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Dedicated to serving the needs of the Madison veterinary community, Exceptional Care for Animals (ECA) provides critical care and advanced diagnostics 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. This dedicated group of local practitioners allows veterinarians to rest on evenings, weekends, and holidays with the assurance that quality care is continuously available throughout the area. Since its establishment over 30 years ago, the practice has continuously re-invested its resources to insure that both its staff and facilities stand ready to provide premium emergency care at all times. While most veterinary practices rely on one of three national blood banks, Exceptional Care for Animals established Madison’s first blood bank providing plasma, blood, and blood products to veterinary hospitals and patients in need. ECA’s in-house lab is also equipped to perform over two dozen common to advanced diagnostic tests, including those for multiple poisons, blood gas analysis, continuous glucose monitoring, fungal cultures, and fecal analysis to detect parasites, among many others. Exceptional Care for Animals works in tandem with the Dane County Humane Society to rescue a wide variety of wildlife and stray animals. From providing nutrition and rehabilitative care for birds, reptiles, and small mammals to resident Dr. Mark Koeppl’s unusual efforts to repair fractured turtle shells, ECA endeavors to provide caring and comfort to every patient. Relying on the talents of five outstanding full and part-time general practitioners, six veterinary technicians, and three veterinary assistants, ECA can offer rapid response and such advanced care as animal surgery and anesthesia. Exceptional Care for Animals provides Madison animal lovers with a comprehensive information resource in the form of guidelines for emergencies, animal wellness, and links to helpful veterinary facts for a wide range of emergencies and common animal maladies. For these and other enlightening facts on animal care and the services available from ECA, visit