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Jan 2000Dec 2004


ITA - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (Technological Institute of Aeronautics)
Jan 2003Dec 2003

Scolarship / Academic Research


A Monte Carlo Algorithm Implementation for Mobile Robots Localization, with Saphira/Aria simulated robots programmed with C++.

Work experience

Jan 2014Jul 2014

Senior Developer


Avelã Elo ( Development and Maintenance

Sep 2013Dec 2013



Ruby on Rails consultant on

Apr 2012Feb 2013

Senior Developer

Innvent Innovation & Venturing

Development of Web Application for HR budgeting and planning to Vale/Moçambique, using Ruby on Rails.

Dec 2010Mar 2012

Senior Developer

Concrete Solutions
  • Tech Leader on development of Globo-Promoções, using Django Framework.
  • Gmail API integrations for Internet Service Provider team.
  • Backend development for iPhone application “VC na Globo”, a collaborative journalism tool for sending images and videos of real time news from iPhone and Android devices, using Java / Spring3 Framework
Mar 2005Nov 2010

Software Engineer and Aviation Consultant

Airframes Engineering & Strategy

Processes Designer and Web Software Developer for aviation applications:

  • Webjet Airlines
    • Software for Management of Logistics and Aeronautical Materials
    • Software for Management of Aircrafts Maintenance and Airworthiness
  • Petrobras
    • Software for Management of Safety Audit Reports and Airworthiness Control of Petrobras offshore helicopters fleet.
Mar 2002Nov 2002

Geography Teacher

Gauss Vestibulares


Java Web Development
Maven, Spring 3, Hibernate JPA, MySQL, ActiveMQ, GWT and Struts skills
Android Development
Designed a tool to facilitate Android Client Applications based on HTTP services integration. See
Web development with Django Framework
Django Admin customizations and Testing
Web Development with Ruby on Rails
Rails 4 and related technologies: RubyGems, Engines, Capistrano, Sass-Bootstrap, MiniTest and SpreeCommerce.
Software Testing
Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development and Continuous Integration experiences with:  - Cucumber, RSpec, Minitest for Rails Testing  - Lettuce, Nose, Mox for Django Testing  - JUnit, EasyMock, JMeter for Java Testing


Alexandre Bairos

“Fabio is a skillful engineer coming from a high profile school in Brasil(ITA). Extremely goal oriented, he has successfully completed every task he was responsible for, including mobile/web apps and messaging brokers, bringing products from concept to production. A friendly coleague and a potential partner for new ventures.” 2012-07-03

Technical Publications

Dec 2006

Control & Automation Magazine: A Bayesian tecnique for Automatic Attributes Extraction applied to Mobile Robots Localization Problem. Miranda, Fábio L. N., Ribeiro, Carlos H.C. (2006).

Last Projects

Magazine Publications

Jul 2011

MundoJ Magazine #48: Integrating GWT with Spring 3.0

Jan 2011

Mundo Java Magazine #45: GWT 2.1 and the google's official Model View Presenter implementation

May 2010

Mundo Java Magazine #41: An Arquitecture for GWT applications using MVP design pattern

Mar 2010

Mundo Java Magazine #40: Getting started with Google Web Toolkit


Jul 2010Present

Agile Methods for Project Management with Scrum

Sep 2008Present

Scrum Implementation for Project Management

Aug 2008Present

Agile Modeling and Domain Driven Design