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  • Ho Chi Minh
  • +84165 510 2527


Work History




I am senior student at one of the most reputation universities in VietNam. I'm studying at Computer Sciences, and I am a member of Talent Student Class.

GPA: 8.54


Web development

I have experience working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Nodejs, PHP.


I'm senior at Java Programing. Mainly on Java Core, have experience in: Socket, File Handler, UI.


I've had many years study and work with OOP  with some language such as: C#, C++, Java, Scalar.

English Communication

I'm fluent in English and have ability to communicate with foreign people.

Android Programing

I have experience create app with: Activity, Fragment, ListView, Web API, Thread and create game with SurfaceView.


  • Solar System Web app (2015): an app visualize solar system by WebGL framework (threejs). It help student can easily understand how solar system work, make them interested in studying geography.
  • English Testing Web app (2015): web app I develop for JOLO English Center. They use it for student do the test online and collect the result of student. Base on that data, they can offer student the suitable course.
  • ABC Kid's App (2016): An Android app help parent to set amounts of time their children using mobile phone. After that amount of time, an app will show up with questions that the children have to answer. There is no way to bypass. Children have to answer correctly to access the phone. The question come from parent or they can download from our servers.
  • Phone Eye (2016): An Android app help people to learn English vocabulary faster, easier and longer remember by changing the way people learn. Every people can use their phone to capture an image of object around them and the app using IBM Visual Recognition Service to recognize the object and return the word for user. After that user can create their own beautiful flash card for learning and sharing


  • First Prize, Startup Contest (2014): Awarded 1st prize for Interactive Android Learning Website, out of 12 team with international contestants
  • FPT Telecom Scholarship (2014) : An scholarships worth to 47 million dong.
  • Panasonic Scholarship (2015): Only 8 over 700 student elected include me with 30 million dong in cash.
  • Atware Hackathon (2016): Our team win the second prize with an Android app to help perents can control their children's using mobile time and help them study.