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About Me 

I consider myself as a good team worker, fast learner and a responsible person. Also I believe that I have good communication skills. I am seeking a challenging position to utilize my skills and abilities in the industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. I'm capable of adapting to any domain in a small period of time with a very good Analytical and Problem solving mind by showing some outstanding interpersonal skills.



Parallel fast feature extraction for large scale image datasets

This is my final year, individual research project. With the increasing amount of digital image data, massive image process and feature extraction process have become a time-consuming process. As an excellent mass data processing and storage capacity of the open source cloud platform, Hadoop provides a parallel computing model MapReduce, HDFS distributed file system module. So, my research is how to increase the  performance of feature extraction from large scale image data sets on Hadoop.



This is  a simulator for chemistry practicals.  The project has contributed to Mozilla science lab.   Chemix helps students to visualize chemical reactions using a selection of different chemicals, indicators and required instruments. Chemix is a web based tool in which chemicals and their reactions are stored. When students choose and mix chemicals along with the indicators, the results are shown using the stored information in the database

Technologies : HTML5, Javascripts , csc ,,ajax,php,jQuery,sequencejs,alertjs,Mysql



This is a web based application for university students for sell and buy thing among them. 

Technologies: PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MYSQL


Oct 2011Apr 2016

Bachelor of Science (Special) Degree in Computer Science

University of Jaffna

Science Stream

A/Kalawewa Central College

A/L Results :  B,C,S


A/Zahira National School

O/l Results : 6As, 3Bs , C


A/Hettuwewa M.V

Passed at scholarship exam in Grade 5


Tamil day, English day and Singhala day School level Compettitions

Athletic meets (Schools, provincial and university levels)


Programming Skills
  • Java
  • C#
  • Web Development Languages
  • MySql
Communication Skills
  • Tamil
  • Sinhala
  • English


K. Sarveswaran                                                                                                              Dr K.Thabotharan
Senior Lecturer,                                                                                                             Head,
Department of Computer Science,                                                                        Department of Computer Science,                    
Faculty of Science,                                                                                                       Faculty of Science,
University of Jaffna.                                                                                                     University of Jaffna.
Tel: +9477-2244192                                                                                                      Tel: +9477-3151587
E-mail: [email protected]                                                                                E-mail: [email protected] 

 I hereby certify that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge                                                                     

         A.M.Fahim                                                                                                                                                                  06 Feb 2017