Ian Barker

Student at GK High School

Work experience

Work experience

Mow Lawns 

Jun 2015 - Nov 2015

I mowed peoples lawns for 25 dollars a piece and they gave me a key to get into there backyard when there not home.

Clean Houses

May 2010 - Mar 2012

I clean houses when I was younger and I think that that would be a good skill to have to work at Farm and Fleet



High School Freshman

Jul 2015 - May 2015
Genoa Kingston High School

I am a Freshman at Genoa Kingston High school.



Good with people

You have to be good with people to help them when they need help.  I am good with people, I like talking to people I find people interesting.

Good with yard work

Be good with farming and yard owning.  I'm good with mowing yards and good with land owning 

Good at driving

You have to get to work somehow.  I don't have a car yet but when I do i will be to work when you want me to.

Being on time

You have to be on time if you want to keep your job.  I am always on time and have never been late in my life to anything.

Good at keeping your work space clean

Have to keep your work space looking clean and healthy.  I am very good with keeping things clean and healthy.  My room is normally clean and I clean it at least once a month.