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Work experience

Dec 2014Feb 2015


Rotolo's Pizzeria

I was the hostess at the pizzeria. I left this job pretty quick because of the atmosphere I was in. My coworkers and managers were not very polite or flexible.

Apr 2012Aug 2013

Stacy's BBQ

Part of the Crew! I did mostly everything in the job itself besides managing. I was in the process of learning to be assistant manager. Being part of the crew includes: opening the store itself, cooking and preparing the food, cleaning the store entirely, closing the store. I got to the point of learning how to cut meat, how to smoke the meat, and go with and perform caterings.

Mar 2010Jun 2011



I delivered fast food to vehicles! Counted back change, read back orders, and meanwhile all on rollerblades. My reason for leaving this job was an event of skating out an order and fracturing my tailbone on the concrete curb. My manager told me that I was either going to skate or quit.


Aug 2011Oct 2015


I have had a rocky road to become an LVN. My opinion so far as to how much I enjoy this is outstanding! I have always wanted to be in a working environment where I could be of some kind of help to people! What better way to do that than to become a nurse!

May 2011

High School Graduate

Troup High School

I graduated in the middle of my entire class. I was never the kid who stuck out. I was a very creative kid, who enjoyed being in my own world. I worked at Sonic in Whitehouse for a brief while, but it wasn't until I applied and received the job at Stacy's BBQ that brought me out of my shell. I became the person that I never knew I was. I am very talented in staying on task and getting things done! When I am working I become a person who loves talking and helping people in need!

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I am a very bright individual when people see it in me. I don't always have smile on my face, but I do when I enjoy my working environment! I am this way mainly because I am very serious about the things I do and want out of life! If given the opportunity, I can do anything I set my mind to!