Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2009 - Present

Commercial Director

Ferrero do Brasil
  • Scope:  U$350MM business, food market (candies/chocolate); 350 people: sales, trade marketing, cust. service, sales planning & intelligence
  • Main Achievements: Re-structured sales organizations (channel vs. region specific), settled trade mktg team, shaped distributors network and sales policies, led important operational process improvements, which ultimately resulted in a successful growth pace along past 2 years  (CAGR 20% NS), growing share across all channels (modern trade, distributors, NNE) and brands (Nutella, Tictac, Kinder, Rocher/Raffaello); steady planning and operational discipline led to best ever Easter in 2012, being only player to grow 5 years in a row. 
Sep 2007 - Oct 2009

LA Personal Beauty MS&P Director
  • Scope: U$350MM; 7% share LA; Led LA commercial strategy for Personal Beauty Care categories (Skin Care, Deodorantes, Personal Cleasing) by: 1) identifying business opportunities by country, influencing resource allocation to win in the marketplace and leveraging regional/global customer and company best practices;2) ) developing an 18months  integrated business plan for each category/brand, properly engaging ahead country  commercial stakeholders as well as top customers, meaning to bring to live more efficient and value added initiatives to their markets.
  • Main Achievements: 1) solid results with a 16% CAGR along 2 years and 65% of business growing value share; 2) steady improvements on  variables such as customer profitability, category growth, portfolio efficiency, sku productivity, simplicity on execution, achieved by properly assessing and incorporating them at early development stages of new product/market initiative launches, highly improving success rates and ensuring flawless executions; 3) Led the first Shopper based Design efforts for PBC categories, ensuring category captaincy/ in-store reinvention projects approved by Mexican Top Customers.
May 2004 - Aug 2007

Pharmacy/Perfumery Channel Manager and Team Leader
  • Scope: U$340MM, 35% of P&G business; 70 people multi-functional team; 80 outsourced sales/merchandising force.
  • Main Achievements: 1) Redesigned and implemented new integrated trade terms structure for the channel behind both Wella and Gillete acquisitions, achieving double digit for 3 years in a row, ahead of company results and ahead of market, gaining share on most of categories.; 2) Successfully developed/implemented a new go-to-market model to better serve pharmacy, transforming a Health Care direct merchandising team into a third party salesmen/merchandising  multi-category team; 3) amplified company leadership image advocating with pharmaceutical channel entities (ABRAFARMA, ABAFARMA, etc), promoting lectures (IMS, Nielsen),etc.
Jan 2003 - May 2004

National Sales Manager and Team Leader – Key Accounts
  • Scope:; in charge of  Top Brazilian Retailers: CBD and SONAE group.
  • Main Achievements: Succeed on elevating the relationship level at both customers, evolving from a very transactional structure into real Annual Joint Business Planning (JBP), with pre aligned measures and targets, ultimately anchored on 3 pillars:  1) customer top to top alignment and influence, supported by a strong relationship with decision makers; 2) Engaged, developed, led and motivated team members towards achieving common targets; 3) proper influenced company strategic decisions towards team compelling business needs; Sonae JBP was recognized in LA (32% growth in 2005) and had been presented at a regional convention as a best in class case on customer management. Externally, represented P&G at key channels entities (ABRAS,APAS, AGAS, etc), actively participating at business fairs giving lectures or debating on relevant topics for the retail channel.
May 2002 - Dec 2002

National Sales Manager and Team Leader – Drug Channel
  • Scope: 15 people dedicated multi-functional team; in charge of Brazil Pharmacy Channel.
  • Main Achievements: planned/implemented winning strategies/ new initiatives at pharmacy channel businesses, redesigning the planning process for all execution elements involved such as customer promotional calendar and in-store fundamentals targets and tracking systems(distribution, pricing, merchandising, shelving and out-of-stocks).
Aug 2000 - Apr 2002

Trade Marketing Manager – Laundry Category
  • Scope: Head of  laundry category strategic commercial planning and respective execution elements such as: developing product and market initiative launch plans for all distribution channels; conceptual selling development; determine customers fundamentals targets and necessary tools to win; in market competition tracking/recommended responsive plans.
  • Main Achievements: outstanding results, with category reaching highest ever shares at 18% (coming from a 12%), having led POP brand in-market repositioning, a major contributor for the category turnaround. 
Oct 1997 - Jul 2000

Regional Acc.Mngr-DF/GO/Triângulo Mineiro
  • Scope: Led national wholesaler business unit in Uberlândia MG (R$ 50MM- 15% P&G business) and DF/GO P&G business across different channels;  managed 3 P&G sales supervisors and respective outsourced merchandising team.
  • Main Achievements: developed business strategies to successfully launch new market/ product initiatives, in which active participation on wholesalers sales convention training their teams were fundamental for success; acquired solid knowledge on wholesale/distribution channel, playing a key whole on setting up P&G strategy and go-to-market capabilities for its new segmented channel sales structure.
Jan 1995 - Sep 1997

Account Manager-DF/GO

Managed P&G business for DF/GO, which involved direct customers across different channels: national and regional retail accounts, wholesalers and distributors; led and trained the merchandiser structure for the region, made of 7 people.

Aug 1993 - Dec 1994

Senior System Analist

Digirede Informática S/A

Worked as Senior Support Systems Analyst for back-office banking system at Caixa Econômica Federal–DF site, coordinating all activities linked directly or indirectly with its operation, such as: new software releases, preventive and corrective maintenance on computer servers, operational support to all bank agencies linked to DF site, ATM software support, continuous feedback for headquarter on software improvements, etc.

Feb 1992 - Jul 1993

Systems Engineer

Metalúrgica Mattarazzo S/A

Responsible for implementing the first system platform at engineering division, so far managing all process in paper; the process involved technical analysis, bidding, implementation and training all technicians and engineers for a new system platform: a CAD/CAM software from IBM integrated with administrative/production  ERP modules from Datasul (Magnus).