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Marcin Wroblewski is a professional licensed Master Plumber and the owner of ExpressRooter Plumber located at Toronto-750 Oakdale Rd. Plumbing allows Mr. Wroblewski to use his engineering expertise, and because plumbing is a service industry, it allows Marcin to troubleshoot a lot of problems and deal directly with his customers.

Marcin Wroblewski did his plumber apprenticeship with his father Adam Wroblewski. He also studied Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University from 1995 - 2000. Marcin started ExpressRooter in 2003, and the plumbing company serves the Greater Toronto Area. ExpressRooter Plumber is one of the official plumbing contractors Mike Holmes uses for his home renovation television shows. Marcin takes pride in what he does, and dealing with renos or new builds allows him to be creative and create efficient plumbing so that it is cost-effective. As well, with a keen interest in Real Estate Investments, Marcin Wroblewski is a member of the Real Estate Investment Network.

Express Rooter

750 Oakdale Rd., Unit 61

Toronto, ON M3N 2Z4

Tel: 416-746-5116