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I am graduated student at one of the most reputation universities in Vietnam, Bach Khoa University. My major is Computer Science, and I am a member of Talent Student Class.

GPA: 8.64



I am solid with data structure and algorithm. I am familiar with tree, queue, stack, heap, array, list,... I have deal with complexity of time and space in algorithm.

I have clearly understand with dynamic programing, recursive, design pattern.

Machine Learning

I have worked with NER, classification, computer vision problem. I have used SVM, CRF, HMM, NN, Naive Bayes. 

Web development

I have experience working with Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJs, Nodejs, PHP, Golang

English Communication

I am fluent in English and have ability to communicate with foreign people.


I have had many years study and work with OOP  with some language such as: C#, C++, Java. 

Technical Experiment

  • Knowledge Extraction in Electronic Medical Record (2016): This is my thesis while I am in university. We use ClearTk framework with UIMA model to build the machine learning program. We extract Event, Time Expression in EMR and classify the relation between them to build the timeline in a EMR. This will help to build application for disease diagnosis and prediction application.
  • Atware Corp (2015 - 2016): I have worked for a startup in Japan for a year. We have develop an system to support for Japanese businessman to schedule meeting automatically. I have deal with big system using NLP and ML. I know how to handle big customer data and process it well.


  • Google Mobile Hackathon (2016): Our team is one of 9 team got rewarded. We overcame other 32 teams who came from a lot of universities and companies around Ho Chi Minh City
  • Social Innovation Idea and Venture Business Plan (2017): Our team win the second prize against 7 the best teams from 7 countries in Asian. Our idea is about an application help people control financial with voice command. We finished a working prototype in English and Vietnamese.