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About Fabrice Marcolini

Fabrice Marcolini is a fine arts specialist who has been active in the art scene since 1991. An expert in contemporary art as well as in modern fine art, Mr. Marcolini operated a Toronto-based gallery, Artcore Gallery Limited, between 1997 and 2009, and today serves as an adviser and specialist on 20th century fine art in New York City. In his leadership role at Artcore, he managed both his creative and administrative skills, partaking in day-to-day duties to keep the gallery active in the international fine art fair circuit as well as promoting a vibrant and and unparalleled exhibition program matching solely his artists creative endeavors.
Fabrice Marcolini and Artcore always offered a stimulating platform to star artists from around the world.

Over the 12 years that Artcore was in operation, Fabrice Marcolini raised awareness of contemporary and fine art and established a reputation as an expert in his field. International connoisseurs and collectors sought his knowledge and depended on him for services such as providing background provenance information on artworks and artists curriculum. Mr. Marcolini also Provided international visibility to Canadian artists such as Evan Penny, Marcel Dzama and the Royal Art Lodge frequently promoting their artwork in the context of curated International art surveys and exhibitions.

In working to raise awareness of international art, Fabrice Marcolini exhibited artists active in diverse media to Artcore 10,000 sq. ft space. Sculpture Supernova, an exhibition held in 2008, saw Rina Banerjee, Jarbas Lopes, Berlinde de Bruykere competing for attention in Artcore's vast gallery. Side by side stood a sculptural group by Winnipeg artist Jon Pylypchuk.
In October of the same year, Artcore featured amazing exhibition by Ryan McGinness, an international artist recognized for multi-layered silkscreen creations inspired by pop culture produced in a reflective acrylic type paint revealed only by black light.

For art fans interested in perusing the works offered through Artcore, Fabrice Marcolini continues to maintain On this website, art aficionados can browse Artcore’s exhibits and read biographies of international artists such as Zhang Huan and Massimo Vitali.

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