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Target (s): International Business / Sales / Trader

Complementary Courses

  • Management Skills – 2007
  • Coaching – 2005
  • Embassy SES – two years of studies in Australia
  • Fluent in English;
  • Fluent in Spanish;
  • Fluent in Portuguese,
  • Fluent conversation in German.
International Experience
  • U.S.A. – Key Accounts controller, sales, new clients researches;
  • Europe – Key Accounts controller, sales, new clients researches;
  • South Africa – Key Accounts controller, sales, new clients researches;
  • Latin America – Key Accounts controller, sales, new clients researches,
  • Australia – two years of studies.


Professional with 08 years of experience in international markets; Experience in opening new markets in Latin America, North America, South Africa and European Community; Ability in opening new clients and maintenance of "Key Accounts"; Experience in administrative areas, financial and sales; Management and coordination/supervision of team; Action/Market research in development of new products; Experience in researches, markets analysis and economic tendencies; Broad ability in negotiation with big clients; Knowledge in credit evaluation, budget and costs; Good knowledge in the area of data processing Word, Excel, Windows Environment and Internet; Available for business trips and residence changing, Fluency in 04 languages.

Work experience

Oct 2005Present


Schulz S.A.

October/2005 up to nowSCHULZ S/A - Brazilian Company which provides solutions in supplying automotive and mechanical units and components. Air compressor manufacturer.

Market Manager


  • Management, planning and coordination of commercial activities and sell of products in the international market, definition and implementation of strategic and commercial politics, maintaining contacts with clients, chambers of commerce and governmental organs;
  • Management, planning and coordinating administrative activities;
  • Team coordination;
  • Visits to clients for negotiation and businesses increasing;
  • Development of markets and new clients with sales strategies, seeking growing results;
  • Feedback for Clients and growth accompaniment in the market;
  • Accompaniment of payments and diverse internal controls related with clients;
  • Analyzes and viability in participating in international fairs and others worldwide events which contribute economic growth to the company;
  • Elaborate export commercial politics aiming market tendencies,
  • Clients seeking and maintenance of "Key Accounts".

Main Results

  • Opening of new markets, elevating the results of the company and constant visits, resulting in the quality and satisfaction of the clients;
  • Considerable growth in market;
  • Recuperation of market and inactive clients, analyzing the motive of the reduction of purchases and presentation of new proposes increasing sales,
  • Growth over goals established by the high direction.
Oct 2001Oct 2005


Dohler S.A.

October/2001 – September/2005DOHLER S/A – Brazilian textile company.

International Trader

  • Responsible by international sales negotiations;
  • Feedback for clients and accompaniment of requests;
  • Negotiation of prices and forms of payment;
  • Accompaniment of payments and control of stocks;
  • Boarding/shipment authorization;
  • Team coordination;
  • New markets research and actual markets maintenance in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and South Africa.
Main Results
  • New markets increasing sales, constant visits resulting in quality and satisfaction of the clients;
  • Increase of sales with the existing clients and new customers,
  • Recuperation of markets and inactive clients, increasing sales and got better annual turn over.
Apr 1993Dec 1998

Financial Supervisor

Banco Finasa

April/1993 – December/1998BANCO MERCANTIL DE SÃO PAULO - Commercial Private Brazilian Bank.

Financial Supervisor

Administrative Officer

  • Responsible of Leasing, Finame and other credit lines for companies and general customers;
  • Administrative obligations relating to the financial area;
  • Analysis of credit lines for acquisition of property, machines and other goods by companies and general customers;
  • Sale of credit cards, insurance products and account supervisor,
  • General internal support needed to organize credit lines.
Main Results
  • Clients fidelity,
  • Improvement in administrative trials.


Feb 1992Dec 1997


Universidade Blumenau

Five years university degree, the studies were related with economy x International Business.