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Work experience

Jan 2012Jun 2015


Texas Custom Construction

The type of welding i have done is ornamental,aluminum,steel like C channels pearling and   I Beams, Red Iron steel for buildings like RV Sheds buildings for downtown a lots of welding on plates in concrete for I beams  the rest of welding like aluminum was for kitchen like hotel countertops and other kitchen appliances . I can cut metal steel with torch i can set up the oxygen and gas tanks and the type of welder i used like Tig and Mig welder what  ever was necessary for the type of steel and stick weld I have done welding for several years for too different jobs but the one that i been with the longest was texas custom construction and the other company was metalink a fencing company welding hinges for gates and hand rails and i can use torch, steel cutting saw i welded overheads for doors. i have References if necessary. My Pay rate is $20 and hour for Texas Custom Construction but willing to start at the minimum of $16 an above.


Jan 2010Dec 2011

Only got 9th to 10th grade

Crokkett High  school 

Math,Reading,Science,Social Studies