met all modules twice, what learnt from modules tasks, outcomes of modules, achievements, description of task, challenges faced, problem faced. Written in a precise way, with good English used.

MRS Conferences, IJMR understanding case studies for all above.

Sep 2009Jun 2010


Salisbury College

I completed ECDL advanced in Presentation skills, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Project Management

Apr 2009Jun 2009

Professional Qualification

Warminster College

Level 1- Basic Concepts of IT theory 1( Health and Safety, Viruses, Communication, File Management, Using IT)- 80%, Using the computer  and File Management-90%(computer environemnt -93%, Desktop-90%,Viruses -100%, print management 100%). Information and Communication- 80%( Mail management 80%, messaging 88%, web searching,83%, Web Navigation 80%, , electronic mail- 75%, the internet)

Level 2- Word Processing(97%). Databases-88%, Spreadsheets-94%, Presentation -94%, Using IT -2 theory-94%,

Start level 3 Advanced Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Databases, Using IT3 in September. 

Jan 2000Apr 2009

Internal work training


Quality control (in respect what it is, what it means to different people in organization, group activities, certificate) pre selected address (BARB, fair treatment, problems and solutions analysis, outcome codes, number of contacts at address ), interpersonal Skills( resalution of conflicts, regonising conflicts, communication skills) , management training(interviewing, Appraisal, feedback observer role play.Appraisal forms and types of appraisal), School meal (twice- The survey, who for, changes from first time, teamleaders, weighers, selectors roles, pre visit), training for certain jobs (Lego, travel and tourism, Diageo in depth surveys, Eurobarometer). Initial job training (TNS organization, your job, doorstep techniques, CAPI, example surveys, field practice).

Sep 2004Oct 2007

Professional Certificates

Market Research Society

Day courses- 09/2004-Presentation (intro, 3 and 10 minute delegate Presentation, towards better presentation (audience, content, stage Management, Visual aids, summary)

04/2005 Running Workshop (intro, icebreakers, types, objectives, rules of Planning and structures, techniques for (problemsolving, Managing), (aims, Where, who for, pre tasks), enabling and idea techniques, Managing people,Evaluating techniques, feedback, closing ritual.

04/2006- Advanced Quantitative Research -Research- intro, hybrid research, Latest developments in product research, online research, making difference, Quantitative impact of research, TRIM, interaction exercise.

06/2006-WEEK -Summer school successfully achieved award as best Presentation. Involved-buy in, learning techniques, making sense of data findings- Actionable results, strategic framework for business sense-(loyalty, brands, Product development, branding and communication,managing customer relations) Using research to support decision making (Project Management, segmentation.  On line, sampling), statistical- multivariate analysis and testing results,Questionnaire design, power point, creating insight, auctioned research. Project. Won an award as best presentation.

10/2007-International research-intro, practicalities, cultural differences, client Side view, quant, qual global picture, international briefs, communication, Advertising, summary.

Apr 1995Jun 1996

Professional Qualification

Open University

Flourished at as I obtained a credit. Involved subjects: Learning techniques, communication, problem solving, project work, teamwork coursework, reading from  websites and books, OU Database, liaising with tutor, meeting. Writing a 3000 word Project required written and oral communication , evidence for above learning areas. Completed on learning from computer course and work with corporation of manager at work.

Jan 1995Jun 1996



Basics of computers- industries used in, computer companies Learning courses available and industries used in. Pascal programmer language.  C++ language (loops, next, go to, until, etc.) how to write, examples, types of uses,Asking you to write program’s with these in. Then a final project on what learnt (using all of the above or at least 4 out of 6).  Including Summary of what learnt, 2 Examples of programmes written. Summary of jobs looking for. applied for.                         

Jun 1994Mar 1995

Internal training

Allied Dunbar

Involved financial training  on mortgages, pensions, investment, and life insurance. Endowments, critical illness.

Sep 1984Jun 1988

BEng Honours 3rd

University of Glamorgan

First year- Fluid dynamics, Heat and mMass transfer, Polymer and Organic Chemistry, Computers and Maths, Communication skills, Experiments, case studies, projects on above.

Second year- Fluid dynamics, Heat and mass transfer, Separation principles, Process control and design, Health and Safety, Experiments, case studies, projects on above areas.

Third year Sandwich Placement .

Fourth year- Thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics, Material design, Process control,  Advanced Process Design. Experiments, case studies on above. 3000 word Thesis project.


Educational Objectives-Masters in Market Research, Improve my qualitative ,modurator , customer insight management, sampling, value of clientside research skills upto advanced level. Undertake mystery shopping, questionnaire design, ethnic minority training.

Career Goals- Market Research Management post with promotional prospects. Civil Service executive job, Graduate Development programmes leading to higher Executive or Department head posts. 

Location Goals - Willing to work in UK, Middle East, Pakistan.USA.


Lynn Whiting

Carrol Curran


15 Northbourgh Street



Fellow of MRS . Head of Training at MRS . My involvment - introduced me to MRS Professional Development course, Have regular contact with her by Email, had meeting with her half way into course. Involved in day course, summer and winter courses, internet , Company partner, Masters training courses.

Loraine Flanagan

Warminster College

The Avenue



BA12 9AA 

My Tutor on ECDL Course. Encouraged me to complete ECDL level 3 in september as I should pass it easily. I used coureswork, booked time periods, booked exams, Scored high marks, completed in quick time period.

Eric Argeant

43A Sand Street

Longbridge Deverill



BA12 7DR

Personal Friend /Neighbour for 10 years.

Frances Degirmenci

TNS Regional Manager

The Old Dolphin

The Strand



CT13 9DS 

Regional Manager Field. Mother Director. Has a team of 3 area managers, 3 deputy area managers, 14 Fieldowrk officers, 140 interviewers below her. Been in industry many years. Been at TNS many years.

Marie Jones


Faisel Bundy Personal Statement

As a highly motivated, innovative, communicative person with management/ supervisor experience in market research, I have proven track record of providing ad hoc, Quantitative research to a broad range of FMCG clients.I am very interested in the position Research Manager as the role relates to my qualifications, employee research experience and career intentions within the challenging, yet stimulating field of Market Research Management.

As a market research interviewer for GFK NOP, with 12 years market research experience, including six as a supervisor at TNS.I have taken several market research jobs with leading agencies within market research. I have a Degree in Chemical engineering, MRS, ECDl Professional Qualifications. These placements have enabled me to gain a wealth of practical specific experience to gain deeper technical knowledge and experience of strategic market research- including ad hoc FMCG, budgetary, management,quantitative , qualitative research , presentations skills, performance monitoring, project design, Analysis skills. These jobs have not only developed specific research experiences, but also valuable transferable skills in fast paced sector.

During my work experiences I have valued being able to develop my ad hoc quantitative research skills, analytical, problem solving, communication, self-management, presentation, IT, questionnaire design, management, and skills. I have harnessed during my career.Within two years of joining TNS I had one an award as best quality interviewer and been promoted to supervisor.

Within TNS I contributed to ad hoc surveys such as:-

Pringle- Hall test on new product range, including pricing.

Lego- Involved Consumer attitudes and behaviours, new products, and consumer satisfaction survey. Using Needscope, segmentation technique on parents and children taking between 90 minute and 2 hours interviews. A pilot study with director and also interviewed on main study.

For Mars a New Product concept research for Snickers- including pricing.

A new Product Development for 3g mobile phone- Hall- determine prices of packages, interest in different uses of phones, attitude and usage of different packages-20-30 minute interviews.

Packaging for Cathedral City, New fragrance- (LOOKING LIKE WOMAN), DRINK packaging and new product.A packaging for crisps surveys– Walkers.

Nestle- fair trade research ad hoc.

Costing , New product development , packaging for many othertypes of food for Proctor Gamble, Coco cola, Pepsi, Uniliver, BAT, Kraft, L’ORIEL, Nokia, Nestle, other FMCG companies.

In Depth drinks survey on Consumer behaviour, competitor analysis, attitude and usage survey taking 2 to 2.5 hours long.

These required me to lease with various departments, work on award winning projects, MRS conference projects, participate in group project meetings, pilot brief and debrief meetings.

I have management experience as a Hall manager , appraising staff on Ad hoc and FMCG surveys, Completing Validation checks on Ad Hoc and FMCG surveys, Pilot studies on FMCG, Ad Hoc Surveys, Completing appraisals on staff including 75 managementlevel appraisals while supervisor at TNS.To manage project teams within the research team and effectively delegate responsibility on all relevant aspects of the project, to ensure accurate, timely and cost effective execution of the research. Ensure completed to time and Budget.

These have utilised my excellent communication skills, have enabled me to develop successful working relationships with both internal and external staff including client, MRS, respondents. Has enabled me to develop my prioritising, problem solving, adaptability to changing demands, innovation skills.

I have gained presenting skills from- Degree Thesis, Open University, ECDL, Pascal/c++, MRS Presentation skills, Running Workshops, PCDL, Advanced Certificate, International Research. Mystery Shopping.

I have gained Designing Research skills from- Pilot studies- Toys, Travel, Newspaper advertising, UKAEU Pilot study, Babcock Energy, Director of own company, Degree thesis, Open University, ECDL Advanced. MRS Summer School, Advanced Certificate.

I have gained Writing Proposals skills from- UKAEA, ECDL, Degree Thesis, Open University course, MRS Advanced Certificate, Summer school.

I have gained Analysis skills from- UKAEA, Babcock Energy, Degree, Pascal / C++, ECDL courses. MRS Summer School, Advanced Certificate.

I have gained Running to Revenues, Setting Revenues skills from- Summer School, Advanced Certificate.

I have gained Qualitative Research skills from - Diageo Drinks Survey, Lego Toys survey, Post mail services for Business 2 Business survey. I have completed panel recruitment Cello. Online panel Covered on Advanced Certificate, MRS summer school, completed many online surveys.

I have gained questionnaire design experience from Pascal/C++ course, MRS courses.

As a supervisor at TNS I have supervised staff on Training events- 3 times a week three times. Supervising staff in appraisals, accompany staff when starting. All my work experiences at TNS, GFK NOP have been to ISO standards.

As Director of my own Business, Supervisor on Servisair cleaning contract, and Supervisor at TNS had to ensure had to monitor budgets against projects costs taking actions when costs exceeded predicted costs.To manage project teams within the research team and effectively delegate responsibility on all relevant aspects of the project, to ensure accurate, timely and cost effective execution of the research. I have completed brief clients. I have managed to accompany over 200 staff on first day to help with their training, at cleaning supervisor improved, trained staff on deap cleans with over 40 staff.

As well as my TNS work experience I HAVE GAINED AD HOC experience GFK NOP- Cars International Survey – Covering Consumer satisfaction, Brand Awareness, competitor analysis, using Segmentation technique. From Cello on street interviews for FMCG clients.

In addition to my studies and work experiences, I can offer a wealth of experiences gained during my travels, religious studies.I have ability to speak basic Urdu and Arabic. I have gained management 

ECDL Level 1&2


Religion recommended working on committee. Bird Watching- I am life member of RSPB, Volunteer work. I like. Sport particularly cricket and football. Fluent at Swimming in which I obtained Life saving Silver medal and represented county. I represented county at chess. Represented school at Football, swimming, chess, athletics, tennis, table tennis, cross country, hockey, basketball, and squash). Computers, Enjoy reading - Newspapers, course books, non fiction. Enjoy Socializing with friends. I attend MRS Events and conferences. I am an MRS Affiliate member. Have a full driving license and am a member of Institute of advanced Motorists.




personal Skills
I am flexible, problem solver, motivated, communicator, creative, use iniative, team worker, motivated, good learner, have leadership skills. I have used these for education, work as social life.    
Political and Social Survey skill
I have completed social surveys at TNS for nine years. Six years as part of management team. I have worked on Education, agriculture, crime, police, Nhs Direct, Health, sex education, IT, environment, Financial, meida surveys for most departments . Also on social surveys for cahrities.
Business management skills
I have been in Business management role at TNS, while self employed, AHS. I have business management qualifications in microsoft office, Personal development courses at Open University and MRS. This includes Team leadership, project management, Employee development and personal development, appraisal management and training. 
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office qualifications Word Processing-97%, Spreadsheets excel-94%, Databases access-94%, PowerPoint-94%, Outlook, Internet-80%. Using IT tjeory 2 -94%. MRS Presentation course equivalent to advanced ECDL presentation graphics course. Over ten years work experience and Qualification experience of Excel, Word, Databases, Presentation skills use on computers.
Chemical Engineering
I have a degree in chemical engineering a 4 year course. i have a years experience at UKAEA in research. I have 6 months experience of process design engineer. Also designed plant for production of soaps, shampoos in Pakistan experience. Looking maybe to study for Masters in Engineering management to obtain Charterred engineering status.
Statistical Analysis
On MRS Summer school covered standard errors, modes,standard deviation, mapping , merging datafiles and results  of different surveys, conjoint analysis, regression analysis,  Mrs Professional Development course includes module on analysis of rsults. I have a maths A level in statistics.   Degree covered Statistical Analysis. Maths A and AS covered Statistical Analysis obtained A grade.
Consumer Insight Skills
I have on MRS summer school covered Branding, branding communication, and CRM mangement. On MRS two module covered Understanding , experiencing MR in relations to a business, social, political, techniqual context. Another section coverewd Usage and attitude bahaviour understanding and experience.   TNS surveys have covered NPD( Mars, Pringles, Karlsbourgh, NP Pakaging Walkers). Covered Customer Loyalty M & S, Tescos, Boots. Customer relations and segmentation( B&Q, Tescos, Starbucks, Burger King,automobile, Banks ) Brand and Brand advertising (Snickers, Chocolates, Walkers, ETC.) Usage and Attitudes and customers, Compettior surveys, Pricing surveys( pringles, T mobile 3g), Competitor analysis, CRM (barclaycard, BA), and Customer satisfaction(B&Q, tescos)  
Management skill
6 years on Management team at TNS, as mentioned previously includes completing 75 yearly management appraisals, team leading on Schools meals in total- 20 staff over 10 weeks , Managing on Hall project. Completing 1 appraisal a week. Completing apprasals and interviews for 9 years at an excellent high standard. Completing surveys to target number of interviews sometimes using quotas different than set out to ensure overall job figured obtained . Also completing two jobs a day for the same reason.   I have undergone management training myself on Quality control and Fieldwork officers training   Training staff in field after initial tarining in classroom environment to check what could remember, helping them with anything forgotten about, Helping them with doorstep techniques or methodology of survey.  Providing them with targets to meet, additional comments and an overal grade produced from computer feedback. Also 4 times helping trainer complete computer training and 1 hour supervsing in street  around training centre. Since groups sometimes to large to complete with one trainer only.   I have been involved in many pilot studies a project management task- including for Lego, Visiting Countryside, Travel and tourism, Hall Managment job,  Learning skills  and many others. Liaising with clients, providing feedback to clients and managers, taking notes, checking feasibility of quotas, checking respondents understand survey to ensure it is changed if necessary, I have been involved in many other aspects of management at TNS.   While on Professional Development scheme required to provide evidences 2 evidences of how had completed Business projects and 2 for project management.. Explaining situations, what learnt from experience, what could have completed better, outcomes, reflection on task. While on MRS Summer school studied Customer relations management, project management. On International course , Advanced quantitaive , presentation skills courses covered aspects of project management. As did Personal Development course and Degree.  
International research
Completed a MRS International Research Course, ALso used on MRS professional Development course.   Succesffully completed many international suirveys at TNS  for Lego(toys) a segmentation survey on toys played with at different ages. Eurobaromter used in 27 countries( I have worked on it in England and Northern Ireland), Barb panel used in many countries by TNS for monitoring number of peolpe watching programmes, Mars( NPD of Snickers), WWF, many others international surveys.     
Presentation Skills
Completed Succesfully presenation skills course with MRS, Running workshops involved studying presentation skills, MRS Professional Development course involved oral and writen presentation course. MRS summer school involved Presenting project, which I won an award as best presentation. TNS involved interpersonal comunication course, pre selected address survey training involved communication skills.   While Personal Development course with Open University required oral and written communication skills. I obtained credit on course.  While on ECDL Course obtained 97%.   While at University first year study included course on communication skills. Both Sandwich year placement and Final project required oral and written communication skills.    While working at TNS, Airspeed Hygiene services, Allied Dunbar and Royal Mail required excelleent communication skills as customer focused industries.
Quantitative Research
MRS Qualifications-Advanced Quantitative Research -Research- intro, hybrid research, Latest developments in product research, online research, making difference, Quantitative impact of research, TRIM, interaction exercise.  Also studied in Masters Professional Development schem with MRS.   Completed10 years Quantitative studies in a variety of sectors, using a variety of methodologies at TNS. for 6 years completed while supervising and managing staff. On online, multi mode, panel cretion, face to face, B2B.      


Apr 2005Present

Running Worshops

Market Research Society
Apr 2006Present

Advanced Quantitative Research

Market Research Society
Jun 2006Present

Summer School

Market Research Society
Oct 2007Present

International research

Market Research Society
Aug 2009Present

Advanced Motorists Certficate

Institute Of Advanced Motorists
Apr 2004Present

Quality Control

Jan 2002Present

Award as Best Interviewer 2002

TNS Field Ltd
Apr 1996Present

Health and Safety Certificate

Airspeed Hygiene Services
Apr 1983Present

Silver Medal Life Saving

Swimming Association
Oct 2010Oct 2012

IQCS Mystery shopping Certificate

Mystery shopping company ltd
Sep 2004Sep 2004


Market Research Society

Top Secret

UKAEA Harwell