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Exteriors of Distinction install modern aluminum roofs in both contemporary and traditional styles. The company’s Country Manor Shake roofing systems, made from aluminum, mimic the look of old-fashioned wood roofs that are popular in many Lehigh Valley neighborhoods. Business owners may prefer the modern appearance of the sleek ClickLock roofs installed by Exteriors of Distinction. Both roofing styles are designed to withstand strong winds and rainstorms for many years. Exteriors of Distinction prioritizes safety for its customers and employees. The company's Country Manor Shake roofs are non-combustible and lightweight to prevent accidental collapses. In addition, this style of roof is finished with a special Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 coat to resist the paint chipping, fading, and peeling that usually occurs over time. The special paint blend also reflects light to prevent the roof and building from overheating. In fact, these roofs are almost 70 percent cooler than other roofing systems. Energy efficient roofs by Exteriors of Distinction can save property owners a substantial amount of money over the years. Furthermore, reflective metal roofing keeps homes cooler during the hot summer months. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, aluminum roofs absorb over 30 percent less heat than traditional roof shingles made from asphalt. In addition, roofing installers are usually able to put a metal roof over an existing wood roof to reduce landfill waste. Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. manufactures Country Manor Shake products, while Exteriors of Distinction installs them. Each roof comes with a warranty that lasts as long as the property owner resides in the building. If the original homeowner sells the property, he or she may transfer the roof warranty to the new owner with some caveats.