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Work experience

Aug 2008Jun 2009

Personal Trainer

LA Fitness
  • Assist clients in achieving and fulfilling individual fitness goals.
  • Record measurements and workout routines for clients for individualized progress.
  • Maximize five parameters of fitness: Muscular Strength and Revitalization, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance and Body Composition.
  • Provide a personal service to clients in structuring and supervising a fitness program with achievable goals in connection with the client’s physical needs.
Nov 2006Aug 2008

Game Advisor

Game Stop
  • Answered phones, provide customer service and tech support for customers seeking video games and gaming products.
  • Responsible in handling cashier transactions between $300.00 and $1,000.00 on average.
  • Entered data information for game reservations, trade-ins, returns, defective merchandise, subscriptions and memberships.
  • Maintained and organized the store’s shelves, walls and floors daily.
  • Answered phones to provide information on video games for customer’s electronic needs and questions.
May 2007Aug 2008

Lobby Services Assistant

Swedish Covenant Hospital
  • Provided customer service for the patients, visitors, customers and employees.
  • Inputted data entry for patient information center, registry lookup and discharges.
  • Helped and assisted in transportations and cabs for overall need and transport patients to assigned designations.
  • Answered phones for general information and handle delivery, pick-ups and drop-offs of packages.
  • Provided low level security and handled upkeep of all hospital’s lobbies.
Aug 2007Aug 2008

Sales Associate

  • Provided customer service, customer information input for membership.
  • Helped and assisted customers in product knowledge.
  • Responsible in handling cashier transactions between $300.00 and $1,000.00 on average.
  • Organized and stocked products and maintained the store.
  • Answered phones for general information and handle delivery.


Jun 2006Present

Jun 2002Jun 2006

High School Dipolma

Amundsen High School


Isometric Training
Resistance Band Training
Supplement Selection
Being in the supplement industry has allowed me to become familiar with a highly extensive amount of products that fuel individuals to be able to push themselves harder and longer.
Continuing research for the latest information regarding techniques in physical fitness is essential in increasing the efficiency and satisfaction for myself and my clients.
Stretch Training
A vital component to any physical fitness program that not only improves flexibility and relaxation but allows for a significant lower risk of injury and discomfort. Recent studies have shown that apart from the obvious added benefits, stretch training may also increase direct muscular strength used in other areas of body conditioning.
Suspension/ TRX Training
TRX Band training.
Bodyweight Training
When used deliberately as functional exercises, bodyweight training will increase fitness in every client no matter what age or fitness goal wished to be achieved.   In the child client it allows for a sense of comfort in the parent that the child can be challenged to the fullest extent with the added benefit of being seen as safe for the child.   For the more elderly client, this is of great benefit as we can focus on real-world functional exercises that increases their quality of life and allows for a sense of control of their own bodies.   In all these groups including the average individual as well as the athlete, strength, coordination, self-awareness, agility, and endurance are increased, which is a perfect compliment to the simple push and pull strength that comes with weight training.
Kettlebell Training
Kettlebell training includes not simply using kettlebells as weights but in the appropriate form and specific explosive technique to accurately and efficiently target the intended muscle groups.
Personal Trainer
Three years and ongoing daily practice of the latest training methods, concepts and application of techniques in order to assess, educate and aid clients so they may be able to reach their specific personal fitness goals.   I have extensive experience with a variety of clients including those with health risks or problems as well as those with varying degrees of athleticism. I have always accomplished creating fitness programs that were customized to every individual client, allowing them to succeed not only in individual sessions but while they are apart from me as well. My main aspiration is not to make the client feel dependent on me for satisfaction in training but to increase the confidence needed to reach their goals on their own and use me as the endless resource to continue challenging themselves.


Hi, my name is Farrice Alexander Cain.

I am a young talented professional that only wants to succeed and improve in life. I have found my passion in life and that is in Health and Fitness. I have been involved with the health industry for many years dating back to high school. Being a personal trainer has brought nothing but amazing things into my life; training has increased the quality and value of life for me personally as well as all the clients and people I have helped along. I am a strong self-motivated person that excels in a team setting and on an individual basis as well.


Fitness, Sports, Entertainment, Health,Technology,Reading,Learning,Research.


Dec 2010Present

Personal Training

National Academy of Sports Medicine
Aug 2010Present

Telexercise Resistance Training

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Jul 2008Aug 2012

Personal Trainer

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Jun 2008Jun 2010


American Heart Association