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I am senior student at one of the most reputation universities in VietNam. I'm studying at Computer Sciences, and I am a member of Talent Student Class.

GPA: 8.57



I am solid with data structure and algorithm. I am familiar with tree, queue, stack, heap, array, list,... I have deal with complexity of time and space in algorithm.

I have clearly understand with dynamic programing, recursive, design pattern.

Machine Learning

I have worked with NER, classification, computer vision problem. I have used SVM, CRF, HMM, Neural Network., Naive Bayes. 

I have worked with UIMA and Cleartk framework for machine learning.

Web development

I have experience working with Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJs, Nodejs, PHP, Golang

English Communication

I'm fluent in English and have ability to communicate with foreign people.


I have had many years study and work with OOP  with some language such as: C#, C++, Java, Scalar. 


  • ABC Kid's App (2016): An Android app help parent to set amounts of time their children using mobile phone. After that amount of time, an app will show up with questions that the children have to answer. There is no way to bypass. Children have to answer correctly to access the phone. The question come from parent or they can download from our servers.
  • Knowledge Extraction in Electronic Medical Record (2016): This is my thesis in university. We use Cleartk framework with UIMA model to build the machine learning program. We extract Event, Time Expression in EMR and classify the relation between them to build the timeline in a EMR. This will help to build application for disease diagnosis and prediction application.
  • Travel Matching (2016): This is a project that I am developing by myself. This is an chat bot facebook project. User can chat with the bot to share their traveling plan and find some one to go together. This project deal with NLP problem and location matching solution.


  • Atware Hackathon (2016): Our team win the second prize with an Android app to help perents can control their children's using mobile time and help them study.
  • Google Mobile Hackathon (2016): Our team is one of 9 team gyt rewarded. We overcame other 32 teams who came from a lot of universities and companies around Ho Chi Minh City