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An enthusiastic and highly motivated who has a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities associated with being a civil engineer. Having the ability to provide support for multiple concurrent priorities. 

Seeking for a challenging position as a Civil Engineer, where I can use my planning, designing and overseeing skills in construction and help grow the company to achieve its goal.



Site Engineer

Engineering Designer - Engineering Consultants-
  • Albishawy Center ( Fully Supervision) - Skeleton Works.  

A Mall Located in Amman City Center , With Total Area 7269 square meter and 13 Stories(High Rise Building )  .  

Duties :

- Supervision on Soil Stabilization System ( Shoring System)

Supervision on All Excavation Stages .

- Receipt All Structural Elements(Foundations,Columns,Slabs,Walls).

-Quantity surveying.

-Preparing Shop Drawings.

- Concrete Pouring Supervision.

  • Administration Building & Gate for King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area  (Partially Supervision) - Governmental Tender - Skeleton & Finishing Works. 

Located in Al-Mafraq , With Total Area 662  square meter For Administration Building , And    36 m Length for the Gate( Steel Structure ) . 

Duties :

- Preparing  BOQ .  

-  Quantity surveying.

- Preparing Shop Drawings.

- Check the Contractor Financial Invoices.

- Site Supervision .

- quality Controlling .

- Materials Submetals .


  • Villa Al-Sabagh - Resident Engineer - Skeleton & Finishing Works.

Located in Amman , Five Stories With Total Area 1183  square meter.

Duties :

- Follow up Transactions of the  JEA & Greater Amman Municipality. 

- Check the Structural Drawings. 

- Preparing the BOQ.

- Supervision on Excavation Stage.

- Quantity surveying.

- Preparing Shop Drawings.

- Receipt All Structural Elements(Foundations,Columns,Slabs,Walls).

- Concrete Pouring Supervision.

  • Mr.Mohammad Al-Khasawneh Apartments- Site Engineer- Finishing works.

Located in Amman_Um Uthaina , A building Consist of 8 Apartments With Total Area 1600 square meter .

Duties :

-Receipting All Finishing Works.

- Following up With Sub contractors.

-Material Submetals.

-Quantity surveying.

  • The Jordanian Hashemate Fund for Human Development- JOHUD-Project Manager- Rehabilitation & Finishing Works for Innovation Labs.

Five Labs in Five Locations (Amman-Maadaba-Maan-Irbid-AlKafren) .

Duties :

- Following up With Site Engineers in Different Locations .

- Following up With contractor.

-Material Submetals.

-Quantity surveying.

- Check the Contractor Financial Invoices.

-Attend Meetings Between Contractor and Owner.

-Initial & Final Receipting .

Jun 2015Aug 2015

Site Engineer ( Engineering Training)

ENG. SAHER ATIAA OFFICE for designing and engineering consultancy


  • Quantity surveying.
  • Drawing executive and supervision (Site Engineer).


2011FEB 2016

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Philadelphia University

I have excellent knowledge in below topics:

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Foundation
  • Structural analysis
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Geometric Road Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying 

Graduated with grade 90 out of 100 (Excellent)- obtained 3rd class.

Graduation project:

  • Manual design of multi-story  residential building ( seven stories) with pile foundation .
  • Design of  multi-story  residential building ( seven stories) subjected to wind and quake forces using ETABS.
  • Shop drawing for all structural elements.


Engineering Skills
  • Manual Design.
  • Designing and preparing structural drawing.
  • Quantity surveying.
  • Structural drawing executing. 
  • Structural Analysis.
  • Site works.
  • Finishing.
  • Preparing BOQ.
  • Materials Submetals.
  • Follow up Transactions of the  JEA & Greater Amman Municipality.
  • Preparing Tenders Documents .
  • Review & Check the Structural Drawing & Details Before implementation Stage .
  • Suggestion The structural proposals for construction variations or additional works.
  • Resolve engineering problems.
Computer Skills
  • Professional in Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • ETABS, SAFE, and  AutoCad .


DEC. 2017

Construction Supervision Training Program 

Jordan Engineers Association

30 Credit Hours  


Introduction to STAAD.Pro

Jordan Engineers Association

Design of Concrete Structures

Jordan Engineers Association.

Application of Software Analysis & Design of high Rise Buildings (ETABS)

Jordan Engineers Association.


Arabic: Mother Tongue.

English: Very Good.


Member in Jordan Engineers Association.


Available upon request.