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Work experience

Aug 1963Present

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt
Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Marital status: Married.

Principal Engineer

Recent Maritime Safety Authority of Egypt MSAEG
Ministry of Transport.(Alexandria, Egypt) Principal Engineer(Ports Developing Projects and Maritime contructions General Admn.). Participate in the Revision of Design, preparing of tendering documents and Project Mangement of Construction and Maitenance of all types of Port Projects, Navigational Aids, Maritime Administrative Constructions and Utelities. Hyder Consulting M.E.(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Marine Engineer

Parsons International Limited
M.E.(Abu Dhabi, UAE) Marine Engineer Participate in the following assignments: 1-Final Design Drawings and Tender Technical Specifications for Construction of Marina A, B&C, Saadiyat Island Project(later on a new diferrent plan was adopted). 2-Technical Report for North West Coast Protection Project, Saadiyat Island Project. 3-Design Criteria Report for the design of a Navigational Lock, Sama Dubai Lagoon Project.

Civil Works Planning Senior Engineer

Maritime Safety Authority of Egypt(MSAEG)
Ministry of Transport (Alexandria, Egypt) Civil Works Planning Senior Engineer(Ports Developing Projects and Marine structures General Admn.). Prepare technical specifications, contract documentations and supervise the execution of The following Projects: Construction and Renewing of The Navigational Aids in Aquba Gulf(8 Sites) for LE 2.6 m(Civil Works)(1989-1991).
Feb 1988Dec 2000

Assistant Staff

Ports & Lighthouses Adm., Ministry of Transport
Assistant staff to The National Ports Technical Consulting Committee(PTCC) from. The PTCC was responsible to prepare of the National Master Plans for The Egyptian Commercial Ports, study, revise and recommend to technical problems of all Types of Ports. Tens of project were studied, few examples of those projects are: The National Five Years Master Plan of The Egyptian Ports. Agitation Problem at Dekhila Port. Sedimentation Problem at Damietta Port Entrance Channel. Construction of Sharm Elsheikh Port Project. Construction of Wood quays project at Alexandria Port. Hurghada Tourism Marina and Fishing Harbour. LANGUAGES English(good), Arabic(mother tongue) SKILS Computer literate with expert knowledge of Windows, MS Office, Internet, Computer Aided Design Software: CRESS, BREAKWAT., and BS Codes related to Offshore Marine design & analysis. PERSONAL Nationality: Egyptian

Civil Works Planning Engineer

Ports & Lighthouses Adm., Ministry of Transport
recently MSAEG)(Alexandria, Egypt) Civil Works Planning Engineer(Ports Developing Projects and Marine structures General Admn.) Respnsibilities and duties are the same of the first position(Civil Works Planning Senior Engineer).

Gulf Enterprise Ports & Lighthouses Adm., Ministry of Transport

Gulf Enterprise Ports & Lighthouses Adm., Ministry of Transport
Construction and Renewing of 8 Marine Inspection Admn. Offices for LE 7m. Hydrographic and Topographic Survey of Elmahashi Valley Coastal Area, Taba Tourism Sector, Sinai, Egypt, for LE 350k(Mar.1990). Hydrographic Survey at & Giftun Passage-Aquba Gulf for LE 100k.(Dec. 1993). Supervise the execution of Hurghada Marina Construction Project for LE 20m(2001) including the construction of a 400m long mixed type offshore breakwater 7-9 m depth(rubble mound/vertical gravitational pc blocks) and 550m pc block quay walls 1.5-4 m depth.




Arab Academy for Sceince

Institute for Infrastructural Hydraulic


Faculty of Engineering Alex. University