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Empire American Holdings LLC
Jan 1983Jan 2007


Empire Equity Group




Ezra Beyman has founded three companies in nearly 30 years. An expert in the real estate, mortgage, and insurance industries, he began his career working out of a basement office in his home. Today, his company owns or has a majority interest in a portfolio of more approximately 25,000 residential units. In the past, he also ran the nation’s third-largest mortgage broker. Committed to his community, Ezra Beyman has used his philanthropy to help others achieve success in business and in life as well. From the beginning, Ezra Beyman has achieved profits by keeping his overhead low while maintaining quality. He developed his current firm, Empire American Holdings LLC, while also running Empire Equity Group. Empire American grew out of a single real estate purchase. Today, his company owns or has a majority interest in a portfolio of over 260 properties that encompass approximately 25,000 residential units in 10 states. The firm’s new acquisitions focus on garden-style apartments in the Midwest. This narrow focus allows Beyman to provide specialized management services, which increases profits while providing residents with a high-quality living environment. In his personal life, Ezra Beyman remains devoted to his community. He established the Ezra Trust Foundation in order to administer and fund the Learner Earner Program. Learner Earner pays young men from underprivileged backgrounds to study and attend school. The program offers bonuses and internships for students who achieve high levels of academic success. Beyman’s philanthropic efforts have helped many young men succeed in school, in the workforce, and in family life.


Founder of the Ezra Trust Foundation and the Learner Earner program.The Learner Earner program was funded by the Ezra Trust Foundation. The learner earner program was established to help young men who might have had a difficult time succeeding in the real world.They were paid as an incentive to study and work towards a Bachler or pre-med degree.Some of them were even paid extra based on their success in their studies.Some were given internships in his company in various industries.The program was very successful enabling the boys to mature, settle,and start a successful career, many are currently married with children, spending time with family, membership in Cong. Beth Tefillah synogoge