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May 2014Present

Information Manager

- Overall in charge of GVC IT systems; - Manage Software Development Process from A- Z; - Meet with stakeholders and analyze requirements; - Build interactive GIS web-based Maps; - Development, Management and update of GVC database; - Systematize and elaborate synergies between the data collection methodologies and the GVC database. - Management of GVC GIS support, georeferencing of information and thematic maps production; - Management of barcodes support information and equipment; - Management and update of GVC Palestine online material; - Assesses and approves of any procurement of IT related equipment including providing technical specifications and making recommendations to the Admin & Logistics team for purchases; - Conducts research in variety of IT topics, as needed, and develops related summaries and reference materials; - Ensures the availability of services & servers in the network including domain controller, applications server and Internet as a resource - Ensures that the IT equipment are functioning properly and conducts pre- and post-tests of IT-equipment that are out-sourced for maintenance; - Conduct IT induction to all new staff including visiting staff, others. - Conduct systematic coaching for the staff to improve collection, management and systematization of data. - Makes backups and tests the backups for the available servers in the organization; - Prepares monthly IT reports to management; - Executing issues as escalated by the IT assistant and making determination for next cause of action - Representing IT in program meetings and attending related workshops that add value to the organization - Manages and in collaboration with Admin department, updates IT equipment register - Performs other related tasks as required.

Tetra Tech

Jul 2013May 2014

Senior Developer

I work as a Senior Software Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer , responsible to accomplish the following tasks: - Analyse and Design the user requirements including Generating Use Case Analyses, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, State Machines, Low/Medium/High Fidelity Prototypes - Technical Documentation for the Environment (Workers, Load Balancer, Developer Guide and User Manuals) - Debug and Test other developers output using (Acceptance Testing, Model Validation, JUNIT Testing, Regression Testing and Mutation testing) - Develop Reusable Components using Java and Groovy on Grails. The project is funded by the "BUREAU OF INTERNATIONAL NARCOTICS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AFFAIRS", United States of America to support the Justice Sector in Palestine through the JSAP 3 Project.


Oct 2011Jun 2013

Senior Software Engineer and Technical Writer

We use service oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise service bus (ESB) for service integration and internal workflows to connet business processes. Our analysis model depends on preparing the business processes using BPMN and the Enterprise Architecture to craft logical and physical models. We use 4-Tier Architecture. My technical writing tasks include: - Formulate the user requirements - Analyze and Write Use Cases documents and Sequence Diagrams - Analyze and Write Class diagrams documentation - User Manuals - Design Test Cases - Automated Testing using Selenium - Manual test Scenarios - Coverage, Mutation and Regression Testing

University of Trento

Sep 2009Feb 2010

Software Team Lead

AOSE Labs Agent Oriented Software Engineering | cooperation with Lille University, FRANCE | a part of the VVU Project (Ubiquitous Virtual Seller), initiated by PICOM | aims at ameliorating the integration of a conversational agent in commercial trading websites in order to improve their transformation ratio (sales/visitors) | Software modeling for argumentation implementation | Implemeted the Credulous Argumentation algorithms in Java.


University of Trento



Arab American University Jenin



Top student in the class | thesis title: Multi-Lingual Open Ontology | Mr.Rami Hodrob | Committee: Dr.Edwan Yaseen, Mr.Rafat Amarneh


Web Development
Web Services
Sprint Planning
Task Assignment
Business Strategy
Web Applications
Software Design
Software Project Management
Software Development
Network Security
Semantic Web
Artificial Intelligence
Human Computer Interaction
Class Diagrams
Use Case Analysis
Computer Science
Software Engineering
open data kit (ODK)
Business Planning
Capacity Building
Business Process
Requirements Analysis
Project Management