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I have graduated student at one of the most reputable universities in Vietnam, Bach Khoa University. My major is Computer Science, and I am a member of Talent Student Class.

My hobby is Golang. And I am self-teaching myself Go programming.

GPA: 8.64/10



I am solid with data structure and algorithm. I am familiar with tree, queue, stack, heap, array, list,... I have deal with complexity of time and space in algorithm.

I have clearly understand with dynamic programing, recursive, design pattern.

Automation Testing

I have worked with Codeception, Selenium for automation test. I have managed to run and configure everything in Docker to make it scalable and manageable.

Web development

I have experience working with Bootstrap, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, Go 

English And Japanese

I could communicate in Japanese and English smoothly


I have had many years study and work with OOP  with some language such as: C#, Java. 

Technical Experiment

  • Hamee Corp (2017~): I have worked here as System Engineer. I have worked with Linux, Docker, Codeception, Selenium for automation testing and version up.
  • Knowledge Extraction in Electronic Medical Record (2016): This is my thesis while I am in university. We use ClearTk framework with UIMA model to build the machine learning program. We extract Event, Time Expression in EMR and classify the relation between them to build the timeline in an EMR. This will help to build an application for disease diagnosis and prediction application.


  • CI&T PHP Hackthon (2018): Our team is the champion. The requirement is using Star War API and PHP language to create a service. We have created a BMI comparison system of all Star War characters.
  • Social Innovation Idea and Venture Business Plan (2017): Our team won the second prize against 7 the best teams from 7 countries in Asian. Our idea is about an application help people control financial with voice command. We finished a working prototype in English and Vietnamese.