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Yázigi Travel

Mar 2014Jan 2015

Sales Manager - Brazil

Position Keywords: Overall Sales Management, Business Plan Definition, Marketing Plan Definition, Training, Student Fairs, Sales Representatives Management(278 agents), Candidates Interview, Staff Training/Coaching & Management(6 consultants), Software Projects on Website, CRM System, Reporting, ERP, Travel agenda up to 50%.

Systems Support Project Manager - Worldwide

Position Keywords: Leadership of System/Business Support Team(7 Business Analysts), Change Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Cross-teams communication, Business Analysis, Scrum Meetings, Front end & Back end Projects Management.

In Detail:

•  Managing department(7 team members) responsible for worldwide user support for 3 softwares: Poseidon, Elektra and My EF. Also overseeing Pricing Publishing Operations.

•  Overall system support for users/developers/system managers & directors Support is related but not limited to: a. Receiving support tickets from end users; analyzing each ticket individually and Page1 driving it to a solution which could range from simply explaining how to operate the system or create a development ticket and actually interact with developers in order to have the bug fixed. b. Receiving tickets related to new improvements on the system and driving it as a project: checking feasibility along system director/manager & developers, set deadlines, writing specs & driving the implementation up to its end.

•  Monitoring the Support Software(JIRA) and checking number of tickets created daily, assigning tickets for team members & setting up priorities.

•  Overseeing Process of Publishing prices for EF Programs such as LS, LT, APP, HSY Worldwide both on Sales Offices System(Poseidon) & program web pages.

•  Leading daily scrum meetings with team for follow up on current assignments and overall individual performance.

•  Participating on weekly meetings with Zurich Central Management to report overall performance, stats of major projects and also individual performance of team members.

•  Led annual performance/salary/designation reviews for team members and also one to one coaching sessions based on staff individual needs.

Manager contacts: [email protected] +4791781439

Interim Office Head/Manager

Position Keywords:  Office Leadership (240 software engineers), Company Vision & Business Alignment, CrossTeams Meetings, Trainings, Facilities Expansion/ Improvement Projects, Recruitment, Signing Checks/Payments/Contracts, Office Events, Reporting/updating CIO & Central Management, Coaching, Performance Reviews.

In Detail:

•  Driving office facilities projects with Central Admin Team at EF Bangalore(13 members: Admin & Procurement, Finance and HR)

•  Interviewing candidates for the whole office  besides my own team.

•  Overseeing IT infrastructure/ workstations expansion (15 workstations in 5 months)

•  Overseeing and setting work priorities done by the office maintenance team(cleaners/plumbers/electricians)

•  Approving/Signing off local expenses/checks Implementing existing procedures i.e. moving from manual registration of working hours to biometric punch; Fixing used computers when possible instead of just buying new ones; etc.

•  Organizing office events for motivational, integration & recreational purposes (happy hours, local cultural celebrations, dinners, etc). 

Software Development Project Manager

Position Keywords: Software Development Project Management, Projects Integration Management, Change Management, Reports Engineering, International Cross Teams Communication & Alignment, Scrum Meetings, Training, Status Reporting to Central Management, Company Vision Enforcement, JIRA Reporting & Updating, Candidates Interview.

In Detail:

•  Driving software development related projects assigned by CIO and CentralManagement

•  Testing/re-designing existing reports, writing specs & designing new system screens/features/modules.

•  Leading daily SCRUM meetings with team members and following up on current assignments.

•  Providing training sessions related to business procedures for engineers to have them constantly aligned with the business.

•  Leading video/Skype calls with local engineers and stakeholders from other offices worldwide to gather requirements.

•  Managing crisis such as server downtime, system integration issues, contingency plans for high season and allocation of resources in critical projects. Interviewing candidates.

•  Doing performance review with team members.

Direct & Indirect Sales Leader

Position Keywords: Sales Support, Sales Training, Marketing, Business Partnerships, Business & Marketing Planning/Follow up, Change Management in Portugal(Director replacement), Speeches at Universities/ Fairs, Travel agenda up to 60%.

In Detail:
Leading along with Manager, Sales Operations for the country: 5 EF Satellite Offices + 28 EF Sales Representatives
•  Establishing mile stones/sales goals for each Representative/Sales Office.
•  Visiting Sales Representatives/Offices and supporting them in setting up a yearly marketing plan.
•  Following up on each agreed marketing plan and helping on execution/implementation.
•  Participating in Educational Fairs, performing speeches/presentations for students on Educational Programs Abroad.
•  Sales Support for Sales Offices Staff and Representatives on products information and orientation on handling key customers & counseling on problem solving.
•  Worked on the EF Lisbon CM transition and training for the new CM for two weeks.
•  Local IT hardware/software infra-structure support for all EF Offices

Director Contact: [email protected]

Sales Coordinator

Position Keywords: Phone & Face to Face Sales, Consultative Selling, CRM, Business Development, Fairs, Abroad Trainings, Crisis Management, Counseling.

In Detail:

•  Selling & Counseling students on EF Language Programs(ILS, APP, UP)

•  Leading pre-departure meetings

•  Promoting EF Programs in Educational Fairs, Schools & Universities.

•  Organizing operational/admin routines related to the bookings: flights, documents, payments, Visa's, etc.

•  Joined FAM Trips for UK and USA West Coast.

•  Counseling students/parents on right program/destination to book and also on problem solving once the student is abroad. 

Credit Operations Assistant

Position Keywords: System/Business Remote Support, Reporting, Information Gathering, Office Supplies/ Stationery Management.

In Detail:

•  Working on along with Banking Credit Directors & Managers on processing/preparing credit release requests sent by Bank Branches

•  Supporting Account Managers on system usage & credit policies

•  Receiving credit requests from Bank branches

•  Preparing a dossier for credit analysis(researching finance history of a particular customer: SERASA, BACEN, internal systems & files)

•  Sending Approval/Denial details from Director back to Bank Branches 


Ecole Centrale Paris

Oct 2014Nov 2014

Extension - What Managers can Learn from Great Philosophers

In the expression “creative thinking”, the keyword is not creativity; the keyword is thinking. With the help of great philosophers, you will rediscover the art of thinking. To help leaders to be rigorous even without figures, great philosophers have lots of ideas.Managers are invited to rediscover the art of thinking.


The Course of Technology in Marketing Management aims to train professionals able to define marketing strategies in the performance of a company in the market; collect and analyze data on the user profile, such as income and consumption habits in order to develop products and consistent services and plan ways of marketing and communication; manage the purchase, storage and distribution of goods, and identify market opportunities.
Main Activities: Organize market research and prepare strategic prospecting and maintaining internal and external customers;
identify and formulate strategies and marketing plans for the various types of organizations;
identify and analyze the different strategies of the marketing mix such as: price, place or point, and product or service promotion;
define, assess and monitor the mix of products and services offered and practiced by the competition;
plan forms of marketing and communication;
manage the purchase, storage and distribution of goods.

ESPM Brasil

Dec 2010Dec 2010

Summer Course - Sales Management

The high competitiveness in the B2C business to consumer-business; B2B-business to business and business to B2W-world nowadays signal to all involved in terms of trade, sure to make the 1st time "the art of sales management," always with a standard of excellence, recognizing the importance Commercial vital area for the realization of "industrial dream" into reality.

The name of the front of the classes is the Manager & Sales Consultant Oreste H. Cotroni, with solid experience in national and multinational companies, encompassing Sales & Merchandising: sell-in & sell-out and wide business relationship with all Distribution Channels Mass Products.

Certification Prep & IT Courses

Jan 2014Feb 2014

Microsoft Project 2010 (32 hours), Excel 2010 Advanced (40 hours)

Aug 2012Aug 2012

PMP Certification Training Program - 40 hours

Apr 2012Apr 2012

Project Management Fundamentals - 08 hours

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