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Teaching English Language for Adults
·        A very good command of Arabic and English both in speaking and writing. ·        Efficient administrative skills such as supervision, coordination and decision-making practiced at the level of the local community of the school. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships at work. ·        Good communication, presentation and training skills. Organizing works and co-coordinating between several parties. Writing good reports. Organizing work and responsibilities between teachers of English at school. ·        Organizing parents meetings and coordinating between them and school teachers. Preparing newsletters and bulletins. Charge of the Training Unit at school multi-media lab which trains the teachers of English on using computer and the other teaching aids in the Educational process. Conducting weekly classrooms follow-up. Training the novice teachers of English on using the modern methods in teaching English Language. Knowledgeable in the area of religion (Islam) with its various aspects : Shariehaa, Hadith , Quranic studies and comparative religions    

Work experience

Associate Educator

Mind Yoga™
Aug 2007Present

Supervisor of English

Ministry Of Education, Fayoum

Brief Outline:To evaluate the teaching performance of teachers in classrooms.

1.Key Responsibilities:

·Visit schools and classrooms.

·Follow-up teachers and student interaction.

·Training teachers to raise performance in classrooms.

·Revise exams & student outcomes throughout the year.

·Hold Ministry Of Education update meetings with teachers.

·Provide a bridge between Ministry Of Education and teachers.

Sep 2008Present



Trainer in the CDIST Programs, Fayoum

·The Central Directorate for In-Service Training (CDIST) is a governmental organization affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

·Trained Teachers & Principals in different classroom methodologies and time management.

·Built a bridge between Ministry Of Education, schools and administration to communicate the latest training updates.

Sep 2009Present


Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes (TILO)

·TILO provides aid to Egypt from the USA to deliver Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes.

·Teachers were trained on how to use technology to improve learning outcomes in English, Maths and Science in primary and prep schools..

Jul 1991Present

Teacher of English

Ministry Of Education, Fayoum

Brief Outline: Working as a classroom teacher.

  1. Key Responsibilities:

·Teaching Prep Level (age 13+) Students.

Teaching Secondary Level (age 16+) Students.

Sep 2000Aug 2006

Head of English Department

The Islamic Private Language School

Brief Outline: Responsible for the English Department for secondary and high schools.

  1. Key Responsibilities:

·Evaluate teacher performance in classrooms and responsible.

·Conduct and sign-off of the advanced and general level exams.

·Hold weekly meetings for teachers.

·Responsible for English Language multimedia & language lab daily training units.

Sep 1997May 2006


• International English Language Programme (IELP2)

Video-Based Teacher Training Methodology Series (IELP2)

·International English Language Programme in cooperation with the USA to improve the performance of teachers in Egypt.

Feb 2002May 2004

Trainer/ Councilor


Teaching English Courses for Adults:

Brief Outline: Consulting for extra-curricular private clients.

  1. Key Responsibilities:

·Working as a Consultant for High Council of Minister Centres for Egypt.

·Choosing courses for language centres.

·Teaching Students.

Mar 1994Aug 1996

Editor Translator

El Qapas Newspaper

Brief Outline: Working in the El Qapas Newspaper.

  1. Key Responsibilities:

·Writing for the Sports Page.

·Researching Newsworthy Topics.

Oct 1994Aug 1996

Teacher of English

Al SOUR Al RABIE Prep School

Brief Outline: Working as a classroom teacher.

  1. Key Responsibilities:

·Teaching Prep Level (age 13+) Students.

Aug 1992Oct 1993

Cargo Officer

Egypt Air at Cairo Airport, Cargo Village

Brief Outline: Working as a Cargo Officer

  1. Key Responsibilities:

·Log cargo details on the computer.

·Ensure accurate consignments to aircraft.

Jun 1991Apr 1993


Jeddah King Abdul Aziz Airport

Brief Outline: Meeting non-Arabic speaking passengers.

  1. Key Responsibilities:

·Assisting non-Arabic speaking passengers.

·Assisting Haj passengers.


Sep 1991Present

B. A

Cairo University
Sep 2006May 2007


Qualifying Islamic Preachers
Sep 1991May 1992

Preliminary Year of MA in American Literature (Passed with Excellence).

Cairo University,Ministry Of Education, Egypt


Sep 2006May 2007

Diploma from the Institute for Qualifying Islamic Preachers

The Qualifying Islamic Preachers
Sep 1991Oct 1992

Preliminary Year of MA in American Literature (Passed with Excellence)

Ministry Of Education, Egypt
Sep 1986May 1991

B.A. (English language), Department of English Faculty of Arts, Cairo University.

Ministry Of Education, Egypt